9 Examples of Successful Affiliate Websites

9 Examples of Successful Affiliate Websites
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There are a billion websites on the internet and every day, new websites are being launched. These websites can be found in different niches, have different goals and objectives, and also use different strategies.

Many of them make money from selling affiliate products. Such websites are only interested in making money from product sales. You will find such websites not having much creative content as much of their content will simply be product reviews and they are only interested in getting customers to buy products from them.

There are also websites that give you so much creative content that you learn a lot and develop an interest in their products without them struggling to convince you to patronize them. You will find such sites continuously making commissions from the sale of their products.

This post will look at some websites that have been successful in the affiliate marketing business. The selected websites have fared very well in marketing affiliate products and delivering valuable content to their audience.


This is one great affiliate website that has done well with marketing affiliate products and turning up creative and genuine content. Nerdwallet does a lot of affiliate reviews on financial products.

You will find reviews on credit cards, insurance, and investing. You will love your experience on their website and also find great content that you can learn from. You will learn about making the right decisions on loans, getting the right credit cards, and also on insurance.

Their website has been so successful that it gets more than 10 million visitors monthly. They have thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of their top contents:

  • How Much House Can I Afford? This article has almost 600 backlinks and up to 5,600 keywords. It has also been shared up to 2,900 times. This tells how valuable and informative the content is. It has been among their top content and has performed very well for their marketing campaigns
  • Best Credit Cards of 2019: Reviews, Rewards, and Offers. This one has received over 26,300 shares and has 4600 keywords and 388 backlinks. With these qualities and valuable content, Nerdwallet has been able to secure a good position among the top-ranked content pieces on SERPs.

Nerdwallet as an Affiliate Site

The Nerdwallet affiliate website engages in affiliate marketing. The website shows a lot of tools that help attract many links. You will also find the site being regularly updated with new and relevant content.

Every time a new financial product comes on board, they take it up to enlighten their audience and market it to them.

Money-Saving Expert

This site gives you the opportunity of learning to make good financial decisions. They are out to show how you can get good value for your money. The website was started in 2003 by Martin Lewis and has grown to have about 8 million visitors that log on to the site every month.

The finance niche is an area that consumers have to be cautious about, so they don’t take the wrong financial actions or get swindled by dubious offers.

On this site, there is so much you will learn about financial literacy. The site has over 18,900 backlinks. Their top content includes:

  • 19 cheapest ways to get travel money. This post has up to 678 keywords and 388 backlinks
  • The budget planner has about 3000 keywords and 511 backlinks.

They have a well-designed website that makes it easy for you to navigate through their content. You will not find advertisements or sponsored posts on their site but they make money through various means on the site.

  • They engage in coupon deals for retailers and make a commission from each coupon sale
  • They also give informative guides for various listings. You will find information about the best of the different products. Any time you sign up with any product or service through their affiliate links, they get paid a commission
  • They also inform consumers about cheap and affordable products and get their commission when the consumers follow the link to purchase the products.

There are several other ways that they make money, including discount finders, calculators, and Skimlinks.

One interesting thing about their website is the quality of information they offer consumers and the fact that they help consumers avoid financial mistakes.

They also have Hero pages for major search terms which make it easy for their audience to search for terms and they will be able to find all the available options.

Every kind of content that you will find on their website will prompt you to take any action; so, on any page you visit, you will get much information that will help you make important decisions and you can easily follow their link to a site where you can find a financial product or service.

The Wirecutter

The website was started in 2011 by Brian Lam who had also worked at Gizmodo. This affiliate website does a lot of reviews for consumer products, electronics, and other gadgets. The reviews go through a lot of innovative tests to ensure that all claims made for the products are true.

They have taken their place among the top sites in their category because of their goal of finding the best products in the different categories. As a result of the quality of their reviews, they get up to 3.6 million visitors to their site every month.

They have over 18,300 backlinks, 49,000 keywords, and have attracted more than 121,000 followers on Facebook. You will find them regularly updating the best deals on electronics on the internet.

They make much of their money from affiliate commissions, especially through Amazon and BestBuy. They don’t place ads or sponsored posts on their sites and they do not have personal products that they sell. In a month, you can find just 6 – 12 posts on their site.

When they make product recommendations, such recommendations carry associated links through which customers can purchase the products and then they get paid their commission. The site was recently taken over by the New York Times for $20 million.

