ConvertKit Affiliate Program Review 2020

One common trait among successful affiliates is the constant lookout for more income-earning opportunities. Affiliates should also run tests with new programs in order to find the best converting ones for their audience.

This post covers one of those affiliate programs you should be trying if you’re not already on it.

This ConvertKit affiliate program review covers all the vital details you need to know about the product, the affiliate program and how you can benefit from these offers to boost your online earnings.

For those who are new to ConvertKit, we will attempt a brief intro of the product.

About ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a web-based email marketing tool used to manage email lists, for building opt-in forms, landing pages, and also a WordPress plugin.

The company was founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry with its head office in Idaho, in the United States of America. ConvertKit has more than 20,000 global users with more being added daily.

ConvertKit offers various pricing plans to suit the different needs and preferences of its users, including a free plan. There is also an affiliate program set up by ConvertKit to reward bloggers and marketers who refer others to the product.


Here are the features of ConvertKit

1 – Easy to Use

ConvertKit features an organized dashboard that makes it easy to navigate around the platform. It also offers you tools that you can edit templates with even if you do not have coding knowledge.

If you need to customize your emails further, then you’ll have to fiddle with the HTML codes.

The migration of your email subscribers from a different email service to ConvertKit is much easier. The system walks you through the whole process of uploading your list into your ConvertKit account.

2 – Email Editor

The ConvertKit email editor, much like every other email service, is designed for editing email templates. It comes with such features as styling background, color, font, and also buttons. If you want to have your subject line personalized, you’ll have to copy and paste the required code snippet.

However, the email editor comes with a lot of limits as there are no preview and spam-check options on this email editor.

3 – Subscriber Management

ConvertKit employs the use of email tags to manage subscribers. You’ve got to specify what each tag is for before using it and you can create as many tags as you want. There’s the option for you to choose which tags, forms, or autoresponder to add new subscribers to.

4 – Segmentation

If you need to segment your subscribers in order to send them personal messages, ConvertKit has tools to do just that.

You can create different segments with as many conditions as you want. Your customers can be added or excluded depending on the factors you provide. Different conditions to apply should include Location, Purchase Behavior, and Subscription date.

5 – Forms and Landing Pages

Users can access tools that make it easy to build high converting landing pages and forms. There are tools for editing elements of the ConvertKit forms and landing pages. Users can also access advanced features that can be used to automate responses such as:

  • Make the choice of actions to be taken whenever a customer fills out a form
  • Sending auto-messages as incentives for newly signed up subscribers
  • Changing the messages that are displayed to returning visitors
  • Effecting changes to the texts shown in search results and across social media platforms.

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6 – Autoresponder

You can use ConvertKit for creating a simple autoresponder for your email campaigns. No matter how complex they may seem, the email tool makes it quite easy to do.

By using conditions, actions, or events you’ll be able to create an effective autoresponder for all subscribers. Some of these include the addition and tagging of new subscribers and filling out a form.


Users can access a free plan which comes with unlimited free landing pages and access to 30 premium email templates. The paid plans on ConvertKit range from $29 per month to $79 per month which depends on your email needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Landing page editor that makes it very easy to capture leads even if you do not own a website
  • Offers you different tools that you can use to segment those who subscribe to your email lists.


  • ConvertKit is quite pricey judging from its features and the pricing of more advanced email marketing tools
  • The in-built email report does not offer in-depth insights into email campaign results.
  • The rest part of this review will cover what the affiliate program is all about and the gains for being a part of it.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

This is the ConvertKit partner program that is designed to reward affiliates who promote the company’s products to their audience. Affiliates who are able to refer paying customers are rewarded with a 30% commission on each sale that they made.

If you are a blogger, marketer, influencer, or business owner with a big consumer audience, you can promote ConvertKit products. You could do this on a part-time basis or take it up as a full-time hustle promoting the email marketing products.

Also, satisfied customers of ConvertKit can promote the products to members of their networks. So you will be able to enjoy the twin benefits of a great product and the ability to earn extra cash for referring others.

If you’re in-between, not to worry because this post contains all you need to get you started with the program.

Let’s take a deeper look into how the ConvertKit affiliate program works.

How it Works

First of all, as an affiliate, your job description is to promote ConvertKit products. And since ConvertKit is an email marketing service provider, that’s what you’ll be promoting to your audience.

Some of your target audience will include bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers. One selling point of ConvertKit is that it’s much easier to use than other products in its niche.

You will be rewarded on a CPA (Cost per Sale) basis meaning that you only earn money when someone signs up and pays for the product.

