PayKickStart Review – An Affiliate Business Management Tool

Buying goods and services online has become quite favored by internet users. Ecommerce businesses now have the opportunity to reach out to millions of customers with their goods and services.

They are also faced with the challenge of having to manage their business and also the customers and making a delivery to different locations all over the world. However, trends in technology have made it easy for online businesses to handle the customers and also manage their businesses effectively.

Even affiliate marketers now benefit from tools that can help them manage their businesses more effectively. One such tool is PayKickStart which is a shopping cart and affiliate platform that you can use to manage your shopping cart and your business.

With this tool, you have more control over your business and can help it function more effectively.

PayKickStart is a tool that makes it easy for you to make sales online. Founded in 2014, it has become a prominent way that affiliates use to convince their customers to make a purchase. It was built with the intent of encouraging customers’ progression from the point where they show interest in a product up to when they make a commitment through their purchase.

As an affiliate on the PayKickStart platform, you can easily create your coupon codes. It also supports several methods of payments including the one-time subscription payments, payment plans, and free trials.

With the tool, you can also easily process payments and support affiliate programs through their affiliate management center.

Mark Thompson

Mark is popular among affiliate marketers for his products that have become quite effective for affiliate marketing and other e-commerce businesses. Among his products are Six Figure Mastermind, EngageRocket, and SocialKickStart.

He is an expert in affiliate marketing and has put so much of his experience into creating products that will assist affiliates with managing their marketing business and adding value to them.

PayKickStart is one of his software tools that are meant to help you sell any product of your choice online without being charged transaction fees. It is an all-in-one platform that you can use to sell more of your products with ease and good speed.

Features of PayKickStart

1. Easy to set up

The platform’s set up comes with a minute-long video on how to get started. Once you follow their instructions, you will find it easy to set up. You will easily use it to set up your product page or create affiliate links and digitally sell products.

2. No restriction on products.

With PayKickStart, you can sell any type of product. You can also sell physical or digital products and even services. It also supports shipping and fulfillment management using ShipStation but it does not yet define the number of products on the checkout page and does not have an “add to cart” system built with it.

3. Fast conversions

It has out-of-the-box features that can help you boost conversions and sales. You can create a one-click upsell and your customers will fill their payment information and purchase their upsell goods.

Upsells are known to help increase conversions by as much as 100%. The checkout solution includes a twelve-step and five multi-step templates that you can use to edit images, texts, testimonials, and colors.

You can even add your customized fields to the checkout page. You can use the tool to generate coupon codes, subscription savers, cart recovery, and retarget pixels all of which can encourage faster conversions of your customers.

4. PayKickStart Languages

The software currently supports up to 14 languages which are English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, and Hindi.

You can send out notifications in any of these languages and even overwrite the original message and replace it with yours in any language you choose.

5. Tool integrations

There are many marketing tools that can be integrated with PayKickStart like Aweber, Ontraport, and several other email marketing tools. Combining it with these tools can help potential customers get converted more easily and faster than you expect.

The tool also allows for different payment gateways, memberships, fulfillment, and Zapier, so buyers and sellers on their platform can have a good experience.

6. Accepts Several Currencies

PayKickStart also supports up to 32 different currencies and accepts payments through several gateways, so your customers can carry out their shopping with ease.

7. Tax profile automation

You can build in simple tax profiles for the different locations of your buyers. It can also use Taxamo to calculate the tax during your customers’ checkout and you can use it to generate tax reports.

8. Building Great Funnels

You can use the software’s funnel builder to build your funnels quickly. You only need to add your products to each step and add the checkout links that will be generated into your sales page.

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9. Setting up Promotions

You can also set up your promotion codes and add them to your checkout page or URL. You can easily create funnels that will override the default price of your products, so you can present promos and special offers to your potential buyers.

10. Zapier works with PayKickStart 

Connect them with more than 400 services on their platform.

11. Ease of Pricing Models

You can choose to go for their subscription or the one-time payment method as you set up your campaigns. When payments are made, you can keep the proceeds because there are no transaction fees incurred.

12. Compact Software for Affiliate Marketing.

PayKickStart is designed to make business comfortable for businesses and affiliate marketers. With the different available tools, you can easily manage and market your business and also use the analytics tools to follow up on the successes of your campaigns.

You can pay affiliates easily and set affiliate contests to motivate your affiliates. With this software, you can easily access well-designed templates that will suit your marketing needs and function well, to funnel your traffic and easily convert them into sales.

