Warrior Plus Affiliate Program Review

Warrior Plus is a marketer’s platform for online marketers. You can find almost all resources and information that will help improve your business. Plus we are reviewing their affiliate program in this post.

For a marketer to remain on top of the game, there must be a continuous and well executed plan of improvement. There has to be a way of accessing up-to-date information about the marketing industry and sharing insights with other marketers.

Agreed that there are a lot of websites where these resources can be found with a diligent search online, but nothing beats having all that in a single platform on the internet.

If you haven’t given Warrior Plus Affiliate Program a trial, the information contained in this review might be of great interest to you, especially some tips shared here on how to go about promoting products from Warrior Plus.

What to cover in this review:

  • About Warrior Plus
  • Warrior Plus Affiliate Program
  • Warrior Plus Features
  • Promoting Products on Warrior Plus Affiliate Program
  • Pros and Cons of Warrior Affiliate Program
  • Conclusion

About Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a digital marketplace where internet marketers utilize to buy products on offer, promote their products, or promote other marketers’ products as affiliate marketers. The kind of products commonly found on Warrior Plus fall under the “make money online” or “business opportunities” niches. These products are mainly programs, courses, sales pages, apps and PDF files.

There are lots of resources for internet marketers who need products to help them improve in their marketing careers. You can access courses and programs created by more experienced internet marketers with a track record of successful campaigns using the advertised methods. Marketers can learn new tips, techniques and methods to improve themselves.

Warrior Plus is free to join for anyone who is interested in selling their digital products. You can create products in the business niche and advertise to other marketers. If your product is adequately promoted and offers the advertised value, you can then make significant revenue from its sale.

Marketers who are interested in promoting products belonging to other marketers on Warrior Plus are free to do so. The affiliate marketers are paid commissions on successful sales by the vendors. Commissions earned on the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program range from as low as 4% to as high as 36% for products selling on Warrior Plus.

Warrior Plus Affiliate Program

The Warrior Plus Affiliate Program provides income earning opportunities for affiliate marketers who are interested in promoting products featured on the Warrior Plus marketplace. The products are mainly digital and best suited for internet marketers. The products’ vendors work with the affiliate marketers to ensure that every resource needed to successfully promote the products and services are made available to the affiliate marketers, who in turn get paid commissions for every successful sale.

The criteria for promoting Warrior Plus Affiliate products is first signing up for the affiliate program, which is free for any marketer who is interested in joining. Then go through the products list on the platform to select product(s) that you find interesting or would like to promote. Sign up for the products and you are ready to start promoting after receiving affiliate links for the products.

The Warrior Plus Affiliate Program offers average commissions in double digits, and affiliate marketers can choose products based on the percentage of commission or earning potential of each product. Before your account is eligible to make withdrawals as a new marketer on the affiliate program, you are expected to have sold to a minimum of 5 unique buyers.

Affiliate marketers are presented with a number of features that can be explored to boost promotion of Warrior Plus affiliate products. It is important we highlight these features before getting into how to promote offers from the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program.

Warrior Plus Features

1. Pulse Score

Pulse Score is an indicator that is used to assign performance value for an affiliate product. Every affiliate offer on the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program is assigned a Pulse Score which is indicative of the product’s performance over a period of several months.

The Pulse Score concept is also featured on ShareASale and ClickBank and is referred to as PowerRank and Gravity on both platforms respectively.

An offer with a higher Pulse Score is indicative of lots of activities based on the overall number of affiliate marketers who have made successful sales, and other factors which act as input in determining the Pulse Score.

Affiliate Marketers can use the Pulse Score to choose the best performing offers to promote, although a high Pulse Score requires longevity to achieve it.

2. Payments

On Warrior Plus Affiliate, payments are made through PayPal and Stripe to affiliate marketers. Commissions are set by vendors with ranges from 4% to 36% per sale. New affiliates have to sell to a minimum of 5 unique buyers before they are eligible to make withdrawals from their earnings.

3. Deal of the Day

The deal of the day feature is used to promote daily affiliate opportunities on Warrior Plus.

4. Launch Calendar

The Launch Calendar feature provides information to affiliate marketers on upcoming offers that are due for product launches. This gives marketers a head start that allows them to create promotional content before the products are launched. In the next section, you will realize how affiliate marketers take advantage of this feature to strategically position themselves on Google’s PageRank for the products’ particular keywords.

5. Contest

Contests are run by some affiliate programs on Warrior Plus. These contests provide bonus incentives to marketers who emerge as winners in the contests.

Affiliate marketers have to be creative if they are to win in the contests on offer.

Promoting Products on Warrior Plus Affiliate

There isn’t any particular best-fit method for promoting offers on the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program. A lot depends on the type of product, your target audience, the platform used for promoting the products, and a host of other factors. Affiliate marketers have been successful using a particular method, or a mix of the methods highlighted in this section.

