ClickMagick Affiliate Review

This review is about ClickMagick and the opportunities that it presents. After going through this review, you should be in a better position to decide if the ClickMagick Affiliate Program is for you or not.

Marketers haven’t found it that easy since the advent of the internet. There are more money-making opportunities today than ever. Marketers are now able to create products and sell to a global audience from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Selling products and services produced by other companies (Affiliate marketing) is another option, where commissions are earned by marketers for every completed action or sale.

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Affiliate programs also differ in size, niche, commission structure and types of earnings. Getting optimal results in any affiliate marketing program will need proper consideration of the above factors and more detailed information about the features of each particular affiliate program.

One particular type of earning that I find very irresistible, and every marketer should also imbibe, is an affiliate program that pays you daily recurring commissions. I’m talking about lifetime commissions on a daily basis. Before you conclude that this sounds too good to be true, wait for the full details spelt out in this review.

This post addresses marketers and bloggers and other groups that may find this product indispensable. This is because the information contained in this review is equally important to them also.

What we’ll cover in this review:

  • About ClickMagick
  • The Main Features of ClickMagick
  • Benefits of ClickMagick Software
  • Pricing of ClickMagick Software
  • Users of ClickMagick Software
  • ClickMagick Affiliate Program
  • ClickMagick Affiliate Payment
  • Pros and Cons of the ClickMagick Affiliate Program
  • Conclusion

About ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a marketing tool that helps online business owners track and monitor clicks to their websites and landing pages, with a view to providing insights for attaining better performance. With the use of ClickMagick, clicks can be analyzed to ascertain their quality.

ClickMagick software provides information like the origin of each click; the particular link that was clicked and other important information that will help a business optimize its online marketing campaigns.

ClickMagick provides a lot of resources and tutorials to its users. These resources are created to guide users of its platform to get optimal results from using ClickMagick software.

ClickMagick has a very experienced marketing team that provides support for its users. There is a very responsive customer support that responds to requests within an hour of notice. Users of ClickMagick also get access to top-notch technical support.

There are a host of other features that make ClickMagick worth using for your online marketing. The main features in the next section are most likely to deliver most of your marketing objectives.

The Main Features of ClickMagick

1. Split Testing

Split testing or otherwise known as A/B testing is an important technique used by marketers to compare results between 2 options. This helps find out if Option A would perform better under certain conditions, or if Option B would be the better choice. A/B testing can be conducted on links, buttons, landing pages, funnels, and other elements that make up your marketing system.

ClickMagick has an intelligent split tester that enables you to add single or multiple links, while sending your users to the different links to find out which of them converts better.

The traffic can be divided based on the percentage specified. For instance, using ClickMagick’s split tester, you can add Link A and Link B while directing 45% of the traffic to the first link, and the remaining 55% to Link B.

Once the test is concluded and the better option realized based on the results, ClickMagick can have all traffic redirected to the winner.

2. Link Rotator

ClickMagick’s link rotator feature allows it to split traffic to multiple links in order to evenly distribute the traffic among many links. This is a great feature that will help businesses direct traffic in line with their goals.

The link rotator feature grants you the permission to configure multiple URLs or landing page links under a single link from which the traffic splits to different pages.

The ClickMagick link rotator comes with different options and parameters that can be used to configure it. Some of these parameters are:

  • The choice of having the clicks distributed in a random manner
  • The option of having clicks from certain countries included or excluded
  • Having separate links for users of mobile devices
  • Choosing to filter clicks that have been found to be bad

3. ClickMagick Content Features

There are 3 very important elements on ClickMagick that are essential for generating leads and converting more sales. The elements are timer, bars and popup, and when used creatively can spell the difference between average and exceptional marketing campaigns.

I. Countdown Timers – Timers are elements used on websites and landing pages to indicate a sense of urgency, and to make visitors see reasons to act now. It can be a great tool for limited offer sales.

ClickMagick gives you tools to easily include timers on your web pages and induce visitors to act now!

II. MagickBars – The Magickbars element makes it easy for you to include any type of bars into your website and/or landing page. Some types of bars that can be added include notifications and promo bars.

MagickBars can be used on pages that do not belong to you. This element requires basic HTML knowledge to customize it to your taste.

III. MagickPop – This element simplifies the process of adding pop-ups to your website and landing page. You can create 4 different kinds of pop-ups using this feature, and they are onload, delayed, exit intent and exit redirects.

You will need the basic HTML knowledge in order to customize MagickPop to your taste.

4. Content Locking

Content locking is a feature that enables marketers to restrict users’ access to a valuable resource until they complete an action. For example, a free eBook or audiobook could be offered to visitors for filling their email addresses or subscribing for a newsletter service. Users can only access the resource for download after they have filled in their email addresses.

This is a very effective means of conversion, especially if your audience is highly targeted.

