Guide to Using Quora for Marketing

If you’ve not been successful in marketing, it doesn’t make you anything less. It just means you’ve got to explore many more avenues to drive your marketing goals. And one of those platforms that many haven’t fully harnessed is Quora.

Great marketers exhibit some sort of similarities among great writers.

Great writers have the ability to evoke the right emotions through the use of words. They can make you cry, reel out in laughter, or make you turn introspective after reading their write-ups. They are also adept at using different kinds of platforms to promote their products.

I’ll be putting you through on all you need to know about using Quora for marketing. Without much ado, let’s get started from the very beginning.

Why Quora?

Quora is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking for consumer information. Individuals can use the Q&A website to connect with others, and also find and follow topics that interest them. They can also contribute answers in areas where they have some expertise in.

Brands can find out questions that are being asked by their target audience, generate data about their needs, preferences, and also change demands.

In fact, Quora is a great research center for businesses that know how to use it, especially for achieving business and marketing goals.

Is Quora an Effective Marketing Platform?

One of the benefits of using Quora is the high premium that it gives high-quality answers. The platform makes it easy for these quality answers to be found through its vote system.

Users can either upvote or downvote an answer, depending on how useful the answer is, placing a responsibility on others to proffer relevant answers to questions. That said, you can use Quora to achieve maximum success in your online marketing.

Getting Started

Getting started with Quora is so easy with the dual sign up options that it offers. After you have visited the sign-up page, you can choose to sign up on Quora with your email address, or choose to sign up with any of your social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

For new users, Quora advises that you use a closely associated name of yours to sign up. Choose wisely, and then proceed with the steps that follow in the registration process.

Upload a high-quality photo of yourself and edit your profile to reflect the personality behind the account. You are also allowed to add your qualifications on your Quora account. Also, follow the topics you are interested in, or topics that are of interest to your business.

Remember that your primary purpose of joining Quora is to boost your marketing. So you’ve got to narrow down on those topics that are directly related to your goal. There is no limit to the number of topics you can choose, so make the most of it.

While at it, list the experiences you have and any areas of expertise. And once you have completed the setup, you will be redirected to the Quora’s main page.

Connecting With Social Media

Quora syncs quite nicely with some well-known social media networks, allowing you to add members of your connection to your Quora feeds. There’s a process to go about it, and Quora makes it seamless for new and existing users.

For those who register on Quora using Facebook, you can permit Quora to add your friends to your Quora feeds. The same also applies to those who sign up using their Twitter accounts.

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It’s only friends who are existing users of Quora that can be added this way. Those who do not have an account on Quora cannot be added this way. For bloggers and marketers who own blogs, you can connect your blog with your Quora account.

Asking Questions

As a new user on Quora, you will be guided on how to get started using Quora. The best advice would be to follow topics and subjects first before following other users. And to get the best experience, you will need to set up your own Quora feeds.

Your feeds are composed of the people, the topics, and the questions you follow. And as I stated earlier, choose the topics you have interest in or the ones that resonate with your brand.

For instance, if your business is about online education, you can ask “what is the best e-learning platform?

Anyone can ask questions on Quora, it’s that simple. All that is needed is to type in whatever questions you want to ask in the text box, and click the “Add question ” button.

As someone who is representing a business, you can be strategic with your questions. It’s not enough to just type in a question simply because you want to engage others.

For instance, you need to compose a well-articulated question that will evoke the right responses. Make sure your grammar structure is correct, and check for any typos. If you want to be come across as a respected brand, you must project the right image.

Don’t be tempted to shorten words unnecessarily or use Twitter kind of language.

Ask open-minded questions that portray no form of prejudice. The goal of any brand is to build trust and authority. And the fastest way of achieving this is through the questions and answers you post.

Answering Questions

One of the main objectives of Quora is providing quality answers to every question asked. Answers that provide in-depth information fully solve a problem. That’s why users are advised to follow topics and subjects they have interests in.

And if you want to make the most of your stay on Quora, you’ve got to flow with the trend. Ensure every answer you provide will give other users a quality solution.

Like I’ll always say, remember that you’re a brand and every post from you reflects that brand. If your questions or answers lack depth or professionalism, other users will respond to you as such. So, give it your very best as if your business depends on that answer because it does.

