Uber Affiliate Program Review

The first time I came across the word ‘Uber’ was a few years back, I went to visit a friend that very day and had a schedule to catch up to after the visitation.  I was about leaving my friend’s house when it started raining heavily, and the bus station was a bit far from her house.

My friend took out her phone to order an Uber service, and I was a bit skeptical about it because of my past experience in dealing with cab drivers, but I was in for a shock as it took the driver less than 15 minutes to get to where we were heading to. The comfort I had was second to none and the price of the service was fair.

Uber is an American ride hailing company, founded in march 2009 with its headquarters located in San Francisco, USA,  and they currently operate in over 63 countries and 785 Metropolitan areas worldwide, rendering services that include peer-to-peer ride sharing, ride hailing service, vehicle hiring, micro mobility, and a food delivering service. As at 2018, Uber posted revenue of US$11.27 billion with a net income of US$1.8 billion, and total assets worth of US$23.988 billion.

If you live in New York or any other busy city, especially the ones with a faulty public transportation system, you would agree with me that a service like Uber is needed if you are to get to your destination on time and with a bit of comfort. After my first experience with Uber, I began doing research about Uber and its services, and came across what I believed is a goldmine when Uber started an affiliate program.

In the year 2019, Uber was estimated to have over a 100 million users worldwide, and the demand for its services keeps increasing.

On average a driver riding for Uber makes between $8.8 to $10 per hour which is fair enough and with the exceptional drivers making way more than that figure per hour. Now you might ask why don’t I get a car and start riding for Uber? You might want to know some downsides to that decision which includes maintenance, gas, and tolls fees which when totalled eats into the profit of the drivers. Statistics have shown that on average, drivers make between $16 and $18 before expenses.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a partner program of a website or brand that allows affiliates to sell its products or services and receive a commission in return. An affiliate must adhere to the affiliate program policies, undertakes to respect the rules indicated by the program, and all transactions will be managed and regulated by the program’s proprietary platform.

Although it may seem a bit abstract and complex, it is quite simple. Amazon, for example, allows, through direct registration, anyone to become an affiliate and resell products on Amazon gaining, as a result, a commission on sales generated through links and banners.

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So, what is Uber Affiliate Program?

Uber affiliate program is a program that allows affiliates to earn when they refer new drivers to register on its platform. An affiliate can earn up to $5 for every new rider that he/she refers to the platform. It may seem small, but if you have a website that generates traffic, then this should be a passive income for you, and trust me there is nothing so sweet like earning even when you are asleep. Uber only accepts drivers based in the United States of America for now into its affiliate program, which I believe with time more countries and cities would be allowed to join the program.

Benefits of an Uber Affiliate

  1. Flexibility: You decide when to work, where to work and how to work without being bossed around
  2. Weekly pay out: You don’t wait for months to get paid; you can cash out on a weekly basis
  3. Earn for your effort: You alone decide your earning potential; the more you refer people to the platform, the more you earn.

How Do I Join the Uber Affiliate Program?

You would need to first download the Uber app on your device and create an account.

  • Log into your account via a personal computer and locate the developer dashboard, then create an affiliate link.
  • Copy your client ID, which is located down at the authentication tab
  • After that, you should find the link Uber provides to you and add your client ID.
  • Once you’ve got this link, you can start sharing it on your site and social media platforms to start earning.

So you might be wondering how do I go about marketing my affiliate link or how do I get more people to click on my link and take action! I understand this could be frustrating and time-consuming; so, I have compiled a list of ways through which you can effectively promote an affiliate program even without you owning a website.

However, I must admit owning a website make it easier to earn as an affiliate marketer, but if you don’t have one, there’s no need to worry because there are other effective ways you through which you can get people to take action through your affiliate link. Below is a list of the ways in which you can market your affiliate link.

How do I Market/Promote My Affiliate Link Without a Website?

Promoting your affiliate link without a website is somehow tasking, but I want to show you how you could promote your link without owning a website.

Remember, the important thing is that your affiliate links are “found” by an interested audience for a higher conversion rate.

Having said this, below you will find the methods most commonly used to promote an affiliate link:

# 1 Post on Blogs and Forums

This technique is very simple if you want to promote your affiliate links: all you have to do is find a product to promote; then start posting to blogs in comments and forums by putting your link in the signature section but be careful not to abuse the forums.

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As obvious to think, you have to post on targeted blogs where people are interested: for example, if I am affiliated with slimming products I will have to go in search of those blogs and forums that deal in diet, fitness, etc. You will have many clicks on the link if you value the people.

Remaining on the subject of diet, if you explain how you have lost weight regularly and permanently, giving interesting insights, you will not only help people but you will also have a high rate of CR. You could also become an “authority” on that site by creating your own audience in that sector and getting lots of “sales”.

# 2: Write an eBook or Create Some Other “Viral” Products

As the word itself says, a “viral” product is born with the idea of ​​spreading to as many people as possible.

As already mentioned, the main thing is to create value, so you will write something in your eBook that can help people solve a specific problem, enter your affiliate link and recommend your own product.

For example, you can write a short 30-page eBook or a “report” on how to resist the temptation to gorge on a diet, link to affiliate products, and then distribute your book online using any (legitimate) media means to share it and pass it on to those who have the same problem.