ClickMagick gives you the tools to lock content on your website or blog until the actions that you want are taken by visitors.

5. Bot Filtering

It is almost impossible to run ads online without attracting fake clicks, or clicks from bots. ClickMagick bot filtering enables you to weed out those fake clicks, helping you keep the right stats on your campaign results.

6. Ad Retargeting

ClickMagick lets you add custom tracking and retargeting pixel on Facebook, Google or Bing Ads. You can also include in-ads on other networks and targets that click on your link. These retargeting options help improve your brand’s visibility while increasing conversions of your offers.

7. Geo-targeting

This option lets you include or exclude clicks from certain countries. Mobile targeting is also possible using this feature. Online businesses can use the geo and mobile targeting to streamline their audience based on demographics.

Benefits of ClickMagick Software

ClickMagick software provides the following benefits to its users

  • ClickMagick enable users to run split testing on different links in order to monitor their performances and choose the better option to use
  • Users are able to track and optimize their online marketing campaigns.
  • You can include or exclude clicks from certain countries depending on the goal of your marketing campaign.
  • There are lots of available training resources on how to use the software.
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit users’ needs and budgets
  • Users get access to unlimited and experienced marketing and technical support from ClickMagick’s team
  • Quick customer support response! ClickMagick customer support responds to your requests within one hour.
  • There is a 14-day trial period for those interested in testing the product.

Pricing of ClickMagick Software

ClickMagick offers 3 main pricing plans for users based on their needs and budget.

  • Starter Plan – $27 a month
  • Standard Plan – $67 a month
  • Pro Plan – $97 a month

You can save up to 25% on yearly 

Users of ClickMagick Software

ClickMagick is best suited for you if you fall under these categories

  • Affiliate marketers – Affiliate marketers can use ClickMagick’s features like affiliate link cloaking, using the link rotators to split their traffic and carrying out split testing with ClickMagick’s Split Test.
  • Bloggers – Bloggers can use this tool to retarget their ads on various social media networks, lock some content of their blogs until visitors are converted, increase blog conversion using any of the content features, and affiliate links cloaking.
  • Business owners/Freelancers/Consultants – This group of people can easily track all links to ascertain their origins, and monitor performances of all the online campaigns.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick runs an affiliate marketing program that allows publishers to promote its products on their websites and blogs, while earning up to 35% commission on converted sales. New referrals who sign up on ClickMagick are allowed a 14-day trial period for the products before paying for subscriptions.

Publishers earn commissions once a referral converts into a paying customer of ClickMagick. The commissions are on lifetime basis as long as the referral keeps paying for subscriptions on ClickMagick.

ClickMagick is a high performing marketing tool that offers great value to users, making it a product with a high customer retention rate.

Commissions are paid out daily to publishers who earn at least $50 (the minimum payment threshold) as at the time of disbursing payments.

ClickMagick Affiliate Payment

The commission earned on every converted sale is 35%, while the minimum payment threshold for publishers on ClickMagick affiliate program is $50. Payment is done via PayPal Mass and it is a daily recurring payment for those who are able to earn at least $50 at the time of payment.

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Pros and Cons of ClickMagick Affiliate Program

Having come this far on our review of ClickMagick Affiliate program, you may be wondering if you stand to benefit from it. To help you in reaching that decision, we will highlight the merits and demerits of ClickMagick Affiliate Program.

Pros of ClickMagick Affiliate Program

  • ClickMagick is a powerful marketing tool that marketers find very useful in optimizing their online campaigns. This is the reason for high customer retention and a plus for publishers who refer new users to it. More users sticking to ClickMagick means the publishers have the opportunity to earn more.
  • The 35% commission is on the high side and very attractive to publishers
  • Experienced and dedicated customer support with a 1 hour response time
  • Free 14-day trial of the company’s product
  • Flexible pricing plans to meet users’ needs and budget
  • Lifetime earning opportunity for its marketers

Cons of ClickMagick Affiliate Program

  • Even with its many features and benefits, ClickMagick does not yet have a WordPress plugin to help in integrating it to sites and blogs built on WordPress
  • ClickMagick has only one mode of payment
  • The minimum payment threshold is quite high when compared to what some other affiliate networks offer.


The biggest take home from ClickMagick affiliate program is the opportunity to earn daily recurring commissions. If the thought of waking up each morning to find that your bank balance has increased is appealing, then ClickMagick is definitely a good option to consider.

The company’s product provides real value to marketers and businesses by helping them track the performance of their online marketing. The support is par excellence and very responsive, and lots of learning resources made available for users. Most users of ClickMagick software end up pitching their tents with this remarkable product.

The 14-day trial of the product is enough time for you to get acquainted with the software and make the decision whether to use the software, or promote it, or both use and promote it through the affiliate program.

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