SEOPressor Plugin Review: A Powerful WordPress On-page Optimization Plugin

In this post, you’ll be learning about SEOPressor – one of the best On-page optimization tools out there. What’s the use of having great content when your target audience cannot see it?

Writing a blog post requires so much effort, time, and resources spent on research. And when you finally get to publish it, your hope is for that post to reach as many people as possible.

If you’ve ever been in these shoes before, you will find the blogging experience quite frustrating.

You see, while writing great content is a good way of going about your online business, you need something extra.

That something extra is what SEO specialists refer to as On-page optimization. It’s a practice that you need to include in every post you publish, be it a blog post, an article, or a social media post.

And while experienced bloggers can do this manually, it’s much better using an SEO tool for your On-page optimization.

Right here and now, we review an On-page optimization tool you could use. But before hopping on board with SEOPressor, let’s take some time to find out the benefits, features, pricing, and other details.

About SEOPressor

SEOPressor is a premium WordPress on-page optimization plugin that enables users to improve their search ranking. In other words, it is an SEO tool with a host of features and benefits.

The plugin is packed with tools for a site audit, content optimization, link manager, and keyword scoring.

Currently, there are over 10 million web pages that are powered by SEOPressor, making it one of the most popular SEO tools.

The tool is simple to install since its installation follows the same process as every other WordPress plugin.

With all these cool features, what does a typical site owner stand to benefit? Well, here are the top benefits of using SEOPressor.

1 – Higher Search Ranking

To optimize a page means to present it in such an SEO-friendly way that the largest possible people can access it. When a page is well optimized, search engines are likely to place or assign a higher search engine ranking, like Google PageRank.

This means that a blogger in the female fashion niche will be able to reach more of her audience if her web pages are optimized.

SEOPressor has a lot of in-built features that enable users to optimize their web pages and posts.

You will be able to factor the word count of your post, readability and SQ (Semantic Density) Score of the keywords that you use.

SEOPressor also includes SEO suggestions that could help you improve the visibility of your pages. And at the end of the day, you will gain more visitors to your web pages.

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2 – Great Usability

One of the great benefits that I find with setting up and using SEOPressor is the ease of use. That’s why I mentioned that it has a high usability score.

I’m sure that you have at least installed a WordPress plugin before. Do you see how easy it is to install a WordPress plugin for your site?

That’s the same process that is followed when making a new installation of SEOPressor on your WordPress site. You just download and install the plugin on your site, and when prompted, include the code for SEOPressor.

The only difference between installing SEOPressor and other plugins is the unique code you obtained after paying for it.

This makes using SEOPressor very easy for both new and experienced SEO practitioners.

3 – Save Time and Money with Your SEO

When it comes to deploying SEO techniques on your website, there are 3 available options to you.

Option 1 is to engage the services of an SEO professional or an agency.

Choosing this option gives you the opportunity to engage the best and most experienced hands for your online business. And you are assured of getting the best results on your SEO campaigns.

However, this option is going to cost you a lot of money, from hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

Option 2 is to get it done yourself, using the trial and error method to find out what works.

A lot of new bloggers and online business people find themselves using this option. And if you’re one of them, you will find that a lot of time is spent on researching SEO tips and techniques.

You will make mistakes along the way, and some of these mistakes might be very costly to your business.

But the greatest cost of all is the time you will spend researching what to do about your site’s SEO.

Option 3 is going about it with a reliable SEO tool that handles all of your SEO needs. And if you choose a tool like SEOPressor, you will be able to save both money and time on your SEO campaigns.

4 – Affordable

SEOPressor is an SEO tool that is cost-friendly when compared to what other tools cost their users.

You can purchase a license and pay for its monthly renewal at a cost of $9 only. No extra charges of any kind, even for the plugin’s update which is free over a lifetime.

And you can discontinue using the tool anytime you wish. All you have to do is deactivate the plugin and the charges will be stopped.

