A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

Today I am considering writing a post about earning from a reputable web host affiliate program. And I’m not just doing that; at the end of the article, I will add a life hack on how to withdraw money from a hosting without a contract and a bank account.

An Affiliate (or referral in a simpler term) program is a program designed to attract new customers through existing ones with payment for actions on this very attraction.

A Brief Introduction to A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a high performance hosting company located in Ann Arbor and founded in 2003 by Bryan Muthig. The A2 Hosting provider is the most modern server equipment, continuous monitoring and maintenance, responsive technical support, its control panel, free porting and many other bonuses.

The hosting feature includes a convenient and beautiful control panel. It has been working since 2003. A trial period of 30 days will make it possible to evaluate the service, and only then decide on payment.

A2 Hosting is an expensive and not expensive hosting platform that meets the requirements of customers with flexible rate adjustment. You can add a number of sites. Reviews about A2 Hosting or A2Hosting.com indicate the reliability of the servers (their servers and equipment are all across the globe) + good technical support. It’s one of the best companies in the field of hosting services.

A2 Hosting provides the following services:

  • Hosting – Servers on SSD disks
  • VPS – KVM Virtualization
  • Server rental – Reliable data center
  • Domain registration – 500+ zones for registration, low prices
  • SSL certificates – Secure protocol
  • Selling CMS – Running certified partner of most popular CMS manufacturers
  • Free hosting – If you are an A2 Hosting webmaster or your project has not yet reached large sizes, then free hosting is what you need
  • A2 Hosting.API – A program interface or a set of functions for managing sites, domains, mail, etc.

Share the affiliate link with your friends, recommend the service on social networks or post the link on your website:

You will receive a reward from 10 to 40% of the purchase of a domain, hosting and other services.

The A2 Hosting affiliate program allows everyone to earn up to 40% of payments for hosting services from each client you attracted and 20% from each client who ordered VPS / VDS.

To start earning with the A2 Hosting affiliate program, you need to register on any tariff plan and get your unique affiliate identifier. You can choose the simplest tariff from the line of tariffs for shared hosting (from $3.92 / month or $8.99 / year).

Naturally, to make money on the A2 hosting affiliate program, you need to be a registered A2 Hosting user. We considered the issue of registering an account in this article.

How Can I Make Money from Affiliate Programs on the Internet?

Companies provide services. An entrepreneur tries a service or product, she likes it, and she becomes a consumer of these products or services. And then companies pay commissions for promoting their services. This is known generally to be an affiliate program.

When part of the funds spent by an attracted customer is transferred to the partner’s account, to attract new customers, the partner needs to advertise and promote the services of the company.

For example, write a review of the company’s services on your blog or a page on your social network. Show future customers the benefits of using the company’s services or products. Post a referral link in the review. This is such a simplified promotion scheme.

You can post referral links on your own resources or someone else’s. For example, in the footers of your created websites, you can place a referral link to the hosting and you promote as an affiliate.

The clients you attracted will be taken into account during registration if they manually entered your affiliate identifier or clicked on your affiliate link, banner or linked directly from your affiliate site. The affiliate tracking ID is substituted automatically when a customer clicks on the affiliate link, banner or from an affiliate site.

The validity period of cookies for referrals is one calendar year. That is, the client you brought to the hosting provider will be considered yours, even if he did not pay for the services immediately, but within a year.

What is Referral Link, and How Does it Work?

A referral link is a regular link to a resource; only at the end of it is the partner’s ID. When a future customer clicks on such a link and performs a target action, for example, buys a product, then a certain amount of money is credited to the partner’s account.

This amount is determined by the terms of the affiliate program of the company. It also depends on the conditions whether this payment will be one-time or will be a percentage of any purchases of your referral.

The referral link itself is provided to you by the company; you just have to post it on your website or your social network. And the company’s website will figure out that the client clicked on your link using cookies – a special file that is placed in the client’s browser by the web server where he addressed. Cookies are used to identify website visitors and to store information about them.

Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started

Now I will demonstrate affiliate programs from two hosting companies called A2 Hosting and BlueHost.

From my experience with these two, A2 seems to be a better option for affiliate marketers as it comes with a robust package, real-time monitoring and a better commission on referrals.

In the control panel, you’ll find the affiliate code and link. You’ll have to copy it; this is the code you’ll use for tracking your leads.

You will also get to see the terms of payments. They are simple to understand: 40% for paying for simple hosting, 20% for VPS, 10% for paying for a VIP hosting and up to 100% one-time for buying a server.

You can simply add your site to referral ones and then any conversion from your site will be a referral. To do this, you will need to place one file in the root of the directory on the hosting where the site is stored and click check. There is an instruction that is clear even to a first grader.

The total amount of revenue you’ve earned so far will be displayed in your affiliate dashboard and you can withdraw funds to your bank account. It should be noted that the hosting provider will legally have taxes withdrawn from your earnings. You can choose to pay this amount yourself or it can be deducted from the source. The same system operates in almost all affiliate programs on the web.

Withdraw Funds to an Account

You can withdraw funds by bank transfer after you’ve concluded a partnership agreement with A2 Hosting. Payments will not be made immediately to the affiliate from the client’s payments. On the registration page, to the right of the form, a PIN is displayed; make sure your PIN is there and you can change it if necessary.

To withdraw funds, click on Partnership, then Payouts and get to the payout page. If there is something to withdraw, click on Order payment. You should be credited approximately 5 minutes from when you ordered your withdrawal.

To receive a reward, you must follow the simple rules of the A2 Hosting affiliate program, which you will find on the official website of the hosting provider.

Affiliate Program Promotional Materials

In an ideal control panel, you can get your referral link, pick up advertising banners, add your referral sites and see statistics.

Affiliate Payouts

You can order payments by bank transfer (to a bank account or card), to your PayPal wallet or transfer money to the balance of your A2 hosting account to pay for hosting services.

If you are a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, to transfer partnership fees to you, you must fill out an act and an account, which you can download on their website in the “Partnership” section, and then forward that to their mailing address. Your attention is drawn to the fact that without the original documents presented, the payment will not be made.

How to Withdraw Real Money

Now I will describe to you a little life hack to those who will be engaged in the massive creation of sites. You can withdraw real money from hosting without concluding an agreement and a bank account.

Referral Registration

Consider the following scheme. A person turns to you to create a site. He is an absolute layman in all these hosting sites, domain registration services, and asks you to take all these prerequisites upon you. That is, register on a hosting site, buy a domain and make sure the balance is replenished on time.

You agree, register a new account with the hosting service provider and buy a domain – I strongly recommend doing this on the client’s passport data, and then be sure to transfer all the keys for access to the hosting and domain to the customer.

And during registration, indicate your referral code, or simply go to A2Hosting.com using the referral link already indicated on your site, for example, in the footer.

When registering a new account, click the Check button.

A pop-up window will open in which you can check if you are actually creating a referral. If the Affiliate Identification Number field is empty, insert your code there.

So, you have registered your referral account and now you will be refunded from the payments made by him for hosting. Attention! Domain purchases are not refunded! But 40% for hosting is quite tasty and in itself.

Cash Withdrawal

Suppose your customer needs to fund your account! The basic package on the A2 Hosting platform is around $9 a year and the customer pays this money to your account. It’s technically difficult for clients to select a hosting plan, pay with their cards and so on; it’s easier for such a client to give this money to a partner and have it transferred from the partner’s account.

You take the money and replenish the client’s account at the expense of funds from your account. To do this, you just need to have such an amount on your account and withdraw money from your account to your Customer’s account.

You might not want to withdraw money from your account in respect of one client; it’s better to leave these funds to pay for your hosting. But when there are enough clients on the ground and the amount in your account is much higher than your needs, you can take this advice.


I need to also point out that if you have a site with loads of targeted traffic, then registering as an affiliate will be of immense benefits to you. However, if you are still a novice to affiliate marketing, then you’d need to, first, learn SEO & how to market digital products using a variety of methods to build a lot of exposure for your A2 Hosting referral links, banners, and lead capture pages.

After reading this review, I hope you’ll likely consider promoting it on your website/blog, social media network, or elsewhere. This hosting platform is one of the most reputable providers with such reliable web hosting services I’ve ever come across on the web.

They are worth your time if you would like to compliment your blog’s income. A2 Hosting has one of the topmost paying web hosting affiliate programs that you will ever find online today; all you need do is just give their service a try.

While this review is strictly about the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program, I’m not, by any means, affiliated with this platform nor am I a client of their hosting service. However, I have a number of websites hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate web space and one of the amazing features of this platform is that once you’ve become a member, you’ll start enjoying an unlimited managed WordPress hosting service worth more than a 3rd tier $250 monthly hosting plan.

Another amazing feature, among many, is that whenever you experience technical issues with any of your sites, you get instant attention and support from the Support Team. All technicalities are handled for you by default and interactive/selfless support is also available for you from other experienced members and co-founders of the community. If you want to learn more about this community, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate and do not hesitate to drop a comment.

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