SEMRush Affiliate Marketing Program Review

Affiliate marketing has become very popular as a source of passive income online. Most online webmasters and bloggers all engage in affiliate marketing business.

In affiliate marketing, you are rewarded by an affiliate company for bringing in visitors and customers to patronize their goods and services. SEMRush is one of such affiliate platforms where you generate passive income as you market products.

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SEMRush is a Search Engine Optimization tool that many product and content marketers use to research and track keywords. As a SEMRush affiliate marketer, you can make money when you promote its products to your visitors.

SEMRush started in 2008 by some SEO specialists with the intention of creating fair competition and equal opportunities for all. The platform has more than five million users who work with their tools to make their content or products more visible on search engines.

In recent times, SEMRush has grown to become one of the leading platforms that render SEO services. With SEMRush, you can access over 40 different tools such as site audits, backlink research, keyword research, competitor analysis and many other tools.

SEMRush tools are highly recommended for promoting your site when it comes to conversion and customer retention. With its affiliate program, you can promote its platform on your website or blog and even on social media and earn commissions for your efforts.

Features of SEMRush Affiliate Program

1. Cookie lifespan of ten years: When you are assigned a link, it will be used to identify all the customers that come through that link. If a customer clicks on your link, even if he does not make a purchase for a very long time, or he clicks on other links, he is still identified with your link.

Anytime he makes a purchase, as long as it is done within ten years from the time he clicked on your link, you will still be paid your commission. However, if the cookie is gone before he makes a purchase, you don’t get the commission.

2. Twice monthly payments: They usually pay on the 10th day and 25th day of every month.

3. First cookie wins: Using this model, you will still earn a commission even if your referral clicks other links after clicking your affiliate link.

4. $50 minimum payout: As long as you have earned up to $50, you are eligible to be paid for the month. You can earn higher than the $50 bit. If it is less than that amount, you will not get paid.

5. Immediate approval: Once you have signed up for your affiliate account, you can begin to promote immediately as they do not bother to run manual checks and verifications before approving your account.

Who Should Use SEMRush?

Every webmaster or blogger creates or markets content on their site with the intent of getting them viewed by visitors who patronize the site. It is easier for them to get patronage to their site if their content is optimized for search engines.

Using SEMRush tools, they can get their content and products better optimized, so they can be seen on Search Engine Result Pages when users run online searches. So, SEMRush is valuable to all online content writers and product marketers.

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Also, if your niche focuses on SEO, it will do you much good if you include SEMRush links in your posts as you guide users on how to maximize the benefits of using such an SEO tool. Now, when these users follow your link to the SEMRush platform to utilize their tools, you will get paid a commission.

SEMRush has products for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as for large corporations. If they do not mind spending money to get the right tools that will optimize their businesses using SEO analysis and promotional tools, they will achieve success on time.

What Do You Earn for Referring a Prospect to SEMRush?

When you refer new users to the SEMRush platform, and they obtain a SEMRush subscription through your link, you get paid a commission of 40%. The interesting thing is that the commission is recurring as you keep getting paid a commission of 40% for every subscription payment that your referral makes to SEMRush.

Every month when your referral subscribes, you get paid the commission of 40%. It continues until they stop subscribing to the platform. There are different SEMRush plans, and depending on the plan, you are likely to earn a commission of $40 to $160 monthly.

The SEMRush Tracking Link

Once you sign up for the SEMRush affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique tracking link. This link contains your affiliate ID which is what the affiliate company will be using to identify customers that come through your site.

For this tracking link, SEMRush uses a first cookie attribution model which is what will ensure that you get your commission on all purchases made on their site through your referral link. This is for as long as the cookie period has not elapsed.

So you will get paid each time your referrals renew their account and whenever they upgrade. The SEMRush affiliate cookie is for 10 years after which it will expired.

When Does SEMRush Make Payment?

SEMRush has a minimum threshold of $50. Once you accumulate as much as this amount, you are eligible to get paid. However, if you are yet to earn this much amount by the pay-period of the month, then what you have earned will be transferred to the next payout period.

The company makes payment on the 10th and 25th day of each month but you will need to have an account balance of $50 or more from the transactions of the previous month.

It is Easy to Join SEMRush Affiliates

You will not find the SEMRush affiliate program on the SEMRush website but you will have to go through Berush. When you apply, you instantly get approved. And you are not expected to make any payment.

