Builderall Affiliate Program Review 2020

As long as the internet exists, there will continue to be income-earning opportunities for different players. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, entrepreneur, blogger, or marketer, there are more ways to earn money online.

There’s actually a platform that enables you to make money from your online business without much fuss. It’s called Builderall and in this review, we will share the different opportunities it presents to businesses and marketers.

About Builderall

Builderall is a relatively new business service provider that offers marketing solutions to online businesses. As a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur, this tool comes in handy when building your website, landing pages, and other web assets.

Just like the name Builder-all, you can use this all-in-one marketing solution to build your online business from the ground up.

This tool enables you to build sales funnels, e-learning platforms, directories, Facebook chatbox, checkout system, and many more. The great thing about the Builderall tool is that you do not require technical skills before being able to use it.

This makes it the ideal business tool for both beginners and advanced marketers. Situated in Orlando Florida, Builderall has since grown into a platform of 40,000+ users while hosting over half a million websites.

Builderall also offers an affiliate program that allows bloggers, marketers, and publishers to earn money from promoting its products. Affiliates have access to earn bonuses from the sales they generate and bonuses from the sales made by members of their team.

The latter sections of this review will cover the Builderall affiliate program in more detail. But for now, let’s highlight the wide range of products that Builderall offers to its users.

Builderall Tools

Builderall offers a wide range of tools (30+) for brands to use in growing their businesses. This section highlights some of the most popular tools that you will be able to use on the Builderall platform.

1 – Builderall Canvas Builder

This tool helps you build complex sales funnels even if you have little or no past experience with it. You can use the Canvas Builder to choose particular sales funnels including:

  • The selection and what designs to use for your sales funnel
  • Selection of any of the provided sales funnels and redesigns to suit you
  • Creation of your own sales funnels.

Whatever changes you want, this tool helps you achieve it including attaching, linking, and rearranging of pages.

2 – Pixel Perfect Site Builder

This tool helps you create professional-looking websites, web pages, and landing pages without coding skills.

It is page builder software that gives you the freedom to choose how every element of your page should look. You will not have problems presenting the designed pages to the public because the design view is the same thing others see online.

Another great benefit of using this site builder tool is the time it saves you during the design stage. All that you need to do is drag and drop different elements of the pages to where you want them.

3 – Cheetah Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Just like the name suggests, the Cheetah Drag- and-Drop Website Builder is a tool that gives you instant results. It is a newly-promoted site builder that Builderall is looking to replace the Pixel Perfect Site Builder with very soon.

It gives you greater options in the creation of web pages for your site, like creating published or unpublished pages.

4 – Webinar Builder

This is a Builderall tool that lets you build interactive webinars for your audience. It enables you to include streaming of live content, screen sharing, and the ability to record sessions.

Users will be able to access the webinar videos directly on the platform or concurrently via Facebook and YouTube.

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5 – e-learning Builder

If you are in the business of selling online courses to your audience, then you will really love this.

It’s a useful tool for planning your online courses and handling both students and instructors. The e-learning course builder gives you so much power to manage every aspect of your learning platform.

You can use this tool to create learning courses in different formats that suit your students. It’s great for creating course videos, quizzes, uploading course content, and designing tests.

With the e-learning course builder, you can schedule your course and set triggers to prevent students from skipping to the next classes. This will ensure that students go through all courses in the required sequence that the courses follow.

You can make any number of courses to build and sell using the e-learning course builder.

6 – eCommerce Website Builder

Builderall has its marketplace where users can easily upload their products and sell to the public. The only thing expected of you is to select your online payment option and choice of distribution.

In this marketplace, you will be able to access some extra features such as a seamless checkout process and discounts for buyers. You are also allowed to set up an affiliate network to promote your products and services.

Also, Builderall offers you tools to use in building your own affiliate website. It’s a website you use to earn commissions through the selling of products and services that belong to third-party vendors.

As a marketing tool, you can use Builderall to receive payments through PayPal, Stripe, and Shopify.

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7 – App Builder

Brands that are interested in having their own mobile apps will find it easy to build theirs with the App Builder. This should enable your business to connect directly with your audience and deliver value through their mobile phones.

The App Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create mobile apps like a pro, without coding. You can create apps to distribute on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.

There’s no limit to the kind of app or features you can build. Another benefit of this tool is that your created app will not include any in-app ads.

8 – MailingBoss: Email Marketing Automation Software

This is a unique email marketing tool used to automate business contacts (both old and new). You can use this email tool for tracking leads through the use of tags and also based on their behavior prompts.

It’s a great tool for running an auto-responder campaign without much stress on your part.

If you want to convert a higher number of leads into paying customers, then the contact segment feature should interest you. It allows you to segment those on your contact list based on their different behaviors.

This is very helpful for brands that need to connect with their leads at personal levels. You can also leverage this feature to boost your conversion rate of the leads you generate.

