Make Money from SEO Affiliate Programs

One aspect of affiliate marketing that everyone online connects with is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Everyone that has ever run a query online has interacted with a search engine. As it implies, we use it to conduct searches online.

It is the goal of every blogger to see that when queries are run in a specific area of interest, the content should appear among the top search engine result pages. This then calls for a good SEO strategy that can ensure that a well-written piece ranks well in search results.

There are hardly any online businesses that are not conducted through search engines. In 2010, the SEO industry had a value of $10 billion. By 2016, it was forecasted to reach up to $65 billion. It is expected that SEO gains will continue to grow over the years because it has come to assume a very important position for most companies in the world.

SEO Affiliate Programs

There are websites that have their focus steadily on SEO; however, SEO is an area any niche can engage in. So, no matter what your niche may be, you can promote affiliate programs on SEO alongside other products, services, or programs that you promote in your niche.

For example, content on “driving traffic to your blog” can relate to any niche since it is in every blogger’s interest to get traffic on their blog. SEO is really competitive and just like every other niche, using the right keywords in your content is important. You need to be up to date with research trends as you seek the right keywords for your content.

Some Programs You Can Market

As a blogger or webmaster, there are several SEO affiliate programs that you can choose to work with and earn money through your site. You will find many of these programs on the Clickbank marketplace. See more on Clickbank here

They are listed under the e-Business and e-Marketing category. Many of them offer you commissions as much as 50% on every sale and some work with payment rates. Before you choose an SEO affiliate program, you should decide on the kind of SEO services you will like to promote on your site.

You can even get deals to run trials on some of them. Let us take a look at some of the SEO programs.

1. SEOPressor: This is a popular plugin with many useful tools including semantic and machine readability analysis tools. You can go through the Clickbank network to access and promote this plugin. They usually pay a commission of 50%.

2. SEMRush: This is a very popular brand that engages in SEO and other marketing services. Although they started out as a small company, they have become one of the top service providers with services like keyword research and backlink tools. You can join them on their affiliate program BeRush. They offer a 40% recurring commission.

3. Backlink Beast: Every website needs backlinks, although, not every webmaster knows how to go about getting it. Backlink Beast is a helpful tool that you can use to build different types and tiers of backlinks. Their commission is 30%.

4. 180Fusion: This business solution provider offers many SEO services which include digital marketing and advertising. You can go to their site and log on to their affiliate page to sign up.

5. SEO Reseller: They are based in the United States and they offer digital marketing solutions, SEO content and marketing services. You can join their affiliate program and make a 6% commission on each sale.

6. The HOTH: This service provider deals with link building and content services. You can earn from any of their programs of your choice. Their commission ranges from 25% to 70%.

7. Traffic Travis: A useful plug that you can use to improve your On-page SEO and carry out keyword research. They pay $44.36 per sale.

How to Promote SEO Products

After you have selected your products to promote, you need to work on marketing them on your site. Look at different link building and inbound marketing methods you can use to encourage traffic to your site.

The Benefits of Links to Your SEO

There are many affiliate marketers who focus on SEO marketing, so you need to be very creative as you strategize on your marketing plan. Some strategies you can use include:

1. Being Keyword Proficient

Keywords in search engine optimization are not utilized the way they were ever, but still, they’re an important part of the calculation. Without utilizing keywords, potential audiences might not find you when they’re on a search, and that’s why keywords are the brain behind your SEO tactics.

For example, let’s say your business sells search engine optimization eBooks. A conspicuous keyword you would rank for is, of course, search engine optimization strategies. However, there are many search phrases and keywords prospects are certainly utilizing to find products and/or services like yours, and it’s your own choice to determine what they stand for as well as start applying them in your:

When it comes to getting started with keyword research, Google AdWords is a powerful tool, but there are a lot of keyword research tools out there you can leverage. Also, make use of long tail keywords in as much as 50 percent of all the search queries are four words long or more. Such phrases have less competition, and higher conversion rates are guaranteed.

When your toolbox contains the right keywords, connecting with the right audiences, who are on the lookout for what you are selling, is ensured.

2. Producing Stellar Content

Without great content, keywords are nothing. Content is heavier than just a push for keywords, and it is, instead, a tool that can be utilized to convert the potential customers. It’s something inestimable and a shareable asset you can leverage to get new prospects.

How can content be used to boost conversions and sales? When prospects perform a search to figure out about a service or product identical to what you sell, they will find blogs, social media posts, web pages, and some information that was published to meet their needs, answer their pressing questions, and, thus, make a buying decision.

When you always produce the most relevant, most compelling, and most engaging content on the web, the potential audience will come across your product before that of others, and this fetches the privilege to build bonds and turn the one-time leads into buying customers.

