AdMaven Review – Everything You Need To Know About This Ad Network

Looking for a perfect advertising network that meets your website or content need is a tedious task on its own.

A lot of ad networks are scattered all over the digital space but sticking with that suits your audience, or the type of traffic you want will always be a difficult job for any digital content creator. 

This is the reason we have created this informative content to educate our users on a very good ads network called AdMaven. You might have heard of this network before or you may never have come across it. Whichever position you are, we will be revealing to you the ins and outs of this ad network; you’ll also know what requirements the service makes to partner sites and how to register in the system and earn income. So, you can decide if it is worth your time using them for your online advertising campaign.

What is AdMaven?

AdMaven is a contextual advertising system similar to Google AdSense or Yandex Ads. Using this service, owners of information sites, online stores, blogs, and other resources can place ad units on their pages. The system pays remuneration to webmasters for clicks on ads or for displaying banners.

AdMaven advertising is often used by news portals, as well as informational websites and blogs. For their owners, the placement of text and display ads is becoming the main source of income. For obvious reasons, commercial resources try to advertise third-party offers less. Any promo distracts the attention of the target audience and reduces the percentage of conversion of the selling page.

AdMaven is a good way to earn cash online. Ads are easy to set up, and the money you make depends on the amount of traffic. Having my previously acquired experience with Ad-Maven, I could say today that there are still many benefits that this program can offer. As we proceed in this review I will tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of this program.

 With Ad-Maven, you can make easy money. All you need to do if necessary is to create a website, put several ads to increase traffic, and you can start generating cash together with this program almost immediately. Thus, the network does not require any additional work on your part.

It is always good money. Ad-Maven also provides a good residual income. Many different types of internet marketing don’t live off AdSense alone. However, for you to make the most of this, you need to turn your attention to keyword research so you can have good content.
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One specific thing that I like about Ad-Maven is that they allow you to customize the ads in direct accordance with the rest of the displayed color schemes on your site. This makes the ad fit in with the content, and it will not distract the reader.

What Types of Traffic Does AdMaven Have?

There is some range of ads category that you can use for your ad campaigns on Ad-maven and this includes:

  • Push notifications
  • Fully screen ads
  • Lightbox ads
  • Direct link ads
  • Banner ads
  • In-between ads

This ad network has push, pop up and pop-under options for their partners. So, if one of these falls in line with the type of ads that you desire to use for your campaign, then Ad-maven is a suitable choice.

After reading all that will be revealed to you in this review, you won’t even bother to do any further research again as everything regarding the Ad-Maven network will be covered. In this review, we’ll be talking about how to integrate into the ads network some advantages of this pop ad network and we’ll look in to see if there are any drawbacks to using this service as well.

How to Integrate Into Ad-Maven?

 To enable site monetization, you need to register, but before that, check the compliance of the resource with the requirements of the system. Ad-Maven recommends thoroughly checking the usability and quality of the content to avoid future penalties or complete exclusion from the program.

 Ad-Maven will fail to connect if the site uses the following types of content:

  • Materials of a pornographic and / or erotic nature;
  • The propaganda of violence, discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion, and other offensive content;
  • Advertising and/or promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, and other prohibited means;
  • Pharmaceutical and medical content, which includes the sale of dietary supplements, prescription of drugs, dietary supplements, and other medicines. Exceptions to this niche are sites with informational educational content for educating visitors;
  • Advertising of gambling, casinos and betting shops;
  • Materials promoting the distribution of unlicensed goods, software, hacking training, virus mailings, and other illegal content.

 Ad-Maven provides a fairly extensive list of requirements for site materials. You can view the full list on the official page of the service. This Ad network is also sensitive to the usefulness and uniqueness of content. Copy-paste and uninformative texts will not work.

 Advantages of using AdMaven

So, what are the lovely things you need to know about these guys or what are the advantages of AdMaven over its competitors?

 1. It is newbie-friendly

 The main advantage of the AdMaven advertising service over its main competitors is the lack of restrictions on the minimum number of visitors per day.

On Google and Bing ad networks, for example, the main requirement for moderating a new site is a certain number of unique visitors per day, which is 300 and 500 unique visits per day to the site, respectively. This restriction makes it impossible for young sites to make money on contextual advertising.

 Ad-Maven does not have such stringent site requirements. Any young site with any amount of traffic, even on free hosting, can get into its system; with this linear requirement, the newbie can now be encouraged to try out the network.