ConvertKit pays you a 30% recurring commission for each sale that you generate on its platform. By recurring commission, you will be earning 30% of whatever a customer pays over a lifetime.

For instance, if you are able to refer a new customer and she subscribes to the $79 per month plan, you are entitled to 30% of the amount. That means ConvertKit will be paying you a commission of $24 (30% of $79).

That’s not all.

Each time your referral pays for her monthly subscription on ConvertKit, you will earn $24 (30% recurring commission). This earning will continue for as long as the customer continues to pay for her monthly subscription.

What if she remains a paying customer for 20 years?

Well, that means you will be earning monthly commissions from that single customer over the 20-year period.

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1 – Steady Monthly Earnings

The ConvertKit affiliate program offers you the chance to earn passive income over the lifetime of a customer. This kind of program is one that enables you to keep making money long after you have put in the work.

That means you can be paid by ConvertKit while on vacation or even till after you have retired.

2 – High Paying Affiliate Program

The 30% commission you earn from the ConvertKit affiliate program is quite high when compared to what others pay. You have the chance to earn as much as $24 for a single sale that you refer to the platform.

If you are able to make 100 accounts within a single month, you will be receiving $2,400 ($24 x 100 accounts) within the same month.

3 – It Does Not Require Too Much Effort to Promote

Email marketing software is a product that every business needs, especially those that have an online presence. This means ConvertKit is a tool with the potential for a large market.

Also, if you have the right audience or social media followers, you can promote the products without fuss. It’s a product that does not require much technical skill to install or use. Anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge can sign up on ConvertKit and start using the product.

Finally, you have your target audience already cut out for you, so there’s no need for second-guessing on who to sell to.

4 – 60-Day Cookie Duration

Cookie duration or lifetime refers to the length of time that is open to you after someone clicks on your affiliate ID. For most affiliate programs the cookie lifetime falls within 30 days, while a few allow 45-day cookie duration.

However, on the ConvertKit affiliate program, the cookie lifetime is 60 days. This means that you are given a 60-day window to earn a commission after someone has clicked on your ConvertKit affiliate ID.

This 60-day length offers greater potential to earn than shorter cookie duration i.e. 30 or 45 days cookie lifetime.

5 – ConvertKit is a Well-Known Company

Affiliates can leverage the ConvertKit brand because it is a legitimate company and one that is widely known.

The reason lots of buyers shy away from buying a specific product is that they do not know the brand. This is the reason for the difficulty in promoting brands that are not well known.

ConvertKit has been able to establish itself through different partnerships with bloggers and online marketers. This is a move that led to massive brand awareness and the adoption of cross online business circles.

As an affiliate, you will be able to leverage on the ConvertKit goodwill.

6 – No Payout Threshold

For most affiliate programs, you will need to hit a minimum payout threshold before you can withdraw your earnings.

The downside to having a payout threshold is that you can put in so much effort and yet receive no earnings. That’s because the total earning falls below the payout threshold.

However, there is no payout threshold for affiliates on the ConvertKit program. Once your sale has been approved by ConvertKit, you will receive your earnings on the 2nd of the following month.

ConvertKit affiliates will receive their earnings paid into their PayPal accounts.

7 – Learning Resources

The company has a full-time affiliate manager that works with those who promote its products. The goal is to ensure that all affiliates are able to maximize their efforts while promoting their offers.

Also, ConvertKit maintains active communication with affiliates through its Facebook page. If you have any questions that you’ll like to ask, you can channel such through this page. You can also benefit from the wealth of information that is available on this page.


Here are some drawbacks of the ConvertKit affiliate program that you should be aware of.

1 – Late Response to Application

After you have applied for the ConvertKit affiliate program, you may experience some delays before getting a response.

The norm with most programs is that affiliates receive application response within 2 to 5 business days. For ConvertKit, it can take up to two weeks (10 business days) before getting a response.

2 – ConvertKit isn’t the Cheapest Email Service

One of the things you have to consider before you promote a product is the cost of that product. If it’s too expensive, then you may have a hard time trying to convince your audience to buy it.

There are other email marketing products that are much cheaper than what ConvertKit is charging. This may increase the difficulty in selling its products to your audience.

3 – No Deep Linking

Deep links are affiliate links that direct people to specific product pages. They make it easier for affiliates to convert their referrals since they are taken to the specific product pages.

There is no deep linking on ConvertKit which means all those you refer will be directed to the home page.


The ConvertKit affiliate program offers you the chance to earn passive income over the lifetime of a customer. It’s just that you may have to wait a bit longer before they respond to your request to join the program.

This review covers all the details you need in order to succeed in the program. If you feel this is for you, then visit the ConvertKit website to begin your journey.

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