AccessWP Review 2020

WordPress is considered to be one of the most user-friendly CMS (content management system) in its space. It’s a platform that requires little learning to get started with, and almost anyone can use it, no matter your skill level.

In fact, I would recommend WordPress for any kind of site or blog that you intend to build. However, as easy as WordPress is to use, there are some cases where it is best to outsource certain tasks.

If you are preoccupied with your core business function, you won’t be fully available to manage your WordPress site.

Also, there are technical issues that may need the expertise of trained developers to get resolved. It could even be a situation when your WordPress site has grown beyond your ability to manage things all by yourself.

The above situations call for a remedy – outsourcing the management of your WordPress site to a third party. This review covers an important service provider that can help with managing “unlimited” WordPress tasks for you.

Just how unlimited are the tasks that can be handled for you? This guide will reveal that to you and many other details that highlight the features, benefits, and pricing plans of AccessWP.

About AccessWP

AccessWP is a WordPress service company that was established to help users manage technical issues of their sites or blogs.

AccessWP basically helps with managing such tasks as securing plugins, speeding up your site’s load speed, plugins and themes update, and favicon set-up. AccessWP is a solution that offers services to WordPress users.

The fact that its services are unlimited does not mean that you hands-off the running of your site. It just means that the service provider takes care of the technical stuff for you. For a monthly fee, you will be able to access a wide range of WordPress support from the AccessWP team.

Founded in 2017 by Anthony Tran, AccessWP has been able to extend its WordPress support to site owners situated around the world.

Some of the basic support offered by the company includes daily backup of your WordPress site, tweaking of your site’s stylesheet (CSS), and help with templates.

If you were to go through the long list of services that it offers, you would understand why the company claims to offer unlimited support. One of the great things about this service is that the team responds to requests within 30 minutes.

This means that any requests that you make won’t be left pending for too long. Also, all requests made by users are attended to and completed within 8 hours. There are many more great features and benefits to using this service as you will soon find out.

AccessWP Features

If you’re thinking that unlimited service means that AccessWP gets to set up your plugins and themes, customizes your site, and manages your content, you got it wrong.

There are loads of services that you should expect from the WordPress service provider; however, this support is mainly technical. Anything outside the technical issues would be handled by yourself or your business.

This section highlights some of the most basic features that you will find using the AccessWP service.

1 – Boost Site Performance

Your site performance is a very vital aspect of your business that affects its success.

If a site takes too long to load, it will lead to more visitors leaving the site before they get the chance to read the content. That’s because slow sites tend to degrade the user experience of those visitors.

Another drawback is that a slow loading site will directly or indirectly affect your SEO and, therefore, search engine ranking. So how does AccessWP help you with handling your site’s performance?

The AccessWP team will ensure that regular checks are carried out on your page sizes and load time. This is to make sure that the page’s elements do not exceed their required sizes. Also, the page load speed shouldn’t exceed a specific time limit, and if it does, the cause has to be identified.

The team carries out an analysis of your site speed to trace any source of slow page speed. Other tasks that are performed include install of caching, compression of image file sizes, and database cleanup.

These tasks are designed to boost the performance of your site, increase the user experience of your visitors, and enhance SEO of your WordPress site.

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2 – WordPress Site Maintenance

This feature makes it possible for you to have a full-time maintenance team withholding the payment of full-time salaries. The AccessWP team provides different services that ensure that your site functions optimally at all times

Some of the basic services that fall under site maintenance include the updates of WordPress core.

The WordPress core is constantly being developed with newer and better features being added. Obsolete features are also being removed, as better improved versions are built into the content management system.

WordPress users are usually expected to update their current installations each time there is a new update to the core. It is best to have someone with advanced WordPress knowledge to handle the update for you in order to avoid any problems.

AccessWP does just that for you by updating your WordPress installation each time there’s an update.

The team also handles updates of themes and plugins that you have installed on your site. So you never have to bother about any of the extensions being out of date or remaining prone to attacks.

If there’s any conflict arising from any of the plugins you may have installed, it will be identified and removed by the team. One other use that improves your SEO is the ability of the AccessWP team to discover any broken links on your site.

3 – Enhance Your Site’s Design

You do not need to struggle with aspects of your site design as AccessWP got your back on this. One of the basic tasks assigned to the WordPress support services are the installation and configuration of your plugins.

There are lots of cases where an installed plugin leads to a site experiencing issues. Sometimes these issues result in a site not functioning properly or the WordPress installation getting corrupt. AccessWP helps you prevent this by handling the installation of those plugins on your site.

Other services include assistance with WordPress templates, installation of the comments section, and set up of favicon.

