18 Tips on How to Get Free YouTube Views

Just because a video is on YouTube doesn’t guarantee wide viewership – as content creators and marketers have come to find out.

Having a high-quality video that is both educational and entertaining is one thing; it’s another to get the video in front of the right audience.

YouTube videos thrive on promotions – both organic and inorganic traffic. Depending on your choice, there are available means to promote your videos.

YouTube boasts of over 2 billion logged-in users every month – making it a great platform to reach out to your targeted audience.

If you must maximize the viewership of your YouTube videos, promoting via social media networks, YouTube platform, and other optimization strategies have to be employed.

This post offers 18 tips for getting more YouTube views for free – some of which you may already be aware of.

I would, however, begin with a description of the concept “behavioral analytics”. It is a term that describes how the YouTube algorithm analyzes your viewers’ activities.

The main topics covered in our tips for getting free YouTube views are:

  • Understanding Behavioral Analytics and How it is Used by YouTube
  • 18 Tips For Getting Free YouTube Views
  • Produce Educative Content
  • Use Descriptive Titles With Keywords
  • Rich Use of Keywords in Your Description
  • Work on Your Video’s SEO
  • Organize With Playlists
  • Build on Existing Trends
  • Set Embedded Videos to Autoplay
  • Make Proper Use of End Screens
  • Promote Across Social Media Platforms
  • Post About Free Giveaways
  • Share Video Through Niche Communities
  • Get Influencers’ Help
  • The Use of Guest YouTubing
  • Consider Creating Transcripts
  • Be Active in Your Niche Communities
  • “Copying” From Your Industry Best
  • Using YouTube Video Tag
  • Embed Video Subscription
  • Conclusion

Understanding Behavioral Analytics and How it is Used by YouTube

Behavioral analytics is an advanced business technique used for obtaining insights into users’ behavior on digital platforms.

Consumer behavior can be analyzed to detect deviations in buying patterns. Behavioral analytics can also be conducted to allow for the prediction of future actions.

The results from behavioral analytics help to reveal actions taken by users, and how platform owners can optimize user-experience using the data.

YouTube’s objective is to keep users on its platform for as long as possible. To achieve this, the YouTube algorithm gathers details on user behavior.

These details include how many videos were watched, time spent on a video and channel, and time spent watching videos on similar topics.

With these details, the platform is able to deliver relevant and personalized videos to users through search results.

Content creators and marketers can leverage this knowledge to boost their video views.

18 Tips for Getting Free YouTube Views

Video creators can leverage YouTube’s behavioral analytics to generate more views. That’s because YouTube displays the most relevant videos in its search results.

I’m presenting 18 strategies that can help you get free YouTube views and expand your audience.

1. Produce Educative Content

Your video should add value to viewers by increasing their knowledge about the particular topic.

An educative and entertaining content is a big plus, and more likely to hold your viewers’ attention throughout the video length.

How-to videos are a great source of educating your viewers. Guides and other engaging videos will keep bringing back previous viewers.

2. Use Descriptive Titles with Keywords

It is assumed that you already decided on a niche or topic for your videos. During initial research for your videos, you will need to find and use descriptive keywords for titles.

There are 2 reasons this is necessary for your videos. The first is that YouTube uses these keywords to rank the relevance of your video to the topic.

Second, it is the need for video titles to appeal to viewers. That way, your video will attract clicks from YouTube users.

3. Rich Use of Keywords in Your Description

Your video description is where you give viewers a sneak peek of what to expect from your video. It is also where the search engine is informed about your video content.

Again, use keywords richly and in a creative way to both attract viewership, and give you the most needed exposure for the search engine.

The keywords used have to be consistent with your niche, topic, and content of your video. This is strategic for obtaining a higher click-through rate.

4. Work on Your Video’s SEO

Just the same way SEO tactics are used to achieve better Google SERP, the same goes for videos on YouTube.

Sound SEO practice involves the use of relevant keywords, and quality inbound links.

Video embeds can be counted as backlinks. That is the link pointing back to your YouTube videos which help improve SEO ranking. This has the advantage of driving more traffic to your video.

5. Organize Your Videos with Playlists

Use playlists for organizing your videos into different categories or topics. These playlists will contain videos with similar topics that can be added.

The playlists also help organize your videos that viewers can watch them consecutively after one ends. The next video begins to play almost immediately after the first one.

This strategy keeps your viewers longer on your channel, improving the session time spent on your videos.

Playlists from other channels can also be embedded, to increase the total views for the playlists.

Ensure that videos in each playlist are relevant to the other videos.

6. Build on Existing Trends

A viral trend can be exploited to grow your video views. That’s because there’s an already built market desire for viewing content that is trending.

Take, for instance, the trending COVID-19 pandemic ongoing! Educational videos around this topic are sure to garner much attention.

7. Set Embedded Videos to Autoplay

Auto play automatically starts playing a video when the embedded web page finishes loading.