You are the one to decide what to use, and how you can strategically deploy these methods to best profit from your affiliate sales. Most common methods to promote your affiliate offers are:

I. Product Reviews

One of the most effective methods used in promoting offers on the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program is product reviews. This method has also recorded a lot of successes for affiliate marketers on the JVZoo network.

These are the simple steps to follow for this method:

Muncheye.com is a great resource to find offers that are yet to be launched on Warrior Plus. The site features a calendar of forthcoming launch dates for product launches of Warrior Plus and JVZoo offers.

Browse through the website, select the featured offers that are in your niche and write product reviews about any of the offers on your sales page. Your product reviews should be compelling and divulge relevant information about the product on offer.

You would have to ensure that any particular product review is published one or two weeks before the product release date. This will help get your review indexed and ranked by search engines before the product is released to the public.

Most marketers then offer free products or eBooks to prospective buyers for purchasing the product through their affiliate links. Free eBooks with PLR (Private Label Rights) are downloaded and offered as the bonuses to the buyers.

The reviews are then promoted to the target audience through social media networks and through email marketing.

Using this method to promote offers creates a blind side for the affiliate marketer as you do not have any experience using or testing the product before marketing it. This may have a negative impact on you as a marketer if the product turns out to be of lower quality than advertised. You may end up burning your email list or damaging your reputation as a marketer for selling inferior products to your audience.

You do not have any way of knowing how the product turns out since you didn’t have the chance to test it before the launch. A better option is trying the product yourself before selling to your audience. You can reach out to particular vendors and request for a trial to ensure you have some experience with the product before promoting the offer.

II. Niche Websites

A niche is a narrow market segment characterized by little or no competition while offering huge profit potentials. Examples of niches are single nursing mothers, fitness for overweight teenagers, and making money online through your mobile phone.

Having a niche website or blog allows you to effectively target and attract your target audience using content marketing strategy. Since Warrior Plus affiliate products are mainly in the make money online and business opportunities niches, effective promotion of these products is achieved through having a niche website for it.

This guarantees a high CTR and better prospects for profit in promoting the offers.

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III. Email Marketing

A high-quality website in the make money online niche is sure to attract quality traffic, and with good email subscription tactics build your email subscriber list. You can offer a freebie that is valuable for signing up on your email subscriber lists.

Set up an autoresponder like ConvertKit for arranging and broadcasting email newsletters to your subscribers. The affiliate products you signed up for can also be promoted to your subscribers through this method. The results may not be immediate so don’t get deterred if there are no responses at the first email blast.

Email newsletters are very effective for reaching out to a large number of people at an instant.

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IV. YouTube

YouTube videos are great for promoting your affiliate offers and directing traffic to your affiliate link. Create a comprehensive video of the product review and include description and your affiliate link at the comment section of the video.

Your video can also be distributed across different social media platforms that you belong to. This should give you an increased reach and better earning prospect.

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V. Graphics

Canva allows you to design great graphics for distribution over the internet. Graphics can be customized for different social media platforms, and various formats including infographics.

VI. Social Media

Your strategy isn’t complete without deploying social media networks for promotion of your offers. Your product reviews, videos and graphics can be driven through the social media networks to attract more prospects. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are your best bet when it comes to promoting offers through social media.

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Pros and Cons of Warrior Affiliate Program

Despite the cool features of Warrior Plus Affiliate, there are pros and cons to using this platform. These include:

Pros of Warrior Plus Affiliate Program

  • The affiliate program is open and transparent for both vendors and affiliate marketers.
  • The average commission earned through the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program is in double digits, which is much higher than what most affiliate programs offer.
  • The affiliate program covers a niche that makes it easier for affiliate marketers to effectively target their audience and achieve success in promoting offers.
  • There are features that assist marketers with tools and information to make selling easier.
  • Members of Warrior Plus can also promote their affiliate offers on it.
  • Warrior Plus allows vendors to sell their products on the site instead of having to set up their own shopping cart and check out.
  • There is a large variety of digital products for affiliate marketers to select from.

Cons of Warrior Plus Affiliate Program

  • There are lots of complaints about the quality of products purchased from the Warrior Plus marketplace. Some products deliver much lower than they promise, creating more hurdles for affiliate marketers who promote these products.
  • New affiliate marketers are expected to have made sales to a minimum of 5 unique buyers before their accounts are eligible for withdrawal.
  • The way the system is run makes it difficult to communicate with vendors in the case of a complaint or other issues directly related to their products.
  • Vendors who do product launches for their products are more likely to earn more from their products than the affiliate marketers.


Information contained in this review has been made as objective as possible so you can have an unbiased view of the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program. The products are mainly on money making opportunities for marketers.

Using the right mix of strategies, you can profit from the offers on the Warrior Plus Affiliate Program.

As a marketer, you can also sell your own products in the Warrior Plus marketplace, where you can get access to other marketers willing to promote your products. You can also buy products for personal use to help in self improvement.

Whether you decide to use Warrior Plus for buying, selling or promoting affiliate products, getting started is quick and easy.

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