You might be surprised how quickly a good, valued product can spread over the internet.

Another even more profitable system is to also create a well-made guide and sell it for a small amount on eBay: you will not only earn from the sale but also from the affiliate links inside.

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# 3: Create a Series of Videos on YouTube

There’s no need to tell you how powerful this tool is with a user base of about one billion a month. Every day thousands of videos are uploaded but only a few, those that really give value, emerge.

Don’t be scared if you are not a video maker; simplicity pays, and even a smartphone or a webcam is enough. Create a channel and I will never get tired of telling you, to create value. Add your affiliate links in your description or video.

Upload Your Videos

Choose a niche and create a series of videos related to that topic.

Here are the two basic rules for not violating the rules and being penalized by YouTube:

  • I know I keep repeating myself but it is fundamental: the content must be full of value for your viewers. So, put financial gain in second place.
  • If your video is put there only with the clear intention of making money through a link, you will be listed as spam, and that will frustrate your efforts. Producing something useful brings much more success.

Don’t Fool Anyone!

If your video is not related to your links or the title and description are different from the meaning you want to convey, you are violating YouTube’s rules.

Marketing on YouTube is not easy and can be risky because affiliate links are often referred to as spam. The best way to avoid it is just to be honest, and helpful. Absolutely avoid spam.

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Some Tips on How to Avoid Spamming

  • Make product reviews that are honest and informative;
  • Create instructional videos (you could make a demonstration video on how to prepare an “anti-gorging” snack in times of hunger crisis)
  • Make thematic discussions (e.g. how to keep in line not only with diet but also doing some healthy exercise)
  • Write in the description that you are an affiliate, you use links and you will see that your viewers will like and “help” you to get your profit. Remember sincerity always pays.

# 4: Write Reviews or Ads for Themed Websites

You can create ads or write reviews to promote affiliate products and publish them with your link. You’re probably already familiar with sites like Craigslist to look for anything, but you can also use ad sites to promote your affiliate links. Consider writing announcements or reviews for affiliate products and post them with your affiliate link.

# 5 Promote Through Social Media

Almost all of us have an account on Facebook or Twitter; so why not use the social network to promote your affiliate links?

Naturally, as for the previous ones, it is necessary to create ad hoc posts and have an impact on the audience of followers and friends, gaining their trust and becoming authoritative for a specific sector.

So, before you post any affiliate links, you need to make sure you have the trust and attention of your audience. Make sure you publish themed content.

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# 6 Create Email Marketing campaigns (DEM)

I conjointly repeat this post: “Money is within the list”. Very true!

Email campaigns are one of the best ways to know if people respond to your affiliate links.

Writing a DEM campaign is almost like writing a blog post; the only thing that makes the difference is that emails are sent directly to your users, so you have a more intimate discussion. So, when writing the mail, make sure it involves your readers.

So, always think about what to write and what is great and valuable and include your affiliate links. Email is the best way to establish a closer relationship with users.

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# 7: Promote Your Affiliate Products Directly Through Pay-per-click Ads

It’s about buying traffic and creating pay-per-click campaigns through search engines like Google and Bing or advertising platforms.

So, instead of using PPC and going through your website with the various affiliate links, you send them directly to the merchant’s sales page (better if you add a pre-landing on the route)


At least Uber has an alternative to earn other than driving, which I believe is fair enough and just anyone can do it without having to break the bank to get started. And with the various ways listed above to market your affiliate link, I believe generating commissions may not be so hard to come by.

Please note; in making it in affiliate programs, you have to be dedicated and hardworking until you reach a point where much of your input is not needed.

I believe you have a good reason to jump in and join the Uber affiliate network. While you’ll need a website to promote affiliate programs and earn commissions, learn how you can build a profit-ready website in a few minutes through the Wealthy Affiliate site builder platform.

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  1. It’s really cool to see how this have come up with the previous knowledge of an Uber driver and not linking it to affiliate marketing is simply a good idea. Uber affiliate has to be the simplest means to earning money that I’ve seen all day and u really like it. I would love to give the opportunity a try 

    • oh, yes, Uber has a revenue opportunity for website owners who are willing to promote it’s program and earn commissions. If you have a website that is generating up to 5,000 visitors monthly, you should try out the Uber affiliate program and generate some commissions.

  2. Thank you for sharing the Uber Affiliate Program. It sounds interesting and you did a good job explaining it. I really like the part about passive income while we sleep or go on vacation. The opportunity is there to make a good income.
    Thanks for sharing your post!

    • Hi John, glad you enjoyed my Uber affiliate program review! With all indications, you are likely to join this affiliate program in earnest. You stand to earn lots of commissions by referring others to the platform. If you own a website and you have been generating some decent amount of traffic, you can consider trying out the Uber affiliate program.

  3. I would admit that this is my first time hearing of uber’s affiliate program but I was no doubt intrigued toearn that it existed. I think it’s an amazing concept and a great way for both parties involved, that is the company and the marketer, to gain a lot from getting a customer. Your article explaining how the affiliate program worked helped a lot. 

    • Hey Beesean, thanks for your comment on my Uber affiliate program review! Uber is a big transportation company that is accessible anywhere in the world and has a high-paying affiliate program that anyone can promote and earn from. Thanks again for commenting, drop by anytime!


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