Simple and Profitable Online Jobs You Can Do At Your Convenience

Online jobs have become an alternative way to earn some passive income. There are a lot of people who are now gainfully employed through online jobs. There are online jobs you can do fully and those you can engage in on a part-time basis.

You also have the choice to work for yourself or work for an employer. Most online jobs are very flexible whether you work for yourself or an employer.

One benefit of online jobs is that you can choose the type of job that suits your interest and you can also decide on your working time. You may wish to work for just four or five hours a day or for longer or even just for only two hours.

You can also decide to make a career out of your online job. Whether you have a job you do offline or not, it is possible to get an online job that you have an interest in. In this article, we will look at some online jobs you can do and earn legitimate income from.

1. Blogging

This is one online job that has gotten a lot of attention and one that can make you self-employed. There are millions of bloggers on the internet blogging about one topic of interest or another and solving problems for people.

There are also many niches on the internet all of which get a lot of patronages. You will find out that there are many bloggers making a lot of money on the internet because they are there, helping people find solutions to their problems and constantly seeking ways to add value to humanity.

So, as a blogger, you can never be short of a niche to blog about and there are always problems that need your solution or contributions you can give to make our world a better place.

If you want to be a blogger, you will need to learn the steps you can take to establish your blogging business and earn a good income from it; however, you will have to be dedicated and hardworking, creative, and consistent in what you do. You should also be ready to add value to your audience and help them seek solutions to everyday problems.

Let us look at some steps you can take to become a blogger.

First, you will need to have a blog. This means you will have to sign up with a web hosting service that will allow you to set up a website and get a domain for your site. You will find web hosting services that will allow you to set up a free website and those that will charge you some amount for the web hosting service.

Before you set up your blog, you should have your niche of interest which much of your content will focus on.

There is always an audience for every niche and you will have to research their needs and areas of interest to be able to know topics that you need to focus on. Being able to meet the needs of your audience is one way to drive traffic to your blog and earn money from it.

In blogging, your audience determines how successful or otherwise you will be, and many people that earn high income from the business are people who are passionate about what they do. That passion will help you become creative and post great content that your audience will benefit from.

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2. Post Ads on Your Blog

One way to earn from your blog is by posting ads on it. When you post ads, you can monetize your blog really fast. You will be able to make money when leads are generated through the ads you post on your blog and payments are made for every sale made from those leads.

You can either sign up with advertising platforms for paid advertisements or work to generate a lot of traffic that will make companies seek you out to advertise their products for them. Google AdSense is one platform you can sign up with and generate revenue from paid advertisements.

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3. Affiliate Marketing Business

This is one trending business online and you need to be able to generate much traffic to your site to succeed at it. You can work hard on your site and earn the trust and loyalty of your audience.

You can sign up for affiliate programs, so you can benefit from the traffic that patronizes your site. You can reach out to companies or affiliate networks, so you can run campaigns for products on your site.

If you qualify for their affiliate program, you will get an affiliate link that you can embed in your content which will take your audience straight to the product or service’s landing page. That link is your referral link and each time your audience links up with that company to purchase a product through the link, you will get paid a commission.

You can also run affiliate campaigns on social media platforms where you have the chance to reach out to a large audience at a time. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you the chance to set up campaigns and earn from purchases made through your affiliate link.

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4. Freelancing

Freelance jobs are numerous on the internet. There are networks advertising for companies that require the services of freelance workers. You can sign up with such companies indicating your area of interest or specialized skill and they will be able to link you up with companies that require your service.

Popular online jobs include writing jobs, filling surveys and questionnaires, call center jobs, administrative assistants, and many other types of jobs and services. You can focus on a skill or interest, develop it, and offer services that relate to those skills you have.

One interesting thing about freelancing is that you can decide on how and when you wish to work. You will also be able to establish contact with companies that will continue to seek you out if they are pleased with the quality of services you offer.

Sometimes, the only office you require is your mobile device or personal computer and all the tools you will need for your work will be contained in it. You can look out for freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, sign up with them and begin to seek out freelance jobs.

To be able to secure jobs, you will need to set up your profile. Your profile tells your prospective employer a lot about you and goes a long way in influencing his decision on whether you are the right person for his job or not. So you need to be creative and clear as you market your skills to your prospective employers.

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5. Dropshipping

This online business is one area a lot of people have earned much revenue from. To run a dropshipping business, you will need to set up your e-commerce store and you will set up products of different merchants in your store.

You will advertise these products in your store and fix your own prices which will be higher than the company’s price. You will take orders and forward them to the company.

You will also send the forwarding address to the company. The company will receive payment, prepare the product for shipment to the given address and then you will receive your profit on the product.

In dropshipping, you do not necessarily have to buy or come in contact with the product. You will only need to get the description and specification of the product which you will set on your store and get your audience to patronize you for the product. With a dropshipping business, you have to be patient enough to grow your earnings.

You should also look for the right products that are suitable for your niche and they should be the kind of products your audience will like to patronize. You should also have a strategy for marketing the products to your audience.

You will also need to work with reputable suppliers that will supply quality products to your customers, and one that will forward the products to their destination on time. You also have to get the terms and conditions of the companies clearly spelled out and all details and specifications should be clearly stated, so there will be no misleading information.

Setting up your store with a good and reliable company is also very important to be able to earn your customers’ confidence. One popular e-commerce platform where you can set up your store is Shopify.

You can learn the different ways to benefit from your Shopify store and use some of their features that can help you earn more. You can also work with a product brand and market the various products for the brand.

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6. SEO and Content Marketing

Most businesses online thrive through their content and having good and quality content is one way to attract a lot of visitors to your site. Even though every blogger recognizes the need for quality content on their site, it is not everyone that is capable of creating quality content.

Aside from creating quality content, you should be knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization, so your content will be able to rank well on search engines. There are elements search engines will like to consider when you put content together.

Search algorithms will put those elements into consideration when they rank content to determine how well or otherwise content should rank. It is important that good content should have the right keywords and should be written using simple language that will easily be understood by the audience.

You can help companies and brands create SEO-friendly content that will help them rank high and get seen by their potential customers. This will help them generate more sales and they will in turn seek you out more often.

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Courses and Consultancy Services

A lot of people go online to seek information and knowledge. Some seek how to learn new skills, some want to understand what they do and learn how to do it better. As an online tutor, you can offer courses in areas you are knowledgeable about and you can lead others to gain knowledge about such skills or subject areas.

You can offer your courses through your website or join e-learning platforms where you will sell your courses.  If you offer your courses on your website, you can set your price and all the earnings will belong to you.

But if you are selling your courses through an e-commerce platform, you will only get a percentage of the earnings. You should market your e-courses on different media platforms to be able to get a large number of patronages for your course. This will enable you to earn much from each course you design.

To be an online consultant, you will have to be an expert in your subject area or niche and you should be able to mentor and coach others to be successful in that area. The more you help your clients to succeed in their pursuits, the more clients you will find coming to consult with you, so you can help them succeed with their businesses too.

You can charge them for the consultation and offer tools that will help them in what they do for a fee.

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8. Web/Graphic Designer

This online skill is always in demand as you can help the potential site owners design their websites. People are also constantly looking for professional graphic designers that will help them with designs like professional logos.

Once you have this professional skill, you can always advertise and look out on freelance platforms to be able to meet with those who need your service.


These are a few among the jobs you can do online to earn a decent income. One important thing about getting a job online is to have a marketable skill you can earn from.

As you get more jobs online, you should try to become more professional at them. Even though most online jobs are flexible, try to give them your attention, so you can attract more clients.

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