FunnelSpy Review 2020

By | September 16, 2020

Every business, whether product or service-based, makes use of sales funnels. A sales funnel is a system designed to manage a person’s interaction with the business – starting from the point where a visitor becomes aware of the business.

From the stage of awareness to the point where interest is developed for the product or service, the prospect is engaged further until the point where a decision to buy is made.

And then a prospect buys the product or service that the business has on offer. So a sales funnel goes like this, Awareness -> Interest -> Decision -> Sales.

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Every business has its own sales funnel but each with a slight difference in design and operation. Wouldn’t it be great to get more details about your competitor’s sales funnel?

At least it would help you better understand those elements of the sales funnel that are effective in your industry. This post is a review of FunnelSpy, one of the most popular tools that you could use for spying out competitors’ sales funnel.

We’re going to cover the benefits, features, pricing, and other important details FunnelSpy.

About FunnelSpy

FunnelSpy is a marketing tool designed for conducting research on competitors’ sales strategies. If well utilized, you can use it to gather marketing insights without violating competitors’ rights.

So it goes that users of FunnelSpy can get details on competitors’ sales funnels, gather data, and analyze such data for decision-making.

Armed with this tool, you will be able to avoid mistakes that come with market planning and strategy. You will have a clearly-defined picture of what needs to be done by your sales team.

FunnelSpy is a tool that can generate better sales for your business – an effective lead generation tool for attracting the right audience for your products or services.

There are so many benefits that your business can derive from using FunnelSpy. However, I will introduce some benefits that FunnelSpy users are gaining from the product.

FunnelSpy Benefits

Here are the main benefits of using FunnelSpy:

1 – Gives You an Advantage

In the business world, different players go an extra mile just to have an advantage over their peers or competitors. And so you find a lot of businesses involved in unethical practices just to get an unfair advantage.

This isn’t so with using FunnelSpy, although the tool clearly gives you an advantage. But the advantage that is given to you is both ethical and within the law.

So you get the advantage of spying out marketing strategies of others and modifying to suit your business.

2 – Perform Unlimited Searches

Most marketing tools I know do place some limits on the number of searches you can perform. But FunnelSpy doesn’t do that; instead, it allows you to perform any number of searches without any limits.

You can also create unlimited projects, save unlimited favorites, and enjoy unlimited future updates.

3 – 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I know it is standard practice to offer a free trial period, but not all software solutions come with this benefit.

You can access a 30-day money-back guarantee that you could use in testing FunnelSpy. And if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the research tool, you’ll get a refund.

4 – Integrate Fine With Shopify

As a store owner on Shopify, you will find yourself publishing different ads for your products. And while some of these ads produce great results, some others may not perform quite well.

To find out which of your ads are doing well and which isn’t, you’ll need a trusted tracking tool. A tool like FunnelSpy is handy for Shopify business owners in tracking successful ad campaigns. You can also use it to track campaigns of competitors and find out what works for them.

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And with this insight, you can adopt and adapt the techniques for your own Shopify store.

5 – Save Time and Money

To conduct thorough research on competitors, you will have to invest considerable time and money.

Doing it the manual way means a page-by-page analysis of their websites. You will spend time taking notes, trying to identify sales funnels, and marketing strategies.

This is a process that can take forever, which may not be the best way to invest your company’s time, but FunnelSpy helps you gather all the details you need from a simple click of the button.

This is a massive time-saving method that gets you all the marketing data you need. Also, you do not need to spend money trying to “follow” your competitors around just to find out how their marketing and sales processes are run.

By investing a lot less, you can acquire FunnelSpy for getting all you need without leaving your computer.

FunnelSpy Features

Listed below are the main features of FunnelSpy

1. Consultation and Coaching

This feature can help you find out how your competitors are getting offers for consultation. You may wish to find out how they reach out to the right students and the kind of coaching or consultation packages they offer them.

Now, you may also wish to know the value of the packages to get an idea of how you can also prepare your offers and reach out to the right audience with your offers and services.

2. Using FunnelSpy

To use FunnelSpy, first, you need to enter the URL which you intend to research on. Once you click it, you wait for a little while as FunnelSpy gathers the required information for you. It will bring up different web pages for the website you are researching on.

3. Data collection on FunnelSpy Platform

FunnelSpy updates data on its platform every day, so you do not have to worry about the information you are getting which is becoming unbeneficial to you after some time. It also keeps monitoring campaigns of different companies to be able to follow how their digital marketing strategy works.

With the information they obtain, the software is able to guide you on different types of campaigns that you can use for marketing your products. FunnelSpy has both old and new data. You can use the old data for reviews and to understand how some funneling strategies have worked out in the past.

