A Review of LinkCollider: A Viable Tool for SEO and Affordable Social Media Marketing

This review is not just about the LinkCollider tool; I will also talk about some SEO strategies you can implement. The SEO strategies that produced good results in 2014 are different from what produces results in 2020. Back then, you could easily rank on the first page of SERPs by using some keywords, comment links.

However, this doesn’t work again with what we have now. Modern SEO is now complex because there are some other factors that are considered when ranking sites on SERPs. Some of these factors include mobile-friendliness, bounce rate, dwell time and the likes.

Back then, one can easily use the LinkCollider tool to boost new pages and they will rank higher on SERPs. However, this doesn’t work again as you will have to do some other things on your website to rank high.

In this article, I will not only review the LinkCollider tool; I will also tell you how best you can use the tool to increase your ranking.

An Overview of LinkCollider

LinkCollider is a website that provides its users with traffic from social media for free. The website also has some SEO tools that can make you successful in your job as a social media influencer or digital marketer.

It is one of the best SEO tools out there that you can use to increase the ranking of your site. I said earlier that the website provides its services for free; 80% of the SEO tools are free. Some of the tools that are free include the article rewriter, search engine submission, bookmark submission, and directory submission.

It is an SEO tool that allows you to achieve a lot for free. All the features on the tool work apart from the link building, traffic, and social signal tool. The SEO tool is the best option for users that are looking for an effective way to increase the ranking of their site for a small amount.

The best SEO tools out there are very expensive and a newbie might not be able to get it. So LinkCollider provides a newbie an alternative SEO tool to use. It is an affordable tool that is used for generating leads, building backlinks, creating social media signals, and sending traffic to websites and blogs.

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How LinkCollider works

LinkCollider is easy to use and simple. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL to your website or blog, and then choose the type of social signals you want to get on your site. They offer most of their services for free in exchange for a small token.

The token on the site serves as the money; this is what you use in executing tasks. These tokens can be gotten by performing some simple tasks on the site. However, there is an option for you to buy the token on the site.

The primary services offered by LinkCollider are getting free website traffic, building backlinks, getting social media signals, and those activities that can increase your ranking on the search engine.

Before you can start enjoying the free feature of the LinkCollider site, you have to open an account with them. You will be required to provide your email and some other necessary information. Once you have been registered successfully on the site, you will gain access to all the SEO tools they have.

Tips for Adding a Website Link or Page to LinkCollider

Once you have successfully signed up on the LinkCollider site, on the right side of the homepage you will see a Submit button. To add a website to the site, you will have to click on the button. Provide the URL of the site you want to work on; the URL could be the link to your landing page, social media, or an online post.

You can add any other type of website apart from sexually-explicit websites. After you have provided the URL of your site on the space provided, the site will check for the Meta description and Meta title of the URL you provided. Once this has been checked for, you will be given a particular amount of tokens to execute tasks on the site.

Gaining or Buying tokens

If you don’t have a token in your account on the site, you won’t be able to execute tasks. As I have said earlier in this article, your token serves as the money on the site. So before you try using the services on the site, make sure you have some tokens in your account.

They charge these tokens because when another user clicks, likes or shares your link, they are given a particular amount of tokens. One of the ways of earning free tokens on the site is to share, like other user’s content. The second way of getting tokens on the site is to buy them; the token comes in several packages.


Below are some of the activities you can do on the site that will earn you some free tokens:

How to Buy LinkCollider Tokens

On the LinkCollider platform, you have the option of buying tokens from them. You can use this token to get Facebook likes and some of the other features you want to use. To purchase the token, you have to go to their site. The tokens come in a bundle; below are the LinkCollider token bundles:

  • 30,000 tokens go for $20
  • 145,000 tokens go for $50
  • 730,000 tokens go for $70
  • 1,460,000 tokens go for $500

Features of the LinkCollider Tool

Apart from the website traffic and social signal tool on LinkCollider, there are 12 other tools that you can use on the site. Though some of these features are not on their website, you will be redirected to the site that has it, but it will be freely accessed.

