Shopify Affiliate Review

Shopify is an online e-commerce system that gives you access to start a store or accept credit cards at post-offices; it stands out as one of the best e-commerce services online. You can utilize its platform to market your products straightaway on Pinterest, Facebook, and Amazon to your potential buyers. Shopify helps to handle payments, PCI compliance and hosting while starting your e-commerce store.

How to Create Your Own Shopify Affiliate Account

One of the first steps to take is creating your own Shopify affiliate account; you can easily do that by visiting From there, you can sign up for the Shopify affiliate program, and by so doing, you can set up your own referral link. You can as well use a plug-in and enable it as

Also, if you own a blog, you can set up the account by making use of your blog’s title, which will be quite easy for you to remember. After signing up successfully for the Shopify affiliate Partner Program, you can make use of the link to promote Shopify and earn massively.

Some Facts about Shopify

Shopify is a big ecommerce platform, which is convenient and easy to use; it gives business owners the enablement to set up their personal websites, purchase, promote and sell products. It has amazing and simple tools as well as built-in security features that have been tested to be very effective for retailers who wish to own an affiliate program.

Easiest Ways to Set up a Profitable Niche Business

Shopify was created in the year 2006 and it currently boasts of about 243,000 active Shopify stores. The major categories are Fashion and clothing, electronics and Home & Garden.

The ecommerce shopping trolley and cart platform creates more than 120 well-designed themes/templates to all business owners to select from and start a user-friendly, colorful and engaging online store.

In 2015, Shopify revenue was estimated to be about $70.2 million. One of the things I highly recommend for small to medium businesses is the Shopify ecommerce solution.

The Shopify platform allows retailers to manage every aspect of their business effectively ranging from product catalogs, order information, customer data to inventories.

Also with Shopify , retailers have got the chance to set up an active e-store that will function properly and is user-friendly and can be easily accessed  by search engines. These features will surely attract buyers and make them locate the products they are willing to buy. Another thing is that you can monitor and manage your customer orders and also keep a watch on the inventory level to be certain that the store is updated with useful, relevant and precise information

How it Works

After you’ve created your account on Shopify affiliates, a special link to Shopify will be made available to you; this will give you access to blogs and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and every other platform.

The moment a new customer signs up for Shopify through the link you provided, you will start getting pre-sale commissions, which means that you can earn up to 200% of the amount  paid by a customer every time you refer someone to Shopify. This is how you can earn up to about $2,400 per sale made.

PayPal Review (2020): The Most Powerful Payment Processor

PayPal is the Shopify’s mode of payment and the least payout is $25. Endeavour to remain focused solely on setting up long-term partnerships with bloggers, influencers and ambassadors.

Listed below are the different plans on Shopify:

  • The Shopify lite is $9 per month.
  • Basic Shopify Plan is $29 per month.
  • Simple Shopify Plan is $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify plan is $299 per month.

Being a Shopify affiliate, you are entitled to get 200% first-user payment for Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Simple Shopify and the Advanced Shopify plans. You will receive 100% payment for the first month and 100% payment the second month. And for the Shopify Plus, you will earn $2000 bounty.

Shopify High Paying Affiliate Program

When a customer subscribes or pays for a full year or two years plan , you will receive a very big affiliate commission; it will be higher if you get to refer a Shopify plus member. This is the highest payment the Shopify affiliate program pays.

If you are contemplating about the best online store platform, I will suggest you try out Shopify; it has a 14-day free trial and no credit card is needed to try it out.

How Can You Earn Money?

Basically, there are three methods to earn money through Shopify by partnering with them. It is quite simple and very easy and direct; all you need to do is to promote Shopify utilizing the resources they provide.

Also, when you refer a customer to set up their own eCommerce store and select the plan, you will receive a commission for completing the sale.

Referrals: You get to earn up to 20% monthly revenue for every customer you refer.

Theme/Template sales: You will receive up to a 70% commission on each theme you sell in the theme store.

Mobile app sales: Receive up to 80% revenue earning for every app sold in the app store.

Who Can Be a Shopify Affiliate?

A Blogger: If you really want to make something tangible out of your website traffic, you will obviously need to be promoting one of the industry’s leading brands. You can monetize your blog by adding Shopify banners or affiliate links to your blog posts. You can as well write a quality review about the program, generate and drive more traffic and increase the number of sign ups; this will inevitably lead to an increased income.

A Publisher: Even if you are not into blogging, you can still earn something by just promoting Shopify. You can make use of any online marketing medium to make sales, paid campaigns, social media sites, media buys, promotions or any other means just to refer customers. Once a customer signs up for Shopify Affiliates, the number will surely increase.

Promoting your Content through Different Online Media

Shopify Affiliate Program Payment Frequency

Shopify payments are made every two weeks. At first, when you get started engaging on Shopify, you could be making about $29 every two weeks. There may be times when you could make just $174, then $348 and even more. It will start coming very little, then increase more and more. It will just keep increasing. This is a reflection of how Shopify keeps evolving as a Platform.