When you provide an answer, make it as clear as possible for other users. Don’t just post comments to the questions because that’s not what a professional would do.

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The voting system acts as a feedback mechanism for answers posted by users. If your answer lacks depth, it is likely to get lots of downvotes, while a well-articulated answer attracts many upvotes from others.

That’s not to say that the voting system may not be used unjustly by some. As you get yourself familiar with Quora, you learn more about what makes a quality answer. And these lessons will guide you as you work on improving the quality of your answers.

Though quantity doesn’t translate to quality, detailed answers are more likely to engage users. But that’s no reason for you to craft long answers simply because you want to increase the length. Just provide answers that cover all the necessary details concerning the question.

Honestly, you do not need to be the original source of any answers you provide. You can source the answers from other experts who have addressed such questions in the past. However, you need to provide a link to the original source of your answer.

Do NOT spam Quora with your affiliate marketing links under the guise of linking to answers. If you do, you will be found out and, possibly, banned from the platform.

As a new user, you have to focus on building trust and niche authority first. And if you have the need to link your offers, provide links to YouTube videos that promote your affiliate offers.

Vote System

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the post about Quora upvote and downvote. It is a sorting system that lets users organize answers based on their relevance.

If a user posts an answer on Quora which isn’t a clearly-articulated answer, a downvote is very likely to occur. This is the feedback that the answer is a poor-quality one. And more downvotes tend to push the content lower on the page.

It’s the other way if you post a high-quality response to a Quora question. Users tend to give you the upvote which pushes your answer higher up on the page. An answer at the top of the page will definitely give you more views than one that resides at the bottom of the page.

And for your business marketing, this is a good position for your brand to be in.

Editing on Quora

Quora questions “belong” to the users and as such anyone can edit questions on it. These take on the role of reviewers to ensure that all posts comply with Quora’s policy. And anyone is qualified to review questions, even the latest member of Quora.

After you have posted your question on Quora, the reviewers get to work on it. If your question flaunts any of Quora’s rules, the reviewers are very likely to spot it. And if you post affiliate links in your questions, then expect a penalty from Quora.

Reviewers call the attention of Quora admin whenever they find unaccepted content. It’s a sort of self-policing to ensure that optimum user experience is enjoyed on the platform.

Quora Marketing

Quora is a great platform to promote your brand and reach a targeted audience with your marketing offers. Here are 3 marketing goals that can be achieved through a well-executed plan on Quora.

  • Boosting Your SEO
  • Building a Niche Authority
  • Driving Traffic to Your Website

However, you have to ensure that your marketing doesn’t break Quora’s rules.

I – Boosting Your SEO

If you’re a regular Google user, you would notice that Quora answers rank for most queries that are questions. And by giving quality answers on Quora, your posts are very likely to turn up on Google.

This is a big boost for your SEO efforts as this yields higher visibility and traffic for your brand.

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You can also use Quora questions as a content creation guide. Simply search for questions that have recorded much fewer responses than the others. And then produce high-quality answers that should earn you plenty of upvotes.

You may or may not include full details on Quora, but you can include links to your blog or website.

II – Building a Niche Authority

If you’re an expert in your niche, Quora might just be the best platform to sell your brand. It offers you the opportunity to respond to niche-specific questions that relate to your brand.

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Think about the viability that your brand will enjoy when your answers receive lots of upvotes. Not only will your answer be pushed upwards, but this will establish you as an authority.

Although Quora may seem like a place where very few enlightened members respond to questions, there is an opportunity for anyone who has something of value to offer the community.

So take advantage of this by uploading all necessary credentials and details that confirm your expertise.

III – Driving Traffic to Your Website

Lots of brands include Quora as part of their traffic building strategy. This can also work out very well for you if done right.

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Search out Quora questions that you already have answers for on your website. It’s a plus if you have video content that includes the right answers.

You can then post excerpts of your blog post or article that contains the answer. Post it on Quora and include links to your website or your YouTube channel where the video is hosted. This will help attract users to your website or blog that contains the full answers.


Quora may be widely-known as the platform for users to ask questions and receive high-quality answers. It is also a platform businesses can use for their marketing purposes.

This guide presents vital information to get you started using Quora and grow your authority and web traffic. If you’re not using Quora for that right now, you can visit the platform armed with all the details found here.

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