Flywheel Referral Program Review

By | January 3, 2020

Flywheel is an extensive, well-managed company committed to WordPress hosting. Flywheel provides a hosting service that is specialized for web developers, web designers, businesses and freelancers.

For example; if you are into WordPress site development for clients and subscribed to this particular hosting company, Flywheel will shoulder the responsibility of everything in that regard for you such as upgrading WordPress, Cache, Plugins , security and a lot more. So, you don’t need to get scared by WordPress maintenance or management.

Sometimes, you might be confused if Flywheel works for individuals; of course, it works well for normal users too, just that it comes at a price higher than shared hosting. If you don’t breach with management, dependence and speed, I bet, Flywheel is your best option.

Overtime, several web developers and designers are now great lovers of Flywheel; they are thrilled by Flywheel’s speed, effectiveness, efficiency and topnotch management tools and its great designs.

There is also a global class web hosting referral program created by Flywheel in order to compensate its brand affiliates. Flywheel lovers really appreciate the commissions which at times maybe up to $500 per referral but more importantly, they get excited seeing their clients, professional colleagues and friends getting a WordPress hosting platform that tops the industry with creativity, commitment and super tools that enable them to dedicate more time carrying out what they love.

Also, the Flywheel affiliate program stands as one of the most outstanding programs I have been privileged to come across so far; it has amazing features & user friendly templates for the newbie to explore without much expertise.

There are two ways to get started in making money with the Flywheel affiliate program. What is expected of you is just to pick the very best method that works perfectly for you.

Referral: This is the Gold pot in affiliate marketing; you will need to make use of coupon and a custom affiliate link to push and promote Flywheel on your personal blog. You can as well make use of your social media platforms and any other medium you so desire. You start to make money the moment customers come through that link to Flywheel to purchase a plan.

Transfers: This is another method of making money on Flywheel; this process is done when you put up a new demo site on Flywheel and transfer it across to your client. Your commission registers the moment the new plan gets activated with them.

How to Join the Flywheel Referral Program?

Open the Flywheel referral program signup page and register an account yourself.  Wait a while till you get approved, you can start promoting Flywheel using assets and referral link.

You are eligible to receive a commission if anyone clicks on your link and purchases a monthly or yearly hosting plan. Another good thing is that you will surely find referral program guides on your own dashboard. You can easily grab leads by adopting those techniques and strategies.

Flywheel affiliate program will give you access to the following:

  • Loads of creative Assets: This ranges from banners to co-branded pages through nice thrilling social images. Flywheel can boast of the right assets you require reaching out and convincing your audience about Flywheel. The team at Flywheel will be excited and anxious to work hand in hand with you in creating custom images that will propel your commissions and earnings to the next level.
  • Content that converts: The Flywheel manual playbook includes authentic and diverse ideas with pieces of content that are simple to read. Embedded in it are so many tips and tricks that are most appropriate for any type of audience. It doesn’t matter if you decide to promote blog articles, eBooks, courses and so on, sharing this content across with your referral link is an easy task.
  • Professional Backup: Rest assured; your client’s technical issues will be attended to and well-sorted, you also have Flywheel team of marketing experts at your hands reach for guides, tips and tricks for moving up the ladder.

What Type of Products Are Featured?

Flywheel is primarily a custom platform created for WordPress and it is the best and most reputable in the affiliate marketing industry because all they deal in is WordPress. The platform is strong and highly sophisticated and set for WordPress.

The following are offered to their customers:

  • Free migration of their site to Flywheel
  • A custom platform designed for WordPress and speeding fast without configurations
  • A daily backup to secure data and ensure adequate security
  • Important tools that do not require multiple logins
  • Simple blueprints to carry out website cloning which gives you access to customization
  • Hacker free

Though there are many web hosting sites within but the most amazing thing about Flywheel is that they create their platform specifically for designers. Their main objective is not just to build a platform but to build that which is good and really nice.

When your customer decides to transfer their existing site to Flywheel, the Flywheel team of experts help them do that; they will handle and monitor the migration and make sure that it is in a good and perfect state just exactly the way it has been before.

If you ever need help on deciding what additional thing to include or how to write a code, the Flywheel team will always be there to support you as the web administrator.

Though I have never made use of the HTML code and I was still able to build my personal website. All you need to do anytime you get stranded or are clueless about a particular thing is to initiate a chat with the Flywheel team of experts, and they will be right there to help you get it fixed.

