Super Affiliate System Review

By | July 11, 2020

In affiliate marketing, putting the cart before the horse is like selling without traffic. I think that’s impossible, even though I’ve been taught to have a possibility mindset.

How do you convert traffic into sales when you don’t even have any traffic? So I guess having the right traffic is the first step towards affiliate business success.

That’s until I came across this course that says anyone can start selling even without traffic. That course really got my attention as I expect it would get yours too.

John Crestani claims that you can start making money in affiliate marketing even if you don’t have the traffic. He actually put his mouth where his money is by offering to teach you how.

His Super Affiliate System (SAS) was designed for that purpose, teaching you how to get started with making money through affiliate marketing – and yes even without traffic. You can buy traffic along the way, but that’s a discussion for another section of this post.

John also claims that experienced affiliate marketers can pick up a thing or two that will boost their businesses.

While I do not affirm or negate his claims, I’m here to present you with the bare facts about the Super Affiliate System.

Let’s get this party started with a simple intro to the Super Affiliate System.

A Brief Intro to Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is an online training course designed to help participants build successful online businesses. The creator is John Crestani, a renowned internet marketer who has a track record of successful internet and affiliate marketing businesses.

The Super Affiliate System is a 6-week long training that adopts a step-by-step approach. Students have to first learn how to pick the best niche for themselves after which they will be guided on choosing the right affiliate products to promote.

Then there is the step where they are taught how to launch successful product campaigns, and also, different ways to generate passive income from a website or page.

The training spans 6 weeks, over 50 hours, and audio, teaching you how to grow your business using paid traffic.

Why Should You Listen to John Crestani?

He happens to be one of those authority figures in the online marketing space. He’s been featured on platforms such as Forbes, Affiliate Summit, and Yahoo Finance.

He’s claimed to have earned upward of $2.9 million just from affiliate marketing. So, if John claims that you can be successful online using paid traffic, people listen.

Besides the glowing pedigree of John Crestani, let’s take a tour into the training course itself – with me as your humble guide and fellow affiliate marketer.

Super Affiliate System Details

I – Super Affiliate System 1.0 and 2.0

There have been major changes to the preceding versions of the Super Affiliate System. These revisions were focused on helping affiliate marketers build their own brands.

II – Super Affiliate System 3.0

Buyers of the first two versions are automatically grandfathered into the current version 3.0.

If you were to purchase the Super Affiliate System 3.0 right now, these are the benefits to expect

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Modules

Module 1

This module is focused on turning you into an actual affiliate marketer if you aren’t one already.

It takes you through the early steps to take and ensure you start earning even from the first week.

It teaches you about the different affiliate networks that you can join. You will be guided on setting up a ClickBank account and a walkthrough on how to use the affiliate network.

This module also covers the set up of your website for promotions through Google and Facebook ads. A step-by-step guide on setting up a pre-sell account is also covered in this module.

Facebook ads can be set up to achieve optimal results.

That’s what you get to learn in this first week including how to set up the Facebook ads and start raking in commissions.

Learn also the common mistakes that most affiliate marketers make, and how to avoid them.

The module concludes with a review of what has been covered so far and a gift to crown your effort for the week.

Don’t ask me what gift it is because I’m not about to spoil the fun for you.

Module 2

This is the second week of the training and by now you should see yourself as an affiliate marketer with a growing business.

By the time this module kicks off, some of your colleagues would already have started earning from what was taught in Module 1. You too may have caught with the early earners.

This module focuses on setting up ads that generate commissions for you. These ads will be displayed through Google and other ads networks.

You will learn the most effective way to advertise on Google through search results. Find out all about high-intense buyers and how to tap into opportunities that they present. You will also learn how to corner a part of the Google searches and turn the same into affiliate earnings.

Find out how Google display ads can be used to scale up your marketing campaigns and rake in thousands of dollars. You know there are some little known secrets that can help you gain customers from Google.

Once you are through with this module, these little secrets become known to you also.