This feature is a double-edged sword that should be used smartly. That’s because some users are offended by autoplay, while also it helps to get more viewers for your videos.

Videos, as well as playlists, can be set to auto play when embedded.

8. Make Use of End Screens

End screens act much like conclusions in a blog post or article. This offers the opportunity for the video creator to summarize the video contacts which include a call to action.

Use your end screen to provide viewers with relevant information about other playlists, your channel or products on offer.

Your end screen can also be used for recommending videos and directing traffic to your site. End screens are great for optimizing YouTube videos and boosting traffic.

To include end screens in your videos, visit your Video Manager and click the “edit” button on the particular video you want to include end screens in.

Click on the “End Screens & Annotations” tab from which you will be able to include additional features.

End screens help to recommend another video to your videos before the YouTube algorithm does.

9. Promote Across Social Media Platforms

Cross-platform promotion of your videos is essential, especially across your social media profiles.

Share links, direct friends, followers, and connections to your YouTube videos. You can share video links in your posts, or include in your profile description.

Traffic directed from social profiles gain favor from the YouTube algorithm since they are responsible for sessions starting – giving you a higher search ranking and more appearance in the YouTube suggested views section.

You can also encourage friends and followers in your social media networks to share your videos with their networks.

10. Post about Free Giveaways

It has often been stated that “free is better than cheap”. I tend to agree on that statement, and that’s why this strategy is included.

You will agree with me that free giveaways tend to attract people well, even if the gifts are inexpensive.

It also encourages discussion with users, leading to higher engagement.

Your giveaways don’t have to be expensive; neither do you need to break a bank to offer them.

Just remember that whatever you give to viewers is a token of appreciation. It could be a coupon code, ticket to an event, or branded items.

11. Share Video through Niche Communities

There are different platforms where you can share your videos with people of interest. Higher engagement with your videos will come from niche communities.

You can also find subreddits on Reddit to share your videos. Quora also has different categories of interests where your video links can be shared.

Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon are great for sharing your video links.

Do not restrict platforms to share your links, the more the better for potential traffic and viewership.

12. Get Influencers’ Help

Influencer marketing has been on a steady rise in recent times. Well-known brands have invested in building highly engaging followers on different social media platforms.

Any content shared by an influencer has the potential for many “shares” and “re-shares”. Using influencers for distributing your videos is a great strategy with many benefits.

However, you would have to bring something of value to the table. It isn’t all about money, so don’t let that scare you from making the move.

Remember that the title says “Get Influencers’ Help”, meaning you don’t have to pay in cash for the service.

13. The Use of Guest YouTubing

The same way we have guest bloggers contributing content to a blog, that’s how we also have guest YouTubing. This involves meeting someone of influence, respected brand name, or YouTuber who has significant influence.

You can initiate a business relationship by offering a link in your description to any of their videos or websites. This act can be reciprocated by the YouTuber, giving you significant exposure and wider reach.

Guest YouTubing is a trend that is supported by YouTube, whose main objective is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible.

14. Consider Creating Transcripts

There is no known effect of captioning or transcription on YouTube organic search results. Creating transcripts, however, helps to expose your videos to international and disabled viewers.

15. Be Active in Your Niche Community

The key here is being a resource to members of your niche community. Become an active member of your niche community by contributing positively to discussions.

Acknowledging others’ contributions to the community, sharing helpful videos to your channel, commenting, and providing vital information are great ways of contributing.

With a genuine desire to contribute positively, it doesn’t take long before others notice. You can then expect other members to contribute meaningfully towards helping you reach wider audiences.

16. “Copying” From Your Industry Best

Get a cue from popular or trending videos in your industry. As much as creativity is desired, you can pick up a thing or two to add to your videos.

For one, try producing a video from a different angle or perspective. Similar content can help bootstrap your video and boost viewership.

17. Using YouTube Video Tags

With YouTube video tags, you can offer ideas to YouTube algorithms on what your video is about. They also help to differentiate your video from the rest of the pack.

The tags alongside video description and title are good for communicating the main essence of your video.

If you require any help with Keywords to use for tags, the keyword planner is available.

18. Embed Video Subscription

Embedding video subscription plugin widgets on your WordPress blog will encourage visitors to subscribe to your channel through your blog.

This is another way of increasing your channel subscribers and YouTube video views.

You can deploy all the above-listed strategies for getting free YouTube views if you can. The important thing is that you are able to give it a trial.

Always remember that the results may not be immediate, that’s why a lot of patience and consistency are required when putting them to work.


Videos are great media for promoting, educating and informing the public about any known topic.

Videos have one of the highest engagement rates that make them suitable for marketing purposes.

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform, and the second largest search engine. This makes it the ideal platform for content creators to use in distributing their videos.

We have highlighted 18 tips that can be immediately deployed in getting free YouTube views for your created videos. They are proven strategies that will help in generating more video views and building your subscriber base.

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