5 – Audit Your Site Conveniently

So SEOPressor has this feature which is called Site Audit. And what it does is to carry out a total scan of all the pages, posts, and contents of your website.

If there are any issues such as broken links or anything out of place, they will be found out using the site audit.

No matter how large your site may be, you can discover the true health of your website and find ways to fix any issues.

6 – Properly Manage Links on Your Website

The SEOPressor Link Manager is a great tool that helps you manage all your website links, just like a pro.

You can find out the link status of all links, detect broken links and also cloak your affiliate links with this tool.

Even your inbound links are not spared as you can optimize your backlink building strategy using this tool.

My goal is to present you with details about SEOPressor to help you decide if it is the best for you among many other SEO tools that can be found on the internet.

And to achieve this goal, we will consider some basic features that come with every installation of the SEOPressor WordPress plugin.

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I – Display of Real-Time Score

Using SEOPressor, you are able to receive real-time scores of your on-page optimization.

Your SEO and Keyword density are displayed to let you know if you are doing things right or over-optimizing.

Over-optimizing keywords may attract the same penalty that Google metes out to those involved in keyword stuffing.

II – Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Analysis

This feature offers a long list of long-tail keywords to you. These include keywords that are related to popular keywords being searched on the internet.

The more the LSI keywords you are able to use, the better you are able to rank for such keywords. And that’s because the LSI keywords reflect what most people are searching for on the internet.

This feature will prevent you from stuffing keywords on your pages, but instead encourage you to focus on using popular, related keywords.

III – Social SEO

Since social media is an integral part of SEO, there is great social media support on SEOPressor. You can easily drive the visibility and engagement of content through social SEOPressor.

You can also include Facebook Open Graph and Twitter cards into your web pages.

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IV – Automatic Smart Linking

If you want to understand the benefits of interlinking your content, take a look at Wikipedia.

You will find that the most important words are links that take you to other pages or parts of the contents on the website.

This SEO tool helps you automatically interlink different contents found on your website. This prevents you from wasting any time linking the contents together manually.

A well-interlinked website helps to keep visitors longer on your website as they are able to navigate from one content piece to another.

And the longer visitors stay on your website, the better it is for your search ranking. Because Google gives you a better SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking for having lower bounce rate.

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V – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try out SEOPressor for yourself within a 60-day period. And if you find that the SEO tool doesn’t meet up with your expectations, you can request for a refund of your money.

VI – SEOPressor Score

This feature assigns a score on every post or page that is written on your website. This score is known as the SEOPressor Score, and it ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 as the highest score.

Users aspire to increase this score to the highest possible number, though any score from 80 and above is quite good.

The score reflects the possible ranking that your post will receive from Google. Although you are not likely to score the same figure on Google PageRank, the SEOPressor Score serves as a good guide.

VII – Suggested Optimization

These are recommendations made by the plugin, and which will help improve your On-page optimization.

These suggestions can include the best places to put keywords for better ranking, such as title, Meta descriptions, and H1 tags

VIII – Site Audit

Site Audit is a feature that comes with most SEO solutions, such as Ahrefs and SEMRush.

SEOPressor also has the site audit feature, and it is much easier to use here than most other SEO tools. From your WordPress dashboard, it’s quite easy to perform a site audit on your WordPress installation.

After running the site audit on your site, errors and warnings will be displayed to you. You can view all of these errors and warnings, and actually get to fix them all.

SEOPressor Pricing

This SEO tool will cost you $9 to acquire and renew every month. And you can discontinue using it anytime you want by deactivating it from your dashboard.

As you may have found out, SEOPressor is a feature-rich SEO solution. However, make no mistakes about it because the tool isn’t a best fit for all types of SEO needs.

I’m sure the next section will capture the remaining details that will help you decide whether to go for SEOPressor.