To be a part of the program, visit You will see the link to join the program. Click on it and a pop-up dialogue will come up. Put in your details and click on the join button. Their approval is usually instant.

Remember to fill in your payment details using your PayPal email address. Once you join the program, you should begin to strategize on ways that you can promote the program and earn from it.

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Promoting the Program

1. Writing post content using the SEMRush tools: SEMRush has several tools that are beneficial for promoting content on SEOs. You can pick these tools one after another and discuss what online marketers will benefit from when they use them.

You should include the affiliate links in your content as you promote those tools. SEMrush is so popular that you can write much different content regarding their platform.

2. Use the “How to” posts: You can pick each SEO activity as a topic to create content as you guide your audience on how to carry out such activities using SEMRush tools. “How to…” or definitive guides can be used to give your users more insight regarding each SEMRush tool and give a step by step guide that your users will follow to use the tools.

You can urge them to try out the tools using your link.

3. Video marketing: You can create instructional videos on using the SEMRush marketing tools. You should be able to practically demonstrate how to use these tools. Instructional videos usually get a high volume of traffic.

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That is one platform where you will get a high number of viewers for your videos. Remember that every niche has some content to promote on SEO and SEMRush as an SEO tool is suitable for all types of products and niches. You should also remember to share your blog link in these videos and increase your earnings through YouTube too.

4. Email marketing: This is one important way that you can market SEMrush. When you send emails to your contacts, the emails remain in their possession so that they can access it at any time.  Many businesses are seeking ways that their presence can be felt in online searches. They can always read the content of your promotion for as many times as it will take to give it a trial. You can even run a free trial promo to get them committed to trying it out. In each campaign that you send out you can delve into one of the tools and what it will do for their business. As you reach out to businesses that are seeking for ways to improve and grow their business, you have some of them who will reach out to the company through your link.

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5. You can also use affiliate banners to promote the platform. These banners are of different colors, sizes, and styles, and even languages that will fit in with your blog.

It is good to join the affiliate program because:

  • It has a 7-day free trial that you can use to promote SEMRush to your customers
  • You can promote it using any channel such as social media, email marketing, and even through videos
  • It has a cookie lifespan of ten years
  • You get a 40% commission on every closed deal. And you will continue to earn a commission for as long as your referral keeps subscribing to their platform
  • You do not need to pay to join their platform as it is free to join and they will instantly set up your account
  • Their commissions are paid twice monthly; so if you miss the first payment, you can work harder so as not to miss the second, otherwise your earning will be rolled over to the next month
  • Payout is a minimum of $50 through PayPal and $1000 by wire transfer
  • There are monthly Berush contests that you can participate in and win good prizes
  • On the SEMRush affiliate dashboard, you will find information such as the number of visits, re-bills, sign-ups, sales, and other relevant information. Their customer support is available to all affiliates.

The Disadvantages of SEMRush Affiliate Marketing

  • For those who are new to the business, the program may be too expensive for them to engage in. Many bloggers may not be willing to get the software especially if they have not begun to make much income from their sites
  • The first cookie wins may not encourage many marketers, because even after convincing your buyers to buy, it’s until they are actually ready to buy a plan before you will earn your commission.

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How Do You Earn on the Program

You earn a commission for every sale through your link.

  1. Pro plan goes for $1999.40 annually and $99.95 on the monthly plan. The commission for it is $400 yearly and $39.98 monthly commission
  2. Guru plan goes for $1999.40 per year and $199.95 monthly and you can get a commission of $800 on it per year and $79.98 monthly
  3. Business plan goes for $3999.40 annually and $399.95 monthly and you can earn a commission of $1600 yearly and $159.98 monthly.

SEMRush Terms of Promotion

They have their affiliate marketing rules which you are expected to follow as one of their affiliates. As long as you follow these rules, your interest is protected with them. Some of the rules are as follows:

  • Your earnings should not be disclosed to the other Berush affiliates
  • Self-referral is seen as fraud and you may be required to pay a fine or you may even outrightly get banned if you commit such an offense
  • You can only promote your affiliate links on any platform that you may be allowed to
  • Your domain is not allowed to carry SEMRush or Berush even if it is spelled differently.


The SEMRush affiliate marketing program is quite profitable because of its focus on marketing SEO tools. It is compatible with every niche as all content and products online seek visibility in order to attract much traffic to their sites and consequently more earnings.

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