Here are some of the other free tools on the LinkCollider:

  • Article rewriter
  • Drop my link
  • Backlink builders
  • Article spinner
  • Sitemap generator
  • Rank Checker
  • Search engine submission
  • SEO bookmarking tool
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Spintax checker
  • Link shortener
  • Keyword tool

LinkCollider Backlinks Tool Review

When you use the LinkCollider tool, you will be able to build quality backlinks for your site, this will cost you some of your tokens. When you have quality backlinks, this will increase your sales and the amount of traffic you will get will increase. Follow this step to use the LinkCollider backlink tool:

  • Go to the LinkCollider site and log in
  • At the top of the page, click the SEO tools button
  • After that, click on the backlink tool
  • Input the URL of the website
  • The next page that comes, enter the description of your site
  • Finally, click on the backlink generator button

LinkCollider Search Engines Submission

If you want your website to be on all the search engines, this is achievable with the LinkCollider tool. Follow these instructions to activate it:

  • Login into your account and click on the SEO tool option
  • Choose the search engine submission
  • After that, select Submit to Google
  • You can submit it to other search engines afterward.

LinkCollider Directory Tool

The tool will make your website more accessible for people by submitting the website to directories.

  • Login to your account and click on the SEO tools
  • Click on the Directory submission
  • Type in the URL of the website and submit

More about the LinkCollider Tool

The LinkCollider site also has some affiliate marketing services; this means you can earn some money by referring people to the platform. All your earnings will be assessed and they will be paid to your PayPal account within 60 days.

Although the LinkCollider tool is free, there are some subscription plans if you want to upgrade your account. There are benefits attached to the upgraded account; all the restrictions on the free account will be taken away.

One of the restrictions of the free account is that you can’t add more than 3 URLs but on the paid account there is no limit. The site has over 400 thousand users currently, so your links will be shown to many people all around the world.

Is LinkCollider Safe?

The site is a safe one; this is because the traffic you are getting on your site comes from real humans and not robots. The LinkCollider tool is not the best for bloggers; this is because the dwell time is low, making the bounce rate high.

Most people who visit your site are just there to earn a token for themselves. So they don’t pay attention to what you have on the site, and they might end up not seeing your product or service.

The auto surf option on the site is not safe; this is because many users submit infected URLs to the platform. This can be dangerous for computers that don’t have good internet security software.

LinkCollider Pricing

There is a premium membership plan on the LinkCollider site; this plan removes all the restrictions on the free account. The pricing ranges from $19.99/39.99 every month to $139.99/279.99 per year.

After you have upgraded your account, you will gain access to the bonuses and features that are not on the free account.

LinkCollider Premium Plans

If you are just joining the platform, I will advise that you go for the smallest plan. This is to test if the tool will work for you and if it is worth your money. The lowest plan on the LinkCollider is the premium plan and it costs $30 monthly.

1. Premium Monthly

This plan comes at a very affordable price of $20 per month. The benefits of the plan include adding up to 20 URLs, automatic generation of backlinks, set token budget. And in addition to this, you will also receive 5,000 tokens when you subscribe to this plan.

2. Premium Annual

This plan costs $140 per year and once you purchase it, you will be given 60,000 tokens. Some of the benefits of the plan include auto-generation of backlinks, daily activities limit, and setting a token budget.

3. Gold Monthly

This plan costs $40 per month. Some of the benefits of the plan include adding up to 20 URLs, auto-generation of backlinks, and many more.

Pros of LinkCollider

The registration on the LinkCollider site is free and you will have access to most of their services.

  • No pressure to upgrade your account

LinkCollider won’t pressurize you to upgrade; you can do that at your own convenience. If you want extra features on the site, then you will have to upgrade, but the free features are good enough.

  • 2 ways to earn money

There are two ways you can earn money through the platform. You can earn money through the affiliate marketing program that requires you to get people to register on the site through you. The second one is through link shortening.

This is one of the most common and easiest ways to receive money online. So it’s a good thing that it is the payment method LinkCollider uses.

The platform is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of followers you have on social media and the number of engagements you get on your posts.

Cons of LinkCollider

  • May not always receive followers/subs and views

Many people who click on links, share posts, like, or comment on LinkCollider do it to get the token. After they have gotten the token, they will unfollow and unlike the posts and pages. So this means that the person who spent his/her token for the service has just lost it.

  • Not available to earn worldwide

Because of the payment method of the LinkCollider site, not everybody can earn from the site. This is because there are some countries where PayPal cannot be used to receive funds while there are some countries where it is not available at all. However, there is still another way of earning which is through the affiliate marketing program.

  • Not building an authentic following on social media

When you use the LinkCollider site, you are not actually building an audience who is interested in your product or service. As I have said earlier, many people who run tasks on the platform are just trying to earn tokens for themselves and nothing more.


The LinkCollider tool is another SEO tool you can use to increase the ranking of your website on the search engine. The good part of the tool is that most of the features of the tool are free. However, if you want some additional features, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

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