Coinbase Affiliate Program Review – A Safe Way to Earn

Coinbase is a digital currency platform where merchants and their customers perform digital transactions using currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It is known as a digital currency wallet.

The platform is mainly used for trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other fiat currencies in more than 32 countries with Bitcoin storage in more than 190 countries of the world.

It has over 30 million users and has traded cryptocurrencies worth over 150 billion dollars. Many people all over the world now prefer to trade in cryptocurrencies. The company is accessible to clients from walks of life and works with many local currencies for ease of exchange.

They also try to keep their clients’ accounts as secure as possible to prevent them from losing their investments.

Coinbase has one of the lowest exchange fees at an average of 1.5% charge. For Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum traders, they can charge as low as 0.25%. They also offer an affiliate program where you can earn even if you do not trade cryptocurrencies.

On its affiliate program, you can earn when you refer a customer that transacts business with them. When you refer a customer, you earn a 50% commission for up to three months. Your commissions will be accumulated in your Bitcoin account and once you reach the minimum payment threshold, you will be eligible to be paid.

Coinbase Storage

Most cryptocurrency exchangers use wallets for their crypto storage. Coinbase uses three different types of wallets for their crypto storage.

  • There is the Coinbase Bitcoin wallet that is used to keep your Bitcoins safe
  • TheCoinbase Vault also uniquely keeps larger amounts of Bitcoins safe and is protected with multiple approvals
  • Users of the multi-sig vault have total control of their funds. One of the keys is kept by Coinbase, another is shared and the third is kept by the account holder.

Some Facts about Coinbase

  • It is a secure cryptocurrency wallet and they used to apply the industry’s best practices to keep your account safe
  • You need a visa debit card to fund your Coinbase wallet
  • They have the support and educational resources that will help traders as they go about their trading activities
  • The Coinbase custody allows clients to access secure and institutional-grade storage solution offline
  • Coinbase is in collaboration with top e-commerce platforms like Shopify to make cryptocurrency an acceptable means of payment
  • With Coinbase, you can earn cryptocurrencies while you learn about them.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase has its affiliate program hosted on Impact which is a top affiliate network. When you join the affiliate program, you earn 50% of your referral fees for up to 3 months. You will also get paid in your local currency and through your bank account or PayPal account.

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You can receive money into your account when your commission exceeds $10. You will also be able to access data that will help you know how your campaigns are performing.

You also get to use the Coinbase affiliate landing page which has much information to offer to clients. It gives them as many details as they need to know about Coinbase. You can use deep linking to create a link to posts on Coinbase through your website.

You can also have well-designed banners that you can use for your affiliate marketing campaigns. They have creatively designed their advertising campaigns to be clear, attractive, and captivating to your audience. They also have different sizes of logos and banners.

When you work with the Impact affiliate software which is useful for tracking, it has a simple user interface that you can easily navigate.

Coinbase is backed by several companies like ICE/NYSE, Y Combinator, and USAA. It has one of the highest crypto exchanges worldwide with a high trading volume, website traffic, and valuation.

However, the trading fees may not be so favorable when you compare it with other crypto trading companies like Binance.

Features of the Coinbase Affiliate Program

  • To earn your referral bonus, after following your link to their site, the client will also have to sign up. If he has clicked on several referral links, it is expected that yours should be the last link clicked on
  • He will also need to complete his order using their trading platform and not the GDAX exchange or Coinbase Pro
  • You will be penalized if you promote your referral codes with paid ads using the word “Coinbase” or Coinbase related keywords. Your referral code could be deactivated
  • You cannot use duplicate or fake accounts for referral bonuses
  • The company reserves the right to change any of its programs’ Terms and Conditions whenever they wish.

Advantages of Coinbase

  • Its platform is quite easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate
  • You can choose to get paid through bank transfer or by credit card. You are also allowed to use PayPal to receive your revenue from cryptocurrency sales
  • Its pricing charts help the customers follow price trends to know when investments are profitable and when they are not
  • It uses two-factor authentication to enhance the safety of your account
  • You can easily set up automatic trades that will execute at the scheduled time
  • They also store cryptocurrencies offline
  • They use an unlimited reward count

Coinbase Disadvantages

  • It may take some time to get an account verified and funded
  • You may need to learn how to navigate the user interface and carry out trades.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are trending on the internet. Many people see them as an alternative to forex trading. There is much money to be made when you sign up for cryptocurrency trading.