Many of us have seriously gone through stages like these; we’ve encountered challenges in fixing our sites and ended up backing out after it crumbles, but with Flywheel in our support, we won’t have to feel that way

How to Promote Flywheel

The moment you are part of the Flywheel referral program, you can start promoting by leveraging the following methods

First, Flywheel gives you access to a demo site; share it across with your customers and clients and you are rest assured to receive commissions the very moment they get to activate a plan. It’s a kind of making your role much easier since you don’t need to share the referral link.

Create a quality blog post about Flywheel and share across with your audience; place the article on your blog permanently to receive lifetime commissions.

  • Place nice badges and link your blog to capture potential audience attractions.
  • Make a YouTube video and talk more about Flywheel and always place your referral link in the description.
  • Come up with a nice YouTube video about Flywheel and do not forget to leave the referral link in the description.
  • Always promote Flywheel on your social media handles and profiles such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Send out emails and comprehensive newsletters about Flywheel to your subscriber’s list. Also, always engage in discussions that have to do with WordPress hosting; lay more emphasis on why one should accept Flywheel hosting and share your referral link across.
  • You can as well mention Flywheel in your podcast if you are a podcaster.

Note: One must join the Flywheel referral program, make use of creative logos, badges and banners to promote on social media, blogs and wherever you can.

Flywheel Referral Program Commission Structure

What Is the Commission Rate?

Payouts are always huge as an affiliate partner working with Flywheel; the first time I signed up with Flywheel, I was very pleased and happy with the great potential to earn a lot with them.

The moment you refer someone, whether it is through a new website or transferring their existing website, you are going to get paid three times the monthly payment of that plan they select. This is amazing and pretty huge; the lowest of all the plans is $15 per month, or $180 for a whole year which is not in any way much owing to the fact that they get up to 24/7/365 consistent support.

With the lowest plan, you are eligible to get a commission of $45 from a single referral. If you can target the higher plan, your earnings will grow rapidly.

Flywheel has built a system for their affiliate partners which will enable you to create websites you desire to show to your customers. Those websites are strictly under your personal login which means only you can access it.

If you know anyone who has an interest in creating a website for their own niche, be it foodie website, travel blog, home garden or health and fitness, you can reach out to them that you will help them create the template of their website.

After you have built it, you can as well show them the website you created and walk them through the usage. You can easily transfer it to them, and when they are able to complete the purchase of the website, you will surely get a commission from the site. You can make the customization and troubleshooting expenses for free for the referrals who get to sign up through your link (as a form of incentive).

Another nice concept, regardless of what your niche website is all about, is to put people through achieving the same results. If your website is about travels and vacations, you can teach people how to come up with their own travels and vacations website.

This niche is not too competitive anyways, you will surely be making high commissions from Flywheel to cover up for any competitor that may arise from your training.

These are the ideas that Flywheel has come up with to give you access to display your knowledge and skills of creating and building websites and earn commissions from it at the same time.

The Flywheel Payment Method

Flywheel pays commissions on the first working day of every month after a short holding period of 30 days for a monthly plan and 90 days for an annual plan. Payments are made through PayPal to the details provided by the affiliate partner during signup.

One good thing about it is that even if PayPal isn’t available in your region or country, you can easily reach out to Flywheel through email at and they will surely recommend an alternative to you.

Who Can Participate?

This program is designed for anyone who has passion and interest for affiliate marketing and wishes to earn some cash. Web designers, developers and bloggers who make use of WordPress or any other platform are openly welcome to join the program.

As far as you will abide by the laid down rules, considerations will be given to a large variety of affiliate applications. As at now, there is no minimum site visits needed for the program. The only challenge is for users with mailing address from states of Texas and Ohio; currently they can’t accept affiliate applications from them.

Secondary Commissions

Assuming you get to refer a friend and that buys several plans from Flywheel, you’ll earn commissions on all of these referrals, up to $500 for that source.

Pros/Cons of Working with Flywheel

One of the good sides about Flywheel is that the platform is user friendly and highly interactive for designers.

Another thing is the secondary commission which means that if you refer someone and that person purchases several plans from Flywheel, you will earn payouts on all of these referrals which may be up to $500.

Con: One of the downsides of long-term commissions for referrals; after you’ve collected the first payment, you are not eligible to receive any other commission for the successive years when those referrals renew their plan.

They do not offer long-term commissions for referrals. After you get the first payment, you won’t receive any for succeeding years when those customers renew their contract.

I do believe you have learned something about the Flywheel Program; it is no gain saying that every site should always make use of a hosting platform that brings ease, convenience and expertise.


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