Hostinger Review: A Reliable and Low-Cost Hosting Platform

Hostinger is a popular Web Hosting company that is well-recognized all over the world. It has very affordable Web Hosting rates for small business entrepreneurs to set up their websites or blogs.

With just a little amount of money, you can begin to grow your business through your website. You can get a plan with them that will cost you less than a dollar.

They have been in operation since 2004 as “Hosting Media” which was located in Lithuania and has been expanding ever since. They have more than 30 million clients working with them and cover more than 178 countries and keep growing at the rate of a client in every five seconds.

Now, they host website high-performance hardware that can be found in different data centers in different parts of the world – United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, and Indonesia.

The company is always working to improve on its services and as such is able to offer its clients different features on its web hosting platform, much of which is free and unlimited. What people love more about Hostinger is its really low and affordable pricing.

Hostinger Features

• Good customer support service

Having its communication channels open to its clients is very important for the company to be able to ensure that its customer’s needs and expectations are met.

You can always reach out to its customer service any time you have a problem and they will guide you with useful information that can help you know more about Web Hosting and help you solve whatever your challenges may be.

You can reach out to its customer service through phone, email, or live chat. They can also communicate in more than one language, so you can choose the language you would prefer for communication, from its several available languages.

• Impressive uptime records

When you are deciding on the right company to host your website, you should look for one with a high uptime record. If your hosting company does not have a good uptime record, your website may not always be accessible to your audience.

When you host your website on Hostinger, you will have your site always available to your audience and this will help your business grow fast. The company has always worked hard to maintain an uptime of 99%.

• Fast loading time

Customers are often very pleased with websites that can load very fast. If your website does not load fast enough, many of your customers may get dissatisfied and leave your site. This can make you lose a good number of clients and it can even affect your ranking on search engines.

This is why it is important for you to have a Web Host that operates a very fast loading speed. On average, Hostinger takes less than 400 milliseconds to load which beats the loading time records of many web hosting companies.

Hostinger is a good choice for small businesses or websites that receive a lot of traffic. They allow you to give your visitors pleasurable user experience.

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• Free website builder

Not everyone has coding knowledge or experience that can be used to build their websites. Hostinger makes it easy for you to build your website without having any programming background or coding knowledge.

All you need to build your own website is using its web builder to create your website. The web builder uses drag-and-drop which enables you to quickly and easily build your website in a very short time.

It has hundreds of pre-built website themes that you can just choose from to build your website. You will also get a free domain name that you can use as you host your website on its platform.

• Easy to scale hosting plans

It does not matter the plan you begin your website journey with; this web hosting provider allows you to easily scale up as the demands of your business growth. You are not constrained by any hosting plan.

You can start from the lowest hosting plan and upgrade your plan as your business grows. You can also downsize your hosting plan if, for instance, you have purchased a web hosting plan that is too much for your business.

After downsizing, it is also possible for you to upgrade again if the need arises. This saves you a lot of money as you will not pay for hosting data that you will not benefit from.

• Affordable hosting plans

It has hosting plans that can suit any budget you have. Your business may not be yielding enough resources for a hosting plan of high amount; you can look at its different hosting plans and make your choice of the one that you can afford.

Its lowest hosting plan goes for $0.80 monthly and less than $40 for a yearly plan which is very affordable for small businesses. Even on a low budget, you will still get great features for your website.

• Simple to use email tools

Email marketing has become a trend for both big and small businesses online. With Hostinger web hosting, you can access and manage email accounts without any extra charges.

You can build your clients’ directory and forward them regular emails to boost your business and market your products. You will be able to use email tools such as autoresponder and email forwarding.

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• Easy-to-navigate control panel

If you are new to setting up a website, you may not find it easy to understand how to use some control panel features, especially if you are faced with the traditional type of control panel. This has made Hostinger redesign its control panel to look more organized and simpler to understand.

It is also user-friendly, so you can quickly and easily set up and manage your website from your dashboard. It does not call for much technical knowledge to set your website on its hosting platform.

• Hostinger Knowledgebase

There is so much you can learn from its archive of information. You can make use of its tutorials and videos to understand the web hosting industry. Beginners that also want to make a career in web hosting also stand to gain a lot from its knowledgebase.

• 30-day money-back guarantee

It has a refund policy that allows you to be refunded your cost of subscribing to them if need be. After purchasing a plan, you can set up a small website to test the quality of their services.

If you do not appreciate their services, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing their plan and the company will refund your fees.

Disadvantages of Hostinger Web Hosting Service

Every hosting platform has the good and bad sides to it and Hostinger is not an exception. However, if a web hosting platform can give you much of what you desire for your website at the very minimal cost, then it may still be a suitable option for you. We will look at some unattractive sides of Hostinger.

• It does not have the traditional control panel

Hostinger has made an effort to deviate from the regular traditional panel which most webmasters are used to. The modern dashboard has an interesting and simple look, but a lot of webmasters and designers are already used to the traditional kind of dashboard.

It may take those who are already used to the traditional dashboard some time before they get used to the modern one. However, the Hostinger dashboard is much easier to navigate and use than the traditional one.

• Pricing scheme

Hostinger, like many other web hosting companies, gives you a better deal on the yearly subscription than on the monthly plans. If you want to renew the subscription on a monthly basis, you will be spending more money than if you pay a subscription for a full year.

You pay less when you subscribe for the first year but after the first year, you begin to pay the regular charges.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

There are different plans on Hostinger that you can choose from based on what your hosting needs are and what you can afford.

1. Shared Hosting

This is a popular type of website that is quite favored for its affordability. It is a much smaller plan but it will be able to meet the business needs of your website. When you are on a shared hosting plan, you will be sharing your hosting server with other websites like yours.