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9 – Directory Builder

This tool puts you in the driving seat when it comes to creating a directory for your online business. It enables you to create thousands of online directory pages within a few minutes.

And like many other tools found on Builderall, you do not need technical skills to use it. You can also use this tool for the creation of local directories as well.

10 – Booking Builder

This is a valuable resource that can be used by a business for scheduling calls and meetings. This is a great tool for consultants, coaches, trainers, and any business that has to deal with a lot of clients at different times.

Builderall gives you all the tools to create this resource, and best of all; it is an easy tool to use. You will first have to build a new calendar and then set different time zones before setting times for various activities.

You can set time for a meeting, the duration of a single session, a time when the meeting ends, and also include intervals if needed. It’s a tool needed by most businesses that deal directly with their clients or their customers.

There are of course many other marketing tools on Builderall that you can use for growing your online business. However, this section covers some basic tools that are mostly used by members of the platform.

Moving on, let’s consider a very important aspect of our review which is the Builderall pricing plans.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall offers 5 different plans to suit the various needs and preferences of its users, which are:

I – The Free Plan

This offers a testing ground for those brands that will later migrate to any of the paying plans. Those who are on this plan are not allowed to use their domain name but instead use a subdomain with Builderall.

That means your domain URL will look like this “

II – Builder Plan

This is a Builderall plan that sells for $19.90 per month and it allows you to use your business domain name. Though you are restricted to 100 subscribers on this plan, it contains features like Drag-and-Drop Site Builder and email routing.

III – Builderall Marketer Plan

This is a plan targeted at growing companies and entrepreneurs who need to drive their online marketing plan. It covers all the features found in the Builder plan and lots more.

The Builderall Marketer Plan comes at a monthly cost of $29.90 plus it includes unlimited pages and subdomain. Other features of this plan include unlimited bandwidth and guest, checkout apps, open membership, and 5,000 leads.

IV – Essential Plan

The Essential Plan costs $49.90 per month and it comes with 15,000 Essential tier contacts. It also offers a simple 3-click WordPress integration for users of the CMS platform.

V – Premium Plan

This plan sells for $69.90 per month and it comes with unlimited subscribers. It includes features of the earlier Builderall plans including Webinar builder.

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall offers the chance for users and marketers to promote its products in exchange for commissions. As an affiliate in its program, you are allowed to promote the two available plans of Builderall.

Affiliates can approach this program as individuals or build teams for selling the Builderall plans through their platforms. Either way, affiliates earn commissions when they are able to refer paying customers for any of the Builderall plans.

However, Builderall does have a range of products that it offers its affiliates to promote to their audience.

Also, it is clearly stated by Builderall that its affiliates are to earn commissions on the sale of their products and not through the recruitment of new affiliates. Based on these facts, you may conclude that Builderall isn’t a pyramid scheme.

It is safe to say that the affiliate structure used by Builderall is the same as in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) networks.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Builderall Affiliate Program?

There is an annual fee of $50 that all affiliates are required to pay. However, affiliates are not required to sign up for any of the company’s plans before being allowed to promote its products.

Also, you won’t be earning any commissions or bonuses simply because you introduced other affiliates to the program. Earnings are based on the Builderall plans that you are able to sell to your audience or members of your network.

Compensation Plans for Builderall Affiliates

Affiliates are required to promote the two topmost Builderall plans which are the Essential Builder Plan and the Premium Plan.

Affiliates only earn when they make sales and NOT when they are able to refer others to the affiliate program. You can only earn commissions off sales made by members of your team that are up to 3 levels deep.

You and your team members will earn points on every Builderall sale that you make. You will earn 3 points on each dollar that you generate on the sale of Essential or Premium plans. You also earn 1 point on each dollar that you generate from each direct sale that you make.

If you are able to build up your earnings to 180 points, then you become qualified to receive commissions on unilevel and recurring sales. Personal sales entitle you to 100% sales commission of the first payment made by a buyer for any Builderall plans.

For the Personal Sales Recurring Commissions you earn each time a referred customer pays their monthly subscriptions.

The Personal Sales Retention Bonus entitles you to earn recurring bonuses for each third paying customer you refer. This payment allows you to receive $15 from Premium plan users and $6 on those on the Essential plan.

The Unilevel bonus enables you to earn whenever any members of your team make payment for their monthly fees.


Builderall offers great value to both users and affiliates that promote its products to their audience. Users are able to access all marketing tools that they require to set up and run their online businesses.

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    • Hey Anthony, thanks for stopping by! Yes, Builderall is one of the most powerful platforms when it comes to building landing pages, sales funnels, e-learning resources, and e-books. You can count on this software for your online marketing campaigns. Achieving success is guaranteed! Thanks again for stopping by, drop by anytime!


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