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SECockpit Review

Every single day, billions of search queries are made on Google – users searching for anything and everything humanly possible. On the flip side, content creators have to provide valuable content that will satisfy the search engine users. Online businesses are not left out because search is a major traffic source for them. But how… Read More »

Super Affiliate System Review

In affiliate marketing, putting the cart before the horse is like selling without traffic. I think that’s impossible, even though I’ve been taught to have a possibility mindset. How do you convert traffic into sales when you don’t even have any traffic? So I guess having the right traffic is the first step towards affiliate… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Started

Affiliate marketing business can be run side by side with your current job. You can grow the business while you are still working with your current company. There are some lessons we have learned during the COVID-19 lockdown. And part of it is that more people need to start working from home. WFH (work from… Read More »

Amazon Affiliate Program Review: the Best Selling Platform for Affiliate Marketers

Amazon Affiliates is the best online selling platform when it comes to affiliate programs. You could say that Amazon Associates is to affiliate marketing while Google is to online search, and still, be closer to the truth. Our review doesn’t need much introduction to the subject simply because Amazon is known by almost all. However,… Read More »

World Remit Review: A Cheaper and Faster Way to Transfer Money Abroad

Technology has made it possible to work for a client in Paris from a remote village in South Africa and yet be able to receive your payments from Paris while in South Africa. Each passing day suggests to me that the world is getting smaller and smaller. A person could have breakfast in New York,… Read More »