This means other websites may have more data needs and so they will use up more data than you will use. Having enough data for your website contributes to giving your users a pleasurable experience anytime they visit your website.

If you would need more data, you may wish to choose from other hosting plans. With the Hostinger shared plan, you can subscribe to any of the following:

  • Single Shared – $0.99 / monthly
  • Premium Shared – $2.59 / monthly
  • Business Shared – $4.49 / monthly

Each shared hosting plan has a lot of features that you can take advantage of as you grow your website. You also get to use the Hostinger web builder for free.

The Hostinger shared plan is for websites that record about 25,000 visitors monthly. After some time, you may need to upgrade your hosting plans to manage an increase in web traffic.

2. VPS Hosting

On a Virtual Private Server (VPS), your website will also share a hosting server with other websites but unlike shared hosting, the amount of data you get on this plan is not affected by the other websites that share your server.

Your monthly allocation of data is guaranteed, so your website can perform optimally at all times. And this makes it easy for you to manage a much larger number of visitors than would have been possible on a shared hosting server.

A Virtual Private Server allows you to have root access to your hosting server and you can easily configure and customize your server setting. It also uses Solid State Drive (SSD) which will make your loading speed much faster. You can have up to 250,000 viewers and you can choose from any of the six VPS plans:

  • 1vCPU Plan – $3.95 monthly
  • 2vCPU Plan – $8.95 monthly
  • 3vCPU Plan – $12.95 monthly
  • 4vCPU Plan – $15.95 monthly
  • 6vCPU Plan – $23.95 monthly
  • 8vCPU Plan – $29.95 monthly

3. Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting plan is a much faster plan offered by Hostinger and it can go three times faster than the normal hosting plan. You also have an allocated amount of data every month, so your audience can get the best user experience on your website.

As your website needs to increase, you can scale up your hosting plan to meet the demands of your website. This hosting plan offers much data for a minimum price. The speed you get from it is also another advantage.

In addition, your website can manage more than 100,000 viewers monthly. If it exceeds this number, it will be better to upgrade your hosting plan to be able to meet your business demand.

  • The start-up plan goes for $7.45 monthly
  • The professional plan is $14.95 monthly
  • The Enterprise Plan is $27.45 monthly

WordPress Hosting

Most webmasters rely on WordPress to develop and help them manage their websites. As a Content Management System, you don’t need to have coding knowledge or experience to be able to use it.

If your website runs on this platform, then it will only be appropriate to go for a hosting plan that is compatible with WordPress. You can choose from any of the three WordPress hosting plans on Hostinger.

These hosting plans are all optimized for WordPress and they have pre-installed WordPress features that you can use to easily set up your WordPress site. There is the one-click install, caching plugins, WordPress support, and enhanced security. You can go for the WordPress plan if you get less than 100,000 visitors monthly.

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Hostinger is one of the top web hosting platforms that can help you get the best of web hosting. It has many features that you can enjoy on its platform through its different plans. You can have guaranteed fast loading speed and much data for your website to enable your users to have a pleasurable experience when they visit your website.

To enjoy great features on Hostinger, you only need to check out and subscribe to its plan that best suits your needs. The plans are so affordable that you can budget just a little amount to be on its platform.

You can try Hostinger today and if you are not pleased with what it has to offer, you can request a refund of your money within 30 days of subscribing to its platform.

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  1. It’s so good to learn more about hostinger as I didn’t know everything about it before now but what you have shared here now I see that it is perfect to help me host my website. I didn’t know that they work so well like this. I would be looking to give it a swipe and see how it would be able to work for me too.

    • Appreciate your comment on my Hostinger review, John! Thanks so greatly! You are rest assured to enjoy cost-effective hosting packages with Hostinger among other amazing features. You can enjoy other amazing features such as email tools to customize emails for your brand, and many others. Thanks again for stopping by, drop by anytime!

  2. Hello. I’ve never heard of a Hostinger before, this is my first time encountering the way it works. Thanks for a nice insight into the platform that can help me around web hosting. I can’t wait to see all the features. It sounds very interesting. The best thing is that you can try Hostinger and if you are not pleased with what it has to offer, you can request a refund of your money within 30 days. 

    • Oh yes, Mitic08, Hostinger has a 30-day money back guarantee, you can request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the hosting package purchased. It’s cost-effective, the control panel is easy to navigate, and the hosting features are easy to use. Thanks for the comment, Stop by anytime!

  3. Hi, Sierra,

    I’ve been thinking of changing hosting companies over the last few weeks as I need something more affordable. My top options were Bluehost and Hostgator, but now that I read your review about Hostinger, this one looks like a great option too.

    One of the most important features for me is customer service. No matter the industry you are in, good customer service is essential to keep your customers happy.

    I love all you can do with Hostinger. I love its flexibility and simplicity for users of all levels. The only thing that is kind of confusing is its pricing structure. It looks too complicated. Having said that, I think I could do with the most basic plan as my website is barely growing, and I can upgrade anytime.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for reading my Hostinger review, Enrique! There’s no doubt about it that Hostinger is affordable, easy to use, and supportive for both the newbie and veteran entrepreneurs. You can build your business with this hosting company and save a lot of cost on hosting. Thanks for stopping by, drop by anytime!

  4. This is the perfect article that I have found what I’m currently trying to do for myself! I am trying to find the perfect inexpensive hosting platform. Thank you so much for being so detailed on this, I think this is the one that I am officially considering to get for myeslf! Definily think I’ll be choosing on this one after all. Thank you

    • You are most welcome, Misael. Hostinger is one of the most cost-effective and reputable hosting platforms to explore. You can make use of this easy-to-use hosting site to build a virtual estate. It has an easy-to-navigate control panel and it’s cheaper than most hosting service providers out there. Appreciate you stopping by, drop by anytime!


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