The Shopify affiliate program can be very lucrative if you are always targeting an audience who is very much interested. It can turn out to be a very important income stream for you.

Benefits Of the Shopify Affiliate Program

Part of the benefits is that you are going to have access to marketing resources, training and affiliate dashboard. You will surely benefit from the in-depth collection of helpful content which includes tutorials and training courses.

Shopify also provides Priority support. As a Shopify Partner, you are sure to get quick support through email, phone, and live chat. You will be assigned to a dedicated affiliate manager who will be ready to walk you through any challenges that may arise.

It is easy to market Shopify services. Shopify has made it simple by granting its partners a wide range of content. You can use blogs, video tutorials, webinars and automated funnels to help convince new referrals.

You have the chance to promote quality products through the Shopify Affiliate Program. Shopify offers a trustworthy ecommerce solution crafted for everyone ranging from bloggers to big businesses, which will allow you to promote the value of the available plans.

Also, Shopify affiliates can easily boast of earning industry leading conversion rates. Studies have shown that referral marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales and make revenue. This indicates how paramount and useful the Shopify affiliate Program is for bloggers and also Publishers.

Referrals don’t just mean your family members, relatives or friends; it can as well be your social media influencers, bloggers or just anyone.

Shopify affiliate is rated one of the best affiliate programs for people in the ecommerce file. All that is needed of you is to build some interactive content around ecommerce, put the banners and share the newsletters provided and pull an advert for it across your blog and social media sites, and by so doing, you are guaranteed to start earning big as soon as possible.

What Resources Do You Get?

If you’ve been wondering how Shopify supports its partners and what resources it makes available to promote the platform worldwide, then it is listed out below. You can make use of these resources to promote Shopify:

  • The monthly Affiliate Newsletter: It always showcases upcoming events and some marketing information and details such as fliers, banners, templates and hand-outs.
  • Shopify Affiliate Dashboard: It enables you to always monitor the amount of money and commissions you have made, the number of clicks you’ve generated and when you are meant to receive your next payment.

Another interesting thing about the Shopify Affiliate Partner Program is that even when businesses sign up for a free 14-day trial of Shopify eCommerce solution through your link, you will earn a commission and also when they upgrade after the trial period.

You won’t also be tasked with any challenge when promoting the Shopify eCommerce shopping cart platform on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. The profile dashboard on Shopify is also easy to use. By making available every detail at your own fingertips related to money earned and the amount due, all you need to do is to get your link, start promoting it and see the numbers increase fast.

Negatives Of the Shopify Affiliate Program

Despite the fact that signing up for the Shopify affiliate program is one great way to earn commissions, it does have some few shortcomings as well

The subscription fee may discourage some users: After you have successfully referred a user, the user needs to select a particular plan before you are able to earn your commission. Due to this cost, some users do opt out after the free trial period.

Though joining the program also helps to access some Shopify apps so as to increase your marketing potential and objectives but some of these applications require a monthly fee; some of these apps are available just as free plugins on some other platforms for example, WordPress and Woo commerce.

As earlier stated, selling Shopify themes to existing users is one of the means to earn commissions but one thing about it is that it requires the usage of Liquid templating language. Even though the language is an open source, not too many people use it, thereby limiting the available documentation for setting up Shopify themes.

Also, the approval process for the platform takes up to five business days. Though Shopify approves most applications, the company also denies some users for a few reasons. Shopify may sometimes deny or reject your application if you run an affiliate network, or when you advertise Shopify on a gambling or gaming website.

Why Become A Shopify Affiliate?

The Shopify Partner Program is a great avenue to be well associated with brands and also to promote in order to earn big. As one of the most reputable leading ecommerce Platforms, Shopify is committed to staying for a long period of time as well as treating their affiliates so well in order to ensure they grow their business.

Another thing they have stated is that any means of traffic such as email blast, social media, PPC can be utilized and leveraged on to promote and earn leads.

There are small businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs who are willing to create an online store; so, this is where you are involved, your role is to promote the ecommerce solution through the affiliate program and begin to earn commissions. For you to earn big enough, you must be actively promoting the Shopify platform and convince the audience so as to get them to take actions, thereby making you outshine your competitors.


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    • Hey Teboho, appreciate your comment on my Shopify affiliate program review once again! With Shopify, you can always generate enough sales as hundreds of thousands of people patronize it on an everyday basis to buy various items. If you own a blog and you’re currently generating some decent traffic, you can monetize your blog with Shopify Affiliate. Thanks again for commenting, drop by anytime!

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    • Thanks for reaching out, Lenka! Of course, you can promote the Shopify affiliate program using your blog. If you are still getting low traffic, do not hesitate to work more effectively on your blog and apply when you start getting up to 5000-10000 hits monthly. The affiliate program is a high-paying one and there’s no limit to the number of sales you can generate. Appreciate your comment, stop by anytime!

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