There are people who may not want to directly invest their money into crypto trading. If you are one such, there is the opportunity of joining their referral program where you will refer a client to their company and get paid for it.

You can make some extra income on the internet when you promote cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase offers an affiliate program where you can earn without investing in the crypto exchange.

When you refer a client to them, you will be eligible to earn 50% of their charges once they make a payment. Signing up for the Coinbase affiliate program is quite easy as you do not need to put in an application form and there are no stressful processes before you can get approved as an affiliate.

It is a lucrative program where you can earn a significant amount when high investments are made. You need to get a Coinbase account and invite your friends on social networks to join the platform.

Earning as a Coinbase Affiliate

Making a profit from trading cryptocurrencies may not be as regular as the market goes through high and low peaks. Sometimes, there will be much crypto demand and supply in the market and there are other times that the volume of trading will be reduced.

However, as a Coinbase affiliate, you will not be affected by the fluctuations of the trading market and you will not be restricted to referring to digital currencies while there are other services offered by Coinbase. However, cryptocurrency trading has higher activities than other types of investments.

Coinbase Affiliate Fees

Coinbase can charge as much as $200, although it depends on the amount invested. For instance, if a customer purchases a $500 worth of cryptocurrency, he will pay a fixed charge of 1.49% and so Coinbase will earn $7.45.

This means you will earn a commission of $3.72. The amount earned may not seem like much, but in a short time, with many referrals, you will be earning much. Sometimes too, your referrals will invest much more than even $1000 at a time. In such cases, your commission will be much higher.

How Much Can You Earn as a Coinbase Affiliate?

You will need to reach out to a lot of customers to have many referrals that will invest in Coinbase. You can make it your objective to reach out to about 1000 potential investors at a time.

You may also look out for large investors that can invest a large sum of money at a time. How well you can reach out to clients will determine how much commission you can earn from Coinbase at a time.

Coinbase Payment

As you sign up with Coinbase, you will need to input how payments should be made to you. If you opt for bank transfer, you will need to input your bank account details on the Coinbase affiliate dashboard.

Signing up with Coinbase Affiliate Program

To join its affiliate program, you should visit their sign up page. Once you are on the home page, you should click on Become an Affiliate and then you fill in the necessary details about yourself and how you can promote Coinbase.

You will be required to fill in your email, username, address, bank details, and your website’s URL. Once you are approved, you can begin to promote Coinbase. There are several ways in which you can promote Coinbase successfully.

  • Look out for the right audience on social media and advertise Coinbase to them. You can enlighten them of the benefits that they will derive from investing in the company and then you should include your affiliate link. You will find your audience on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even on forums like Quora.
  • Building a crypto website is another way you can market Coinbase. Consider that affiliate marketing is not a business that will bring in quick and immediate returns; you will have to put in some hard work and give it some time before you will begin to see the reward. You can build your own website where you will discuss and market crypto trading and other investments with Coinbase. On your website, you will create and write quality content on crypto trading and other investments offered by Coinbase. Having the right headlines and keywords will bring your posts to rank high on Google and generate some good traffic. You will need to improve your SEO marketing skills to be able to attract the right audience to your site
  • Try to build an email list of potential clients. Building an email list may take some time but you can strategize on ways to collect and build your email lists. You offer free gifts on your email which your audience will sign up for, or you can organize webinars for your audience through which you will collect their emails and add them to your list. You can send some enlightening posts to these emails or newsletters to your subscribers through their emails. You can follow up on your audience through their emails and try to funnel them into taking an action.


The company offers crypto exchange services and other business investments. There are two ways that you can earn with them; one of which is by directly investing in their cryptocurrency business where you can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies on their platform.

You may also prefer not to invest your money in crypto dealings but earn by referring others to invest with them. There are several benefits you can gain as one of their affiliates. You get the opportunity of having another source of income and also earning when others invest in the business through your link.

There are many ways that you can reach out to the right audience to invest in their business. All you need to do is strategize on the different approaches you can take to reach out to your audience as potential clients.

You will also need to follow up and funnel them until they make a buying decision. Remember that it is until they affect a payment that you can earn a commission. You should sign up with Coinbase Affiliate to begin to earn today.

However, if you neither want to trade cryptocurrency nor promote such programs as an affiliate marketer, you can refer people to some other digital products or services other than crypto trading.

All you need to do is ensure that the products or services you’re promoting are niche-related. You must build content around those products or services and then you can promote and start earning commissions.

One of the best affiliate programs you can earn great commissions from is Wealthy Affiliate. You can follow this route and learn about WA.

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