2. Ease of Navigation

A parameter that is closely monitored by the system! If visitors spend a minimum amount of time accessing information, then such a site is highly rated in the AdMaven network. Future partners will find relevant recommendations for optimizing their resources in the official service guide.

3. They Offer Good Quality Traffic

This ad network’s daily impressions are about 2 billion but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer good traffic. Just because an ad network has a lofty number of impressions daily doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will get high quality and potentially valuable site visitors to click on your ads. Quality is always better than quantity in this instance.

With that said, the traffic from AdMaven is of impressive quality and 90% of it comes from straight deals with its publishers. If you are looking for a pop ad network with high-quality traffic, and a good place you can focus your affiliate campaigns on, this is one of the top networks out there at the moment.

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4. Solid Support System

One of the major attributes every ad network should have is a very good customer support system.

If you start having issues with your campaign, then you are going to be losing possible revenue so you’ll want whatever issues you have to be sorted ASAP, right? Well, AdMaven has a concrete support system where you can contact their devoted support team through a lot of methods and get an answer to your inquiry or have your problem fixed as soon as possible. They also offer Skype, email and online chat contact media.

This is a big bonus point compared to some other ad networks that don’t have a speedy support system which means you can be waiting for hours or even some days to get a reply.

5. Low Payment Threshold

This ad network is not like the other popular networks that will peg your withdrawal threshold to a high figure and also limited payment methods.

With AdMaven, you can deposit and withdraw using a variety of diverse payment methods including PayPal, BTC, bank transfer and Payoneer while capping their minimum withdrawal fund to just $50.

This is good news for newbie content creators who are just starting on their journey as some ad networks have high minimum deposits around the range of some hundreds of dollars, so it is a nice change to see these guys presenting you with the opportunity of withdrawing, even with a low threshold.

Disadvantages of Using AdMaven

As much as I would like to give this network an all-positive review, we can’t just ignore or deny that there isn’t any drawback in their services.

1. User Friendliness

One thing we discovered as a disadvantage with AdMaven is that their structure isn’t the most user-friendly among its peers.

Immediately you get familiar with the system and how it operates you will be fine; however, it can be a bit of a learning process compared to some other ad networks out there. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get up to speed with the UI and how the whole thing works but in the beginning it can be a bit of a challenge particularly to someone who has never used an ad network before.

2. Real-Time Tracking

This network doesn’t take real-time advert tracking very seriously compared to other ad networks like Google AdSense or Content Ad.

What this means is that you won’t see your progress and results immediately but they will always give you updates 3 times per day so you won’t need to wait 24 hours or even a few days to see how your campaign is doing. Tracking your marketing campaign is essential because that is basically how to know and decide what works and what doesn’t and while there are no real-time updates with AdMaven, you can track your growth every day.

3. Payout Period

The payout period is thirty days after the last day of the month. 

For example, if the earnings are completed by October, the period for which you are allowed to be paid would be the first week of December. This is above the thirty days period after the earnings of the month.

 4. Currency Barrier

The settlement currency is dollars. For partners and content creators that are not from the United States, unstable ruble in any country of the content creator will cause some currency infraction against the US currency, thereby causing some inconvenience to the webmasters from that particular country.

 5. Peremptory Blocking of Accounts

Just like most of the ad networks online, their policy concerning the act of misconduct or trying to cheat the network is very strict, and recovering an account suspected of misconduct is virtually impossible. For AdMaven, the reputation of a webmaster should be positive rather than negative as this would save your account from getting banned.

There have been cases of banned accounts, and this involves sites that contain all kinds of plagiarism. Before posting articles, you should carefully read the rules for posting ads, as this would give you a clue on what and what not to do on the network.

My AdMaven Review

So going back to the initial question – is AdMaven worth it?

The basic answer to that question will be yes, Ad-Maven is worth it. The popularity of the network is on the positive side especially when it comes to “pop up Ads”. They offer a broad range of diverse pop ad types and push notifications and with these guys you also get:

  • Good quality traffic including some high number of daily impressions
  • An impressive support system with an array of contact methods to choose from
  • Numerous payment methods including a low payment threshold

There are little drawbacks with this service but the overall structure of the network is one of the best you can find online at the moment, I’m sure you won’t regret using them for your website campaign purposes. 


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