Pros and Cons of SEOPressor


  • A single SEOPressor license can be used on any number of WordPress websites
  • The SEO tool is constantly updated to reflect any changes to Google’s algorithm. This helps to keep your On-page optimization up to date
  • The installation process is as simple as installing any other WordPress plugin on your website
  • The SEOPressor is a much better option than having to manage all your On-page optimization manually.


  • SEOPressor converts your outbound links into no follow tags to prevent PageRank leaks. On one hand, it helps you build your backlink profile, and on the other hand, it prevents others from benefiting from you
  • The customer support can only be accessed via email, which takes quite some time to get a response.


Having great content will not do you much good if your target audience cannot find the content.

And since most visitors come from search engines, sound SEO techniques have to be employed to achieve good search ranking.

You have 3 available options for managing your search engine optimization.

The first is to engage SEO professionals or agencies to handle it for you. It will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in return for their services.

The second option for your SEO is to do it yourself, using the trial and error method. Though this will save you some money since you won’t be paying any SEO professionals or agencies, it will cost you time.

The third option is to choose an SEO tool that could get the job done without costing you so much.

For that purpose, we set forth this review of SEOPressor by providing you with all the needed details. I’m sure you now know the next steps to take on improving your On-page optimization.

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  1. Once when a popular website ranked some of the best platforms when it comes to getting ranked, this SEO pressor was one of them and I didn’t think to check all. About it but you have done good justice to the information about it here on your website. I think it is quite similar to jaxxy and I should probably give this one a try

    • Thanks for reading my SEOPressor plugin review, Payton! Much appreciated! Although, it’s an SEO tool, it doesn’t have some similar features with Jaaxy. You can, of course, use this plugin to monitor your site, how your site is performing on SERPs, and what is to be done to improve your search performance in search engines. Thanks for stopping by Payton, drop by anytime!

  2. N line with dealing with and online business and having your business up to date there is ned to make us of some really vital tools and some of them include search engines and all. However, knowing your ranking with google would be really key in line with your progress because you can know how to work more on your business and that’s the reason why am really excited about SEOpressor plugin. 

    • Hey Bella, thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed this post on SEOPressor plugin! Your site needs a lot of SEO tools for content quality assessment, readability scores, mobile responsiveness, image optimization, and lots more. Thanks again for dropping by, stop by anytime!

  3. SEO is a hectic topic in my opinion and is such an intimidating concept when you first start out.  It can be tempting to just pay someone to do it, which might be a good option if you have the budget for it.  I am definitely interested in saving that money by using a plugin, it’s a nice middle-ground option balancing time and money I think.

    You mention Wealthy Affiliate, who recommends All in one SEO, so it would be good if you could provide a quick comparison for those who might already be using this one.

    Really great depth and information for anyone who was looking for a great SEO plugin to get them started!

    • Thanks for your amazing comment on my SEOPressor plugin review, Chris! Much grateful! In the real sense, there are features you will find in All in One SEO pack such as automatically submitting your sitemap, and lots more which you will never find in SEOPressor plugin.

  4. This is very interesting as I have been doing a deep dive into Rank Math vs Yoast recently so glad to have seen your review on SeoPressor.  What seems to be great features of this that seem unique or better than elsewhere are:
    1. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Analysis – I didn’t see this in Rank Marth
    2. Automatic Smart Linking – this sounds like a very useful feature.  Rank Math has the option of making content Pillar to generate linking suggestions, but SeoPressor seems more advanced here.
    3. Properly managing your links on your website.  This is something I am still learning about, but I am intrigued that SeoPressor helps to optimise your backlink building strategy.  You mention this as a “Con” whereas I thought that helping to build your backlink profile was a good thing.
    You have produced a great article here and I want to look into this more. 

    • Thanks for stopping by, John! Glad you enjoyed and found my SEOPressor plugin review useful! Oh yes, there are a lot of advanced features that you can find in this tool, but not elsewhere. It helps you manage internal and external links on your site. You can as well leverage this tool for link building. So, it’s an integrated yet simple SEO tool for bloggers. Thanks again for comment John.. stop by anytime!


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