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Site123 was founded in 2015; it is an Israel based company with the sole aim of providing simple, free and easy to use site builder tools dedicated to individuals and small businesses.

It is so simple to use that it can be used by a newbie who has no prior experience or knowledge of how to build a website; its interface requires no technical know-how or experience.

The home page also showcases the platform as one of the easiest Site builder tools around.

With the Site123 platform, using the built-in wizard, the available help features and video tutorials, you can surely be up and running with a website that shows your brand in a matter of few minutes. Every setup that includes the backend server configuration, responsive design and SEO has already been sorted by Site123.

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What Are the Main Site123 Features?

Site123 has so many features that ensure that you can build the website of your choice and also offer your visitor and audience the best user experience possible. These features include:

Responsiveness: All the sites created by Site123 are responsive. No matter the device your visitors are using, they will get to see a website perfectly complementary for their device. This is so good that even mobile phone users won’t see a minuscule font.

Another thing is that your visitors will be provided with the best user experience. As a matter of fact, the site user feature will enable you to preview your site in some different sizes. However, if you have an app for your business, you can as well put a link to the appropriate app store so your users can have access to it and be able to download it using their mobile device.

Free Hosting: The site builder also comes along with free hosting on a well secured server; this means that your site is very much available to others from the moment you click Save in the site builder. Your site will be easily accessible using the free Site123 sub-domain, but if you get to upgrade to any of the subscription plans, you can easily use a custom domain with your site.

SEO: Site123 has already built your site with SEO. The HTML is connected with appropriate tags and you can as well get automatic redirection using your old site if need be. Site123 also generates a sitemap for your site pages making it easy for search engine crawlers to access with ease.

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Free image and Icon Library: You can easily make use of any of the pictures or icons in the free libraries if you require additional content for your site as provided by Site123. You will get the privilege or access to stock images and icons which will surely make your site very nice.

Blog: You can include a blog on your website as such. Provide regular updates to your blog. Share your thoughts and include users without including so much difficulty on your site.

Unlimited sites: You can also build as many websites as possible with a single administrative account, but if you are making use of a paid plan, you will need to pay for each of these sites on a monthly or annual basis.

Unlimited Web Pages: though some site builders have a limit to the number of pages you can build on your site, Site123 gives you access to build an unlimited number of pages. The only constraint is that you do have an overall storage amount, which differs based mainly on the subscription plan you have.

Email Marketing: Site123 has included some built-in tools to make you keep in touch with your users through newsletters and some other types of email outreach; this is easier and more convenient instead of making use of a third-party email marketing service.

Social Media Integration: This will enable you to share the posts you have made on your Social Media accounts, share across your sites updates to your audience and followers on social media.

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Multi-Language Support

Another feature that makes Site123 unique from other site builders is that it supports Multi Language sites.

Even on the back-end, the site builder has been translated into 69 different languages; so irrespective of what your own language is, you will be able to use the site builder in a language that is well familiar to you.

The only thing required is that you will need to build your content. Site123 makes it so easy by giving you the permission to open up to two versions of your site side by side (this ensures easy translation). Site123 will carry out the remaining functions which include generating the needed menus for you based on the language you have selected.

Also, you can build different versions of your site using many languages quickly and easily. Every version of your sites has its URL (such as or, and your visitors can scroll between the different sites by clicking on the right flags as shown on the upper-right corner.

Based on your plan, you can support your site in about five different languages.

Site123 App Market

Site123 app Market has many apps that you can easily install in order to extend the feature set and the usefulness of your website. App categories include (but not restricted to)

  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Forms
  • Galleries
  • Social

We have apps that are majorly designed to help you add e-commerce features such as payment processors, pricing and some other e-commerce suites.

Third-Party Tools and Integrations

In as much as Site123 provides a lot of features in the website builder, it is quite possible that they don’t offer a certain tool or solution that you are in need of. If such is your situation, you can easily add the following instructions to your site:

Site123 provides so many features in the website builder; it’s possible they don’t offer a tool or solution that you need. Probably that’s the situation. You should urgently incorporate the solutions below into your website:

Analytics: Get the needed information about your visitors, audience, traffic patterns and the audience behavior.

Live Support Chat: You should find a means to provide your customers with a channel to get in contact with someone from your team so they can easily get an answer to any question they ask or an appropriate solution to their problems

Video above: The site123 promotional video gives an insight of how the site builder works.

Site123 Search Engine Optimization Features

SEO is very important for small businesses. Compulsorily, SEO is that set of strategies that help you see that your webpage is rated among the first ones listed when someone searches for keywords related or relevant to your site.

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Only few users scroll beyond the first page of the results from search engines. This means that the higher the search engine ranking the higher the probability of your site being among the first listed.

In order to help you develop your SEO, Site123 provides the following features:

Meta tags: Site123 provides you with Metadata which includes the title and description; this is essential information about your site which is displayed to your users when your site is included in search engine results. A well-structured and well-written Metadata is very essential because it will increase the chances of the user clicking on your link. Site123 makes it very easy for you to manage the Metadata for all of your pages.