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Creative content comes in several forms, and your aim should be to create great content in a myriad of them, such as:

  • Infographics
  • Animations
  • Guest posts
  • How-to tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Listicles
  • Whitepapers and eBooks
  • User-generated posts
  • Podcasts
  • Video-based content (which is capable of boosting search ranking 60 times more than text-based)
  • Blogs See 11 Powerful Ways to Write a Blog Post

Content is at the core of digital marketing, and when it comes to having prospects knock down your business door, it’s imperative to implement the right inbound tactic and create the right content that can drive prospects.

Thus, optimizing your content with low competition and topically-relevant keywords is instrumental in achieving your marketing goal.

3. Growing Your Reach and Audience Using Social Media

Social media is currently the fastest growing component of a modern and analytical SEO tactic, and this is due to the fact that a growing number of prospects are being converted to these networks to build engagement with brands.

Almost 81 percent of entrepreneurs move over to Facebook when they realize they need some useful content. So, there’s potential room for you to reach out to new prospects, attract more audiences, and build lasting bonds with prospective visitors.

Aside from that, social media is an excellent way to display a more reasonable side of your enterprise; you can utilize it as a direct marketing software/tool, kudos to resources like paid FB ads, and you are, of course, able to leverage social networks to support your client service endeavors.

4. Improving On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is Key to your online success in various ways; thus, to increase conversions and sales, you must be ready and determined to adopt these SEO techniques. Here are a few reasons: On-page SEO turns your website a user-friendly one, makes it so feasible for search engine spiders to get your pages indexed, boosts your organic rankings, and ensures you can fully optimize important visual components.

In case you aren’t conversant with on-page search engine optimization, here are some steps to follow:

  • Improve bounce rates by increasing your site speed
  • Come up with descriptive and original title tags
  • Optimize headlines with relevant keywords and descriptions
  • Craft keyword-rich and descriptive Alt text for all images used in your content
  • Link posts internally to speed up indexing and make your site navigable
  • Create easy-to-read and simple URLs
  • Increase search engine visibility and topical relevance by crafting Meta descriptions

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5. Managing Your Esteem Cautiously

Esteem management is not something everyone constantly refers to when they talk about SEO, but it is a crucial component that should not be neglected. Esteem management is simply about figuring out what users find when they search for your brand on the web.

For example, say you happen to be a shop owner who has got a series of negative reviews on Yelp in a row and received an unsophisticated snap with a client on FB. Afterwards, any prospective customer that surfs the web to make a decision whether to branch at your shop or not will definitely experience the negative reviews and controversies within the social media platforms, and that’s the esteem your shop will have henceforth.

Esteem management, thus, is all about ensuring that you make the right pull forward on the web when clients go searching for you, and you can get this done by:

  • Consistently writing online reviews
  • Regularly being skillful when building engagement with your clients online
  • Prompting satisfied clients to leave positive testimonials and reviews
  • Posting replies to bad reviews skillfully, quickly, and restfully

6. Commenting on Blogs and Forums

You can join forums like and make your presence known through participation and promoting your programs of choice. You can also write blog posts or comment on other blogs as you give your opinion of programs that you promote. You should not restrict yourself to tech forums as SEO can relate to any niche.

7. Marketing on Kindle

You can create ebooks on your affiliate program of choice. It does not have to be an elaborate book. A small handbook that can demonstrate the solution to certain problems using the programs you are marketing will suffice, especially one that has instructions to guide beginners.

See how to How to Write, Publish and Sell an eBook for Profit here

You can give the e-book free or charge a little amount for the download. Make sure your content is rich and captivating and will add value to your readers. If you wish, you may pay a professional writer to prepare the e-book for you.

8. Using Reverse Engineering to Build Links

Getting backlinks can be a bit difficult. But you may use reverse engineering to search out backlinks on your competitors’ sites and then build backlinks on those sites. That way, you can boost your site and increase your ranking. has the right guide that can show you how to use reverse engineering on your competitors’ backlinks.

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Are you ready to monetize with SEO affiliate programs?

There are so many of these programs in the market. And there is no niche that does not relate to SEO services. Every blogger puts in the effort to make sure his content ranks on search engines and also plans and strategies on how to increase traffic to their site.

These and more make SEO a part of any online business and marketing site. As a webmaster or blogger, you can engage in SEO affiliate marketing to promote SEO related products and services alongside your products of interest. Through such, you will be solving people’s problems and also generating some income on your site.

All it takes is for you to look up some of the programs on Clickbank, choose your areas of interest, and connect with them either directly on their website or through Clickbank and start earning. Remember that you need to be creative in developing a marketing strategy to help you make more sales and earn more.

Do you want to maximize affiliate revenue on your website? Then try out some independent affiliate marketing communities out of which Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended.

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