RevenueHits Review: Most Preferred Ad Network for Advertisers & Publishers

RevenueHits is an advertising platform that allows you to acquire the best of ads and promotions for your blog straight from advertisers on the most reasonable rates and make money out of it.

On RevenueHits, you have an identifiable team of online entrepreneurs who are ready to provide paid promotions and advertisements on pages with prospective pay rates and enable them to earn a decent amount of revenue.

Specifically, RevenueHits is a type of platform where web developers and advertisers come together and bargain online advertisements to ensure that both parties make profits.

Web developers are prone to making some money by promoting their own sites and building traffic organically. Since getting to the front of the competition entails spending a lot of money, time, and resources, you must make concerted effort ensuring that you leverage every little opportunity that can earn you some money which makes you break even, or perhaps helps you make some profits.

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In that respect, promotions and ads are the basic tools that help you and web developers worldwide make some great fortunes online. Most websites or blogs are generating cool revenue from the promotions and ads they get from advertisers and this creates a better money-making adventure.

These days, more and more potential entrepreneurs are getting to realize that they can earn some good amount of revenue online via their blog spaces. Though when it comes to hosting a website there are a lot of complications, bloggers wouldn’t realize that they needed to monetize their blog spaces in order to be able to run due expenses that will help keep their websites properly and to the core.

It’s as a result of this that most money-making platforms on the web are providing blog owners with alternatives for having ads displayed on their websites and earning revenue in return. It’s an excellent way to save your website from going down since running a website on the web requires paying a lot of bills monthly.

Your goal of owning a customized blog will definitely come to a regrettable end once you can no longer get enough funds to run the website. Thanks to platforms like RevenueHits, that makes it feasible even for newbie bloggers to monetize their blog spaces and earn some cool revenue every day and still gather some necessary funds to run their websites monthly.

About RevenueHits

RevenueHits was created in 2008 but within the short time span, it has built a fantastic team and collections that are working on the web. To ensure you make the most out of your blog space, you may have to try out RevenueHits; the most considerable part is the independence to leverage similar advertising platforms and the variation of advertisements.

Since inception, it has enabled site owners to earn revenue by having ads displayed on their blog pages. RevenueHits is majorly located in Israel, but it’s been well spread around the world. The technical team comprises a group of experts and successful internet entrepreneurs in various fields of blogging who provide full and interactive support and technical assistance at all times.

The most awesome thing about this platform is that Geo-targeted ad serving technology is provided in full to help maximize revenue for you and the platform.

How Does RevenueHits Work?

It’s imperative to learn how RevenueHits works for publishers before you apply for it. Based on its introduction, it appears like an intermediary between web developers and advertisers, but in reality, it’s much more than described.

When it comes to getting geo-targeted advertising services that result in definitive advantages for web developers and advertisers, RevenueHits is major.

In usual terms, most advertisers love the platform because it helps them get the required and desired avenue to have their advertisements displayed. But on the other hand, web developers have responsive ads displayed on their web pages which will definitely give rise to better income and responses.

Why RevenueHits among Others?

While a lot of similar advertising platforms are accessible out there providing the same kind of awesome services and enabling publishers to have such responsive ads displayed on their web pages, why would you choose RevenueHits? Of course, there’s a particular reason for choosing RevenueHits!

RevenueHits provides definitive features and advantages that make it a secure and friendly advertising platform for your brand and guarantees high-quality web advertisements at the highest possible rates.

On RevenueHits, website owners and advertisers are assigned authority to run a whole database loaded to the server. In case of any issue or prerequisites, the platform ensures that you’re properly guided.

RevenueHits offers clearly defined terms and conditions and it’s scam free. It has a lot of plugin support, tools and many other features that makes it a total package for your brand. It also enables you to get the best results. As a matter of fact, it’s an easy-to-use and friendly advertising platform with spelt out terms and conditions and without any complication.

Features of RevenueHits

The primary features of RevenueHits are as follows:

  • Responsive advertisers and ads
  • Multiple ad types
  • High pay rates
  • Fast response and approval
  • Make more money with the aid of affiliate branding and packaging
  • If you bring in a new publisher to the platform as a publisher, you’ll receive a commission (a share of their earnings based on its policy!)
  • Geo tracked ads
  • Competitive rates
  • Allows the use of AdSense and other similar advertising platforms
  • Full Fill Rates
  • Adblock Monetization aided by Integrated Technology Tools
  • Flexible cash withdrawal and payment methods
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Full Control
  • Specified terms and conditions with no complication

Pros of RevenueHits

  • Provides a considerable number of widgets such as icons, toolbars, and others
  • Auto resizing advertisements for desktop and mobile gadgets
  • Secure revenue statistics and accounts
  • Simple to use, easy to join
  • Regular and timely payouts

Cons of RevenueHits

  • Drawbacks aren’t noticed

What’s Distinct in RevenueHits?

RevenueHits enables you to approach a good number of advertisers together once while at the same time gives you the independence to deal with other similar Ad platforms and make more money from your blog space simultaneously.

Alongside that, it enables you to run diverse ads that will ensure maximum revenue as it ensures full exploration of your blog space. To ensure you make the proper use of your blog space, here are the options that are made accessible to you in full:

  • Pop up ads
  • Text
  • Display
  • Banners
  • Custom size blocks
  • App
  • And many more

In summary, RevenueHits helps you get the definitive choices to earn a good amount of revenue from every blog page you own. Though you’ll always get an appreciable amount, your everyday revenue might be different as your daily blog stats may not be constant.

RevenueHits and its Benefits

With RevenueHits, publishers can now go extra miles monetizing their virtual assets such as toolbars, websites, IM applications, blogs, widgets, etc. No non-performing ads will be found on your website as proper research is carried out by the group out there and this group ensures that there are steady performances for your online assets at all times.

The advertisements found in the inventory are those that perform extremely well and portray ads that empower offers that perform greatly. When you now publish performing advertisements, you’ll automatically be able to maximize revenue.

The major aim is to generate more and more revenue, so blogging becomes a highly profitable business. Right from time, RevenueHits has been of help to publishers in earning tons of revenue from their blogs and it still continues helping site owners make money greatly till today. Hardly would you find people complaining about the platform or program; instead people desire to learn more and more about this it.

Types of Ads

We have various types of ads and here comes the full list:

  • Pop Under ads
  • Slider ads
  • Banner ads

Based on your personal preference, you can choose one of these. The income is dependent on the ad performance; thus, you’ll need to be sure of really getting traffic and conversions. If you can’t do this, then your monthly revenue will pretty much be affected. But, the pro is that it accepts global traffic. Thus, you can leverage it to have most traffic transformed.

Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You need to consider the mass you cater about and choose the ad type that will best suit your blog. The issue is that people begin to add a lot of things to their websites in a quest to maximize revenue. Eventually, visitors can get lured away from using your site due to the numerous pop ups that bombard your blog.

It’s so enunciating to see those ads pop around the pages of your site, especially when you’re trying to navigate through the website on your Android or Smartphone. The creation of ad script occurs only with one or two clicks. And there’s a 100% Fill Rate which guarantees smooth operation.

Describing Monetization in a Fresh Light

RevenueHits has begun describing moments for the platform, site owners, and advertisers as well as it is not helping publishers monetize their sites, but also will help in monetizing the widgets and mobile apps.

It’s evident how search engines can frustrate or build a blogger’s career! Optimizing a site is the major and if you want to maximize the organic search results, then the most prominent way possible to actualize this is via the XML feed.

To ensure users are kept intact and satisfied, more effort must be put in to make the XML feeds suitable. The greatest benefit of the RevenueHits platform is that it enables you to have your preference format customized. The frequent ones are always there as well, but if you want to customize, then you can go ahead as well.

What the Ad States

The numerous ad banner sizes will be made available to you. It’s normal to see site owners do appropriate research prior to choosing an ad banner format. An algorithm is properly utilized to evaluate the ad performance, so the generated revenue can be enhanced and your visitors view nothing but the best advertisements. The most efficient way of getting people convinced to purchase items from you is via text.

The performance of your ad determines your revenue; thus, it becomes more crucial to have greatly performing ads, which ensures that you won’t have to make concerted effort in getting them converted. An excellent way of getting the appropriate eyeballs is through the pop-ups; it simply ensures that the visitor has viewed the ads and has got convinced to make a buying decision.

It’s Not about Site Owners Alone

Site owners will gain a lot of benefits when advertisers are available and that’s why the RevenueHits platform has made sure equal importance is provided to advertisers as well. Thus, the following are to be enjoyed by advertisers:

  • High ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Hundreds of thousands of live users
  • Millions of ad impressions on a daily basis

When approaching advertisers, the platform ensures that enough ventures are brought to them which will bring in more advertisers over and over again. No restriction has ever been placed on them to just one ad type or two; instead their wings have been broadly open and numerous ad streams like coupons, dating, travel, mobile, entertainment, shopping, Lead Gen, casual gaming, etc included.

The list is so long and it keeps growing.

Their system is always on and hundreds of offers and ads scanned on an everyday basis to find out who is really performing to expectation over a certain period of time prior to having them shortlisted.

Final Verdict

A good number of similar Ad platforms are out there on the web; of course more and more famous than RevenueHits but here it comes with the most definitive and major advantages and features that will prompt you to eventually stick to it.

While RevenueHits can be a great alternative to Google AdSense or any other advertising platform, yet this is not going to earn you financial freedom like having your own virtual real estate that you build using your personal website.

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