The Wirecutter website is simple and interesting to navigate as they use just a single page on which they list their items, instead of having a page for every item. They are also not out to always creating new posts; instead, they carry out in-depth reviews on different products.

With their reviews, you can be certain that you are going for a product made of very good quality. Sometimes, manufacturers can even seek recommendations about the best ways to improve their products.

PC Part Picker

PCPartPicker.com can show you the best parts to choose from if you want to build a computer for yourself. There are so many ways they can help you find what is best for you. You may prefer to choose from the latest PC parts or choose based on your budget, and it can automatically cross-reference the parts to determine how compatible they are with each other.

They also have an interesting blog that you can learn about computers from. They get an average of 3.3 million visitors every month and on their website, they have up to 7600 backlinks.

You can get creative in the type of computer you will like to build as they will help you generate a list of all the right parts that can give you the functionality you desire on your computer.

One way they earn is when users build their customized computers by ordering the parts through affiliate links, or when they review different computer components and help their audience to make purchasing decisions.

They also make money when they put together builds for their audience in the form of blog posts.

Making Sense of Cents

This site is another financial site, but it is run by Michelle Gardner and she gives a lot of personal advice based on her financial experience. Through her blog, you can learn about managing personal and family finances and saving money through the way you budget.

She gets about 70 million visitors monthly and has over 3000 backlinks. She has lots of enlightening and educative content on her blog that  you can learn from.

She earns her income from selling her courses and engaging in affiliate marketing. Michelle’s personal opinions have helped her audience to successfully stay out of financial troubles.

The Points Guy

This site shows you how you can make the best benefits of credit cards when you travel and what different travel companies can offer you, so you cut down on your travel expenses. They have been successful in solving travel problems for people and recommending products that earn them affiliate commissions.

They get up to 3 million visitors on their site monthly and have more than 10,000 backlinks. Among their top content are “5 Things to Know about Getting Global Entry” and “Best Ways to Avoid Airline Change and Cancellation Fees”.

Like many others in the business, they make their money through credit card and travel affiliate programs, especially those that can help people earn travel rewards.

Dating Advice

This is one interesting site where you can find answers to real questions about dating. You will be able to find the best dating sites that are to your taste and liking and you will also get good advice on ways to make your dating skills better.

You will find as many as 400,000 visitors on the site every month.

They make money when they refer visitors to dating websites like eHarmony, OurTime.com, and Match. They do reviews on popular dating sites and make affiliate commissions from them.

They also make money through sponsored posts and their “Best of…” lists where you can find lists of the best dating websites, dating products, and apps. They earn commission through sales or sign-ups.

They have been able to grow their audience through the quality of their website and using real faces of people on their posts. They have also been able to keep banner ads out of their site, so you will find a clean and appealing site that is not spammed with all sorts of ads.

The kind of advice you will get from them comes from relationship experts and counselors and you will find them very helpful.


This is one great site for small businesses as they can help you find the right accounting products for your business needs. It is not interested in link building and has no social media presence but works to help small businesses get the best advice for their business and also links them up with the sales team of various accounting tools.

They make much of their money from referring high-priced accounting products. They also give reviews for popular accounting software. Much of their earnings come from supplying qualified leads and also engaging in affiliate promotions.

Their Homepage is simple and well-designed to give users an interesting and friendly experience. You will get much of their content for free, but it is a way of capturing leads for them. To download some of their whitepapers, you will have to give up some of your data.

With the kind of content and reviews they offer businesses, it becomes much easier for small businesses to make fast buying decisions for accounting products.

Website Setup

This site by Robert Mening shows that many people pay visits to the internet for the purpose of learning how to set up websites. He has also shown that this niche has many high-paying affiliate programs.

On average, you can find up to 500,000 visitors on his site every month. He passionately walks his audience through every step of building their website, so it becomes a simple task to accomplish.

He also has reviews on site speed, site uptime, and customer support. He earns some money each time his audience signs up for a Bluehost account and he also earns through the links of recommended products.


These examples show you that you can be successful with your website. One important thing to note is that these successful websites are focused on the needs of their audience and on promoting quality content and products.

Many of their sites are also designed in a simple but appealing manner and they do not spam their websites with unnecessary ads. They work with affiliate networks and promote the right and relevant products. You can follow their websites and learn from them.

Would you want to build an affiliate website like one of the examples above? If yes, simply read my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review today and make an informed decision.

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