They have more than 30 templates that you can choose from based on what will suit your style and your business needs. These templates have been creatively designed putting into consideration the needs of marketing affiliates and businesses.

13. Email Integrations

You can use many email integrations with software like Active Campaign, Campaign Refinery, Aweber, Convert Kit, GetResponse, Mail Chimp, iContact, and many others. There are many tools that you can use with it to help you manage your emails.

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You can use an ESP account to add emails to your list when people drop an item into their cart or they successfully complete their shopping. You can even set up autoresponders through your own domain or/and deliver email notifications through AmazonSES OR using SMTP which means you can send direct notifications to your customers.

14. Third-party Integrations

On PayKickStart, you can easily enjoy the Third party webinar integrations such as Demio, GoToWebinar, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, and several others. You can use their service to set up a webinar sales page which will look professional and really authoritative.

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On your webinars, you can easily promote your products, give promos, and funnel your attendees until they make a buying decision. You can sell your courses or software using their subscription payment models with your webinar integrations.

15. Customer Support

From time to time, we may need assistance with our business. They have much information in their knowledge base that you can use to solve various problems for your business. You can also chat with a support staff if you need to.

For instance, you may seek help setting up your upsells; you can use the steps in the available resource to set it up. It won’t take a minute or two to read their resources and know what to do.

PayKickStart Pricing

PayKickStart comes in three pricing plans. There is the Basic plan which is the first plan and costs $29 monthly. With this plan, you can sell up to five products and you get full access to their library.

You will also get to benefit from third-party and membership integrations. So, if your business does not have to do with selling so many products or if you are just new to the business, you can go with the basic plan. PayKickStart solutions are also scalable such that you can expand your outreach whenever you need to.

The Professional plan goes for $99 per month. On this plan, you can sell an unlimited number of products and you will be able to access many tools that will help you manage your business with ease. You can use order bump, have an affiliate center and multiple accounts on it.

If you go for the premium plan, you will be able to enjoy the use of enhanced marketing and site management tools. You will also be able to use an audience builder, carry out surveys, enjoy demographic analysis, and fully monitor the progress of your business.

The premium plan costs $149 monthly. No matter the plan you subscribe to, you will be able to sell your products and manage your business with many features of the software. If you wish to make a yearly payment for any of the subscriptions, you will get a discount of 20%.

However, the higher the plan you subscribe to, the more features and functionalities you will enjoy. You will also be saving a lot of resources because everything you earn will be presented before you. You will not be sharing your earnings or commission with anyone or company.

Benefits of Using the Software

  • It has a great support and knowledge base that can help you get started and easily understand the functionalities of the software. You can also chat with the company representative if you need more help or have questions you seek answers to
  • With the basic account, you can sell up to five products and will also have access to several tools that would have been expensive to purchase if you had to go for them individually
  • The funnel builder can help you set up several promotions. You can use it to generate coupon codes, upsells, order bumps, exit-intent pop-up forms, and several other promotions that can help you boost your conversion rate
  • It has third-party integrations that can help you with payments, communication by email, and tools that will help you deliver great webinars to your audience
  • Any profits you make are yours to keep as you will not be paying any charges or commission to anyone.


  • It has many professional templates that you can choose from but they do not look much different from one another
  • It accepts up to 32 currencies for payments but cryptocurrency is not one of them
  • It has no option for the price of a lifetime plan
  • The premium plan costs much, although you will get good value for your investment.

Who needs PayKickStart?

If you have a business or you are an affiliate marketer, then this is the right tool for you. Even people who have no previous experience in using such tools can use it. It is also a great tool for first-time affiliate marketers.

It is a great tool for your business and affiliate marketing. With this software, you will not need to invest so much money trying to get your traffic to convert. The in-built automated system works great to help you convert your traffic easily.

You are also not restricted to any kind of products, as you can sell products and services from any niche and they will convert well using the software.


PayKickStart is an excellent tool that comes with many features and functionalities you can use to meet your marketing management needs and help you easily convert traffic to sales. It has great features such as easy integration with different payment gateways, payment in 32 different currencies, and language integration of up to 14 languages.

As an affiliate marketer, when you use this software, you will earn a higher income because your products will convert well and no deductions will be made on your earnings. The pricing is also affordable for your business when you consider the benefits you will be deriving from it. You can get yours today and improve on the way your business is managed.

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