Super Affiliate Accelerator Review 2020

You may have heard that affiliate marketing is a business model that will fetch you loads and loads of passive income. Some ads will even tell you that you could start earning 6 and 7 figure incomes within your first few months in affiliate marketing.

I’m not here to approve or disapprove such statements, even though I know that these claims may be exaggerated. Rather, I’m going to review an affiliate training program that is designed for those who want to make it big in the business.

It doesn’t matter whether you know nothing about affiliate marketing, or that you’re a marketer with over 10 years of experience. This affiliate training program will enable you to take your game to a whole new level where any income bracket is possible.

Why am I so confident about this particular affiliate program?

The course founder and mentor is someone with a proven track record in the business of affiliate marketing. Plus he brings in loads of valuable resources to help you get off your feet and start earning from high ticket sales.

Well, let’s do a basic intro of the Super Affiliate Accelerator before going into the details.

About SAA

The SAA (Super Affiliate Accelerator) is a full-fledged affiliate training program that is focused on teaching you how to make big-ticket sales using Facebook.

It offers in-depth training and mastermind styled courses designed to teach both new and seasoned marketers. Participants are taught how to leverage the power of authority, social media, and the provision of value to those who are members of their social media network.

The premise is that if you’re able to offer them real value for free, your social media followers will be willing to buy whatever products you offer them. By the time you are through with the SSA training course, you would have learned how to build authority in your social circles online.

The strategy taught through SSA can actually be deployed for any kind of online business, especially the one that has to do with marketing. However, our focus in this review is on how to use the program for building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

There are 3 major components of the Super Affiliate Accelerator program that you are expected to complete, the first part of which is covered in the membership training portal where you’re taught on the method used for making high ticket sales.

There are 12 modules that the training covers and we will be going through them later in this review.

The second part involves some live training handled by Jacob and two other coaches (Chris Donnelly and Jamie Gardiner). This training runs weekly and it offers the opportunity to get personal with the handlers and also ask any questions that you may have.

Finally, there is an active Facebook group community where you meet with others, join the discussions, and get support when needed.

Before we look at the training program, let’s get to meet the founder of SAA.

A Word from the Founder

You may not have heard of Jacob Caris especially if you’re not a fan of ClickFunnels or the Legendary Marketer Platform.

For those who do know him, Jacob is someone that has in-depth knowledge of the affiliate marketing business. Plus he has got lots of results to prove that he knows what he is talking about.

In fact, most insights that you will receive from the SAA are those he has used in the past, with results to show. Jacob Caris is the founder and mentor for the SAA, and you will be having personal sessions with him as a member of the program.

Not too long ago, Jacob became a Dream Car Winner (that’s 100+ affiliates) plus a Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate with earnings of over $100k.

So when you’re signing up for SAA, you will be learning the methods that Jacob used to achieve his successes. There’s also a Facebook community that will give you the much-needed support to take your game higher.

Now that you know you’re in good hands, let’s cover the SAA training program in detail.

SAA Training

The core training is divided into 12 distinct modules, plus an extra bonus and also the mastermind part.

Remember that the goal of this training is to guide you in building social authority and learn methods of high ticket sales.

Module #1

This is an introductory module that covers the basics of SAA, the tactics, training, and the outcome of the whole mastermind. After going through this module, you would be familiar with what the SAA strategy entails.

By the time you’re through with this module, you will be ready to build yourself into a high earning affiliate.

Module #2

This is where you have to unlearn what you may have been taught in the past and relearn a new way of getting results. In fact, you could say that this module introduces you to learning the mindset that will get you earning big in this business.

This advice is very useful to experienced affiliates who may find it difficult to let go of some things they have learned in the past. You see, the key to being a good student is that you’re ready to learn and apply everything you’re taught, especially if you have a teacher like Jason.

This module also equips you with the knowledge of how the process works plus keeping your mind focused on the right things.

Most of the stuff you’ll be learning is about marketing – selling products through ad copy and email copy. You’ll also learn how to create quality content that you will be using to sell.

The main purpose of marketing is selling and this module will help you maintain the right mindset and set you on the track towards selling.

Module #3

Products are created to be consumed by different types of people, or what marketers refer to as the target market.

If you do not know who your target audience is, it is very likely that you will be selling to the wrong group of people. And this is a recipe for failure because you will be getting lots of negative responses from these people.

So this module teaches you how to know and understand the people you will be selling to. This is where you’ll learn to differentiate between an accountant and a dentist when capturing leads.

You’ll also learn about different niches and the need to focus on specific niches when promoting offers to consumers.

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Module #4

This is where you actually get your hands dirty with doing some real stuff in the business. This module covers your first week within the course and it helps you with getting started. You’ll also get equipped with making and following through with your daily plans. These plans are easy to follow with helpful videos that are designed to usher you into this new style of doing things.

One lesson you need to commit to the heart is that building your affiliate business this way will require time. It may take some months or even a few years to master this style of marketing but the rewards are great once you get the hang of it.

So the first week of training is designed to get you ready mentally and to help with drafting simple plans. The videos you will be watching will help simplify all that you are learning, so you will find it easy to start applying the lessons.

By the time you’re done with this module, you should already be taking some actions of your own.

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Modules #5 – #8

Modules #5 through #8 are bundled together simply because they all focus on the same thing, which is finding a product to sell.

On module #5, you will be finding products that fit into the high ticket bracket that Jacob talks about. He actually recommends some products which include Legendary Marketer and Easy1Up.

You will also learn that there are other traditional products that you could choose to promote to your audience. These are products that offer you earning potentials of $500 with some paying you up to $2,000 in commissions.

Modules #6 through #8 walk you through the understanding of your sales machine and guide you in relationship building. You will also learn how to network and leverage the power of social media networks in attracting potential buyers.

You will be able to access different resources that will help you better understand the concepts taught in the modules.

Modules #9 – #10

This is where you actually start building your tribe, group, and followers on Facebook. By doing things this way, you will find it much easier to build and stamp your authority while providing value for members of your group.

Offer them the real value that helps solve their problems and you will find it a lot easier to sell products to them. You will be able to access content that you can download on these modules as well as ideas to help you grow your authority.

Other topics include how to build a friends list, finding new friends, engaging them, and purging unresponsive friends.

Module #11

This module centers on the use of Facebook Ads, bots, and the need to keep testing in order to achieve optimum results.

There are different approaches you could use in applying the techniques taught in this module; you just have to do what works for you.

There’s also a section under this module that deals with branding, marketing, and sales. You’ll be able to access some videos to help you better understand the concepts and learn how to apply them to your business.

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Module #12

This is the closing module and it provides you with different helpful resources that can be used the way you like. These include funnels, Messenger bots, tools to automate processes, and access to a special bonus that you can give away.

SAA Support Group

It’s a Facebook group that is structured with lots of posts including a Q&A thread, ‘Daily Action’ section, and other helpful resources.

Members can post things like their monthly results or anything to inspire other members of the SSA Facebook group. There are lots of conversations around topics of interest plus daily records of different members.

The Q&A thread is a great resource that you can learn just about anything on SSA and affiliate marketing. There are lots of experienced affiliates that are ready to provide the needed help and support to those who require it.

Amazing Benefits

These are some of the great benefits you will enjoy from joining the SAA program.

  • The program teaches you firsthand how to discover high paying tickets that could fetch you up to $500 commission from a single sale
  • As a marketer, you will be learning how to build authority in social media and also how to leverage Facebook to attract potential buyers
  • It’s a program that can fit into any kind of online business; it doesn’t have to be only affiliate marketing
  • You will be learning from a seasoned pro that has lots of results to show in the affiliate business.


The current price to join SAA is $2,000, which is an increase from the previous cost of $1,497. However, the high pricing justifies the quality of the training plus all you will be learning from it.

By joining, you will gain lifetime access to SAA core training, future updates, and access to the Mastermind support group. Members are also granted access to coaching calls and the ability to promote SAA as an affiliate which earns you 50% commission.

Pros and Cons of SAA


  • The program is designed to be understood and applied by everyone, whether new or experienced marketers
  • The course contains so many helpful pieces of content that are constantly updated with new videos and resources
  • There is a very responsive support group that offers help and support to those that need them.


  • Due to its high pricing, it is safe to conclude that the SAA is not meant for everyone.


If your business goal is to land high ticket sales that will earn you thousands of dollars from a single sale, then SSA is for you. However, you have to consider the high pricing before becoming a member of this unique affiliate program.

This review contains the other details that will help you make your choice whether to settle for the Super Affiliate Accelerator program.

Do you want to enjoy similar fantastic affiliate marketing courses like those offered by SAA yet cost far less? Do not hesitate to read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

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