You can also use the new data to obtain information about how you can get new funneling ideas, secure new traffic sources, and improve your campaigns.

4. Analytics Toolbar

FunnelSpy collects funneling information whenever the internet is being used. You can also get information from the analytics toolbar but the funnel search will be more advanced and elaborate if it is collected directly through the internet.

You can also use the tools to monitor if the marketing funnel on your competitor’s website was successful or not. You may wish to compare the success rate with yours using the analytics tool or implement and track the campaigns.

5. The funnel Search Algorithm

How do you know the right ad to search? There are so many ads posted on social media networks, especially on Facebook. You will need to find the right ads that will align with your kind of products or services.

You need to set your parameters that will help you locate similar products to yours. You can add your parameters to the FunnelSpy search, so that it will search for ads based on those parameters or search terms.

You may wish to search by favorite ads for instance or by brands or target audiences. After searching and sorting, you can choose the ones that interest you and check how their funnels are performing.

6. FunnelSpy DataBase

FunnelSpy can be used to access data from anywhere in the world. The software has data collected from over 15 countries of the world with millions of data that you can use to launch your campaign from anywhere in the world. It is quite simple to access and use this data.

You can use FunnelSpy for your Shopify advertising campaigns. It may be difficult for you to find the right tracking tool but FunnelSpy can help you detect successful advertising campaigns and you can filter searches for data by location or the best converting products.

You may wish to evaluate their funneling techniques and add them to yours or adopt and apply it to your own advertising campaigns.

7. Supporting Multiple Content Formats

Videos and graphics are making waves in content marketing for now. You can now create videos and add them to your content. FunnelSpy can help you find video ads that are very effective for funnel marketing on Facebook.

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It can also help you source for graphics for your marketing. You can download their videos and also follow strategies being applied in their funneling. You can use the software with CTA-based classification to evaluate how successful or otherwise a campaign has been.

What You Can Do With FunnelSpy

You can use FunnelSpy to search for different types of projects. You do not have to go through all of the ads. Once you have set the search parameters, it will bring up ads that are suitable for what you are seeking. You can control your search based on the topic, target audience, or even segment

After you have run your search and sorted them, you do not have to discard some relevant results. You can bookmark those result pages that interest you and store them. There might be a time in the future when you will want to reference them

When you are searching for funnels, you can apply specific filters, so it will shorten the search and bring up the specific results that interest you. If there is a particular site you are interested in, it will quickly bring it up

You can have specific keywords related to your niche that you will like to use in searches. Just save those keywords on FunnelSpy, so they can be added to the search algorithm

It does not cost you much to obtain the software and you can easily use it to keep track of what your opponents are doing and even learn from them. You can get the reselling rights as a private label to market and sell the software for profit

FunnelSpy can show you all the sites that are advertising your product. You will be able to identify the active and inactive sites and also examine them to find out what problems they may be experiencing in their funneling and ways through which the problems can be stopped, so you can get a higher increase in the patronage of your products

You can configure FunnelSpy to alert you of new activities on your competitors’ sites like the launch of a new campaign for a product. You can even determine the kind of notifications you will receive. This will help you keep up with the activities of your competitors or keep ahead of them

Funnelspy can help you check the traffic of your competitors to know how strong they are and how they are performing with the products. You can also be guided about how to get such traffic for your products too.

FunnelSpy Pricing

FunnelSpy offers new users of its service a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the tool. There are two different pricing plans that are offered by FunnelSpy.

Personal License which costs $47 and allows for up to 3 installs, and best suited for personal use

Outsource License which costs you $97 (suitable for personal and staff use) and allows for up to 20 installs.

Pros and Cons of FunnelSpy


  • You have access to perform unlimited actions such as searches, create projects, save favorites, and future updates
  • FunnelSpy offers an ethical means for you to spy on your competitors without infringing on their rights
  • Using FunnelSpy for your market research, you will be able to save time and money. It’s a tool that makes your marketing campaigns more effective and efficient.


  • The FunnelSpy customer support team is quite slow in its response, and will need to be improved
  • The use of FunnelSpy can expose your firm to accidental infringement of your competitors’ copyright. Anyone using this tool to spy on competitors should be cautious in the way the insights are applied.


As a business owner, you are pitched against other competitors who are fighting for the same market as you. Your competitors are willing to go to great lengths just to ensure that they have a competitive advantage.

A smart move on your part is to also secure an advantage that your business will leverage on. And that’s the main benefit of using a marketing tool such as FunnelSpy.

It’s a tool to help you gain insights into the sales and marketing strategies of competitors. You can find out all about its sales funnels, gather insights, and implement for your business.

The tool is reasonably priced, and it offers new users a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

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