Sitemap: Sitemap provides search engines with the needed information they require to find the details they need. It also makes sure that the crawling bots of your site do not miss any of your pages, thereby increasing the chances that users will view your page when they search for important keywords. Site123 generates your sitemap automatically.

Redirection: Redirection helps to ensure that users can find new pages when scrolling on your pages instead of getting stuck with a page that doesn’t exist again. This will enable you to keep the rankings you have previously created. Using Site123, redirection is programmed into code, so there is no need to manage it manually.

Webmaster Tools: Site123 gives you the chance to integrate with Google Search Console easily. This will make you see what Google sees and help identify what you can do to improve your search rankings.

How Much Does Site123 Hosting Cost?

If you are really interested, you can easily make use of Site123 for free. Though you will see caps on how much bandwidth you have used (1 GB max) and how large you can expand your site (You get about 500MB of disk storage space), you will still have the permission to access almost all of the features included in the site builder itself.

If you are running an online shop, you can manage a maximum of about ten orders per month. The only disadvantage to the free plan is that you won’t get support for multiple languages.

Site123 provides two plan options for building a website: a free option and a premium version which is known as the paid version.

The premium plan includes everything in the free plan, and

  • A 100 percent free custom domain name for the first 12 months
  • 5GB of bandwidth
  • 10GB of total storage
  • The access to connect a custom domain of your own
  • E-commerce functionality

Site123 also accepts credit cards and PayPal which keep in line with their support for individual and small businesses around the world. You can search the checkout page; the prices are shown in your own local currency.

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Site123 offers valuable discounts if you choose to pay upfront for a twelve, twenty-four, or thirty six-month contract even though Site123 still allows you to pay for your subscription plan on a monthly basis. You will surely get a saving of 11%, 22% and 33% respectively.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, you can as well get a full refund fee paid back if you terminate it within fourteen days of starting the service.

How Do I Reach Site123 Support?

Site123 gives you the best support packages to their users. You will soon realize this as soon as you start scrolling the site. There is an animated icon on the bottom right that you can easily click to initiate a Live Chat session. This is probably one of the most popular options for their customers and the good thing is that it is always available 24/7.

Click through here to create your free Site123 account

Also you can contact the support team through email.

Conclusion: Is Site123 Right for You?

While trying to compare Site123 with some other site builders that are dedicated to get individuals and small businesses up and running with some nice looking websites quickly, there are three things that make the product stand out among other things.

Site123 tends to focus solely on novices and those that don’t have much experience while other companies just try to reach out to customers on both ends of the spectrum.

If you have a multilingual audience, Site123 is one of the few site builders that can help multiple languages. In addition to making it very easy for your users to scroll back and forth between the languages available, Site123 has also translated the site builder into about 69 languages and has activated both the menus and navigation features of your site for you.

Their editors do have a very important side by side view you can make use of as you translate your site from one language to the other.

Most of the features we have are available free of charge (in return, you will use a Site123 sub-domain and get to see its banner on your site), but the plan surely upgrades because if you need the multi-language features or require more than the normal e-commerce support, it is okay for you to be reasonably charged.

Site123 provides more than 100 pre-built website designs. Select one and you are close to have a site. Discounts are made available to those who sign up for a long-term contract by reducing the month-to-month expenses.

I am rest assured that you won’t have issues working with Site123, even if you don’t have prior experience or you have never built a site before. But if need be and you have questions to ask, Site123 has a lot of self help resources and materials. You can always contact the customer support team through email or the 24/7 Live Chat.

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  1. I have never used Site 123 to host any of my websites, but I have used various other similar companies. Over the years I have had some bad experiences whether the service and customer service is not up to standard. I have known other people who have used Sitre 123 and I have never heard complaints, people have always been positive about them.

    • That’s very true, Castle. It’s rare to come by a negative comment about Site123. It has a great support unit for newbie bloggers and it’s one of the most prominent hosting platforms out there. It also has a high-paying affiliate program. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

  2. Site 123 looks interesting, especially for the beginner. It appears to have most all of the bells and whistles for a good platform. The 24/7 support is important for beginners and for the support needed when starting out. Also, the multiple language feature is very cool as one can capture more traffic and business. I enjoy being an Affiliate Marketer and really enjoy the passive income opportunities that come with hard work. Very good job describing this Site 123!

    • Hey John, appreciate your valuable comment on my Site123 review! Oh, yes, the Site123 platform has, among others, the multilingual feature. It has a high-paying affiliate program for site owners with some decent amount of traffic. The revenue opportunity is worth considering and it’s a powerful hosting company.Thanks again for stopping by,drop by anytime!

  3. Site 123 looks interesting, especially for the beginner. It appears to have most all of the bells and whistles for a good platform. The 24/7 support is important for beginners and for the support needed when starting out. Also, the multiple language feature is very cool as one can capture more traffic and business. I enjoy being an Affiliate Marketer and really enjoy the passive income opportunities that come with hard work. Very good job describing this Site 123!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, John! Yeah, Site123 provides lots of passive income opportunities for both the newbie and veteran entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Among its great features is the technical team that provides full and interactive support when needed.


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