You will learn how to use Google Ads Conversion Pixel to monitor your campaigns. Find out if you are getting the right returns for your advertising dollars.

By this time, you should be able to set up Google Display Ads and Google Ads Conversion Pixel yourself.

Learn about the common Google mistakes that marketers make, and how to avoid all of them.

Well, this module is capped off with a summary of the week’s activities, and a bonus gift which I am not telling.

Module 3

This is the third week of the training and it introduces you to making money using YouTube ads.

What many do not know is that YouTube can be mined to deliver great income using YouTube ads.

You will learn how to place your very first ad on YouTube in 4 easy steps. Imagine letting you in on a secret that generates 3x average results. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything after paying so much for this course.

Learn to set up a channel page that will help maximize your returns. Though this may seem tough at first, this technique will become second nature once you complete this module.

Find out the best method to use for sourcing videos to use for your ads. This might just be what you need to rake in $1,000+ daily commissions in your business.

Learn why mobile devices are not so great for YouTube ads. You will save money and time by excluding mobile device users from seeing your ads.

Of course, you will be learning common YouTube mistakes and ways to avoid them.

To cap it all up, the week’s lessons will be summarized in case you missed out on anything. And this time it will be a massive gift for going through this module.

Module 4

This module is focused on using social media ads to generate click-through to your website or landing page. You are guided into the world of Facebook and the creation of ads for making money.

This module introduces you to advanced Facebook ads tactics that will keep bringing you profits.

While Facebook screens out ads that fail to meet its guidelines, you will be taught how to create Facebook ad campaigns that always scale these guidelines. Learn the strategy to ensure your Facebook account never gets banned.

Also in this module is a guide to easily set up a Facebook tracking pixel to monitor your ads.

As usual, there will be a nightcap on the lessons taught in this module. Well, the gift for this module is an outstanding reward gift for successful completion.

Module 5

This module is focused on building websites that keep bringing you steady income. All you’ve got to do is create traffic sources that will guarantee the visitors coming.

Learn how to set up a high converting affiliate website, even with zero technical skills. A step-by-step guide should help you have your website up and running in no time.

This module also teaches how to split test your website to ensure that you get the best. You will also learn some common website confirmation problems and avoid them all.

This module concludes with a summary of the week and a special gift for you.

Module 6

This is the final module for you on the Super Affiliate System 3.0. You would have learned so much on how to make massive affiliate profits from paid ads, and also what you need to set up your affiliate website which I expect should be running by now.

The module exposes to you how to scale up your affiliate business into a big success. Learn and deploy the strategies that will keep you always at the top of your game.

You will also learn how to create your own competitive advantage to keep you outside the reach of competitors.

There are different ways to scale ads that have brought in profits in the past. The aim of the game is to keep making a profit over time.

At this point, you should learn how to be really choosy about affiliate offers that you accept. Go for the best and most rewarding of them all.

And learn how to automate everything that has to do with your affiliate business so you keep earning while asleep.

The final module concludes with a summary of the course and a big massive life-changing gift. SAS has some bonuses that should be claimed as soon as possible.

These bonuses include free traffic, ad credits worth $1,245, buyer data for AI ads, and high ticket commission training. Others include case studies to take you from $0 – $50,000, extra login, and 1 on 1 call with John Crestani.

Congratulations, if you just read through the module details, it’s a first step towards getting the course proper!

However, before you take that next step there are some things you need to know about.

What You Should Know Before Buying Super Affiliate System 3.0

There are additional costs that you would incur along the way.

Paid ads require the use of money, so you need to have some cash within your reach. It depends on you, but you could set a budget ranging from $200 to $1,000 for the ads.

Who is the Best Fit for Super Affiliate System 3.0?

For anyone who is interested in getting into the business of affiliate marketing and making it big, the course can take a novice through and turn one into a profitable affiliate marketer within 6 weeks.

If you are already into the affiliate marketing business and you want to take your business to the next level, you should go for it also.