AccessWP also helps in resolving any align issues, tweaking of a style sheet (CSS), and adding or swapping of images on pages.

4 – Dedicated WordPress Experts

AccessWP offers unlimited WordPress support and services through its team of highly qualified WordPress experts.

Instead of having to manage the technical aspects of your site using the trial and error method, it would be great to give it to professionals.

That’s a single mistake on your WordPress site that can lead to a broken installation. And even if you do get the issues resolved, think of the downtime that you just experienced. Besides the mistakes, it’s always better to let the best hands do the jobs for you.

That way, you are assured of only the best when it comes to your site functionalities. Plus, you get to carry on your business with peace of mind knowing that your site maintenance is in safe hands.

5 – Easy to Access Services

As a user of its WordPress services, you will find it very easy to reach AccessWP each time you have a task that requires their attention.

After you have signed up on the platform, the next thing to do is submit tasks one at a time through email tickets.

AccessWP aims to respond to each mail within 30 minutes after the mail is received by members of its team. It has been quite successful at this because most emails are responded to in less than 30 minutes.

The next goal is to complete whatever tasks you requested for within 8 business hours. Again, the team at AccessWP has been quite successful at being able to complete all requested tasks within 8 hours.

However, you need to remember that it is one email for one task, so you don’t lump different tasks together in one email.

6 – Malware Removal

Security is one of the most important aspects of your site that you need to take seriously. And one of the security issues that any WordPress site is exposed to is malware threats.

Malware most often comes from different themes or plugins that you installed on your WordPress site. Also, malware may come as a result of security bugs that an attacker may have exploited.

The good thing is that the AccessWP team will help you identify and remove any malware found on your WordPress site. Any malware that is found on your website will be deleted with the site cleaned by the AccessWP team.

Also, frequent security scans, powered by Sucuri, are performed on your site in order to protect your site against external attacks.

7 – Transparent Pricing

AccessWP offers fixed pricing plans which can be paid for monthly. The plans are transparent and there for all users to see and decide on which plans to opt for.

Getting Started

Getting started with AccessWP is as simple as it comes. There are some basic steps to follow to enable you to resolve any technical issues that need to be resolved.

Step 1 – Signing Up

The sign-up process on AccessWP is simple and straightforward. The major thing that you have to do at this point is to choose the pricing plan that suits your needs.

Step 2 – Sending the Email

This is the next step to take after you have chosen your preferred plan on AccessWP. All that is needed to get your tasks done is to send emails to the AccessWP team.

Each email that you send to the AccessWP team should include just one task. Even if you have several tasks that need to be addressed, then you would have to send them in individual emails.

The other that you have to include in your email is a clear description of the problem that you are facing with your site.

Step 3 – Fixing the Issue

Once you notify the service support team about the issue with your site, you will get a response within 30 minutes. Also, the team will pick it up from there and begin to work on the issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Step 4 – Continue with Your Business

You can continue with whatever you were doing before you noticed the issue. These are the simple steps to follow each time you have a WordPress issue that you want to resolve.

Pricing Plans

One of the great features of AccessWP is the affordable pricing plans that it offers to users. You can choose a pricing plan that best suits your needs and preferences for WordPress support.

If for whatever reasons you decide to cancel your plan, you are totally free to do so.

Also, AccessWP offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who are not satisfied with the service. Users can access 3 different pricing plans which include support help plus unlimited tasks.

1 – Standard Plan

This pricing plan starts at $99 per month and it comes with unlimited tasks including daily cloud backup and restores.

2 – Premium Plan

AccessWP Premium Plan starts at $149 per month and it includes all features of the Standard Plan plus WordPress core and automatic plugin updates. Users of the Premium Plan will also be able to access security and malware protection and removal.

3 – eCommerce Plan

The AccessWP e-commerce Plan includes all the features in the Premium Plan including WooCommerce support.

Also, there is a manual update of plugins instead of the automatic updates that come with the Premium Plan.

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Pros and Cons of AccessWP


  • AccessWP saves you precious time that you would otherwise have spent with tackling technical issues of your site
  • Fast response time of 30 minutes or less for every request made by users
  • Using the AccessWP support platform is quite easy and straightforward
  • AccessWP runs a transparent system that clearly shows all the tasks that it supports
  • AccessWP offers its users access to dedicated WordPress experts for solving supported issues.


  • The pricing plans that AccessWP offers are on the high side
  • The most basic plans for AccessWP users come with some limitations even at a fee of $99 per month.


WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems for all levels of skill. However, there are situations that may require the assistance of skilled personnel. AccessWP is a WordPress service solution that offers support for unlimited WordPress service support.

This review takes an in-depth look into the service and showcases the many features, benefits, and pricing of the service.

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