If there’s anyone that falls outside these two categories, they can still learn the business. It will also benefit you but you need the capacity to learn so many new things at once.

That said; let’s take a good look at the Super Affiliate System 3.0 pricing.

Super Affiliate System Pricing Plan

Super Affiliate System offers a 30-day window for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

The cost of the training is a one-time fee of $997, that’s if you pay it at once. There is also an option for $397 x 3 (total of $1,191) payments per month.

Pros and Cons of the Super Affiliate System


  • You receive very detailed training on how to succeed in affiliate marketing
  • The course offers you a lot of free resources, bonuses, gifts, and other materials to help you succeed
  • Training from some of the best and most successful affiliate marketers in the game.


  • You may have to spend much more than the initial amount charged for buying the training. There is a need for the budget on paid ads which could range from $200 to $1,000 extra
  • The course contains so much information that it is easy to get overwhelmed.


If you’re searching for an entrance into the world of online business, there are many options.

But you’ve got to have the right training; otherwise, things will go south.

Super Affiliate System is an online certification that promises to make your business succeed. You don’t need to have any online experience, not even traffic.

By the time you’re done with the course, you would know where and how to buy traffic.

Super Affiliate System is the brainchild of John Crestani, a reputable internet marketer with a solid track record.

Although there is a free trial for this product, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are satisfied with it.

Do you want to become part of an independent affiliate marketing community that costs you nothing? Get access to 120+ online entrepreneur certification courses and start a profitable online business today.

8 thoughts on “Super Affiliate System Review

  1. Bella

    Hello Sierra, starting an online business is a great idea and it’s would be cool seeing yourself make progress on that business and that is why it is best to go for an online course training. Super affiliates a nice place to get on with and I read fancy it’s mode of training and it’s services at large.  I am new in this line of business and I hope you get the best training platform to start with


    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Hey Bella, thanks for leaving a thought on my Super Affiliate System review! You can get all the training courses you need to become successful at affiliate marketing, build a viral affiliate marketing business, and earn a multiple stream of income working from home. Thanks again for your comment, stop by anytime!

  2. Payton

    I think I must have heard this super affiliate system somewhere before because I have seen the name John crestani pop up at on online seminar I did a few months back. It’s great to see that one can learn from a training that he has put together. Athr truth about one of your cons to this platform is that when a good platform decides to give training, it is normal that one can almost become overwhelmed because it shows there is enough to learn.

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Hey Payton, thanks again for reaching out! I hope you enjoyed reading my Super Affiliate System review! Oh yes, this is an affiliate network that teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business, get more prospects to your business, communicate new and existing products to your customers, and generate unlimited sales.

  3. Chris

    I haven’t heard of Super Affiliate before, and the idea of selling without needing traffic is enticing!  After noticing that, I thought that it would probably be a better idea to learn how to get traffic.  It seems like a really great skill to have, especially if you can then use what you’ve learnt to help others.

    It does sound reputable, and reasonable, with an opportunity to back out within 30 days.  Thanks for the review.

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Thanks for your comment on my Super Affiliate System review, Chris! Yeah, this affiliate system will help you improve your business, help you generate sales even when you don’t have traffic, and will turn you a super affiliate in no time. Thanks for stopping by! 

  4. freefromtheboss

    This is a great review, to be honest, this is the first decent and positive review I have read about John Crestani’s program. I like the fact that you have pointed out the fact that it doesn’t cost any money to join into some membership.

    Of course, another point that I love is that you give real and inspiring feedback. For example, we need to spend a little in order to gain profit. This is a great message brought forward.

    Thanks for sharing…I am looking forward to your next post.

    1. Sierra Morgan Post author

      Hey freefromtheboss, thanks for reading my Super Affiliate System review! Oh yes, you do not have to invest a lot of money to get your business up and running with this affiliate system. You can expect to earn a substantial profit once you have determined to have the right mindset from scratch. You need nothing but the right mindset. Many thanks for